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HYPERTEXT: a term coined by Ted Nelson in the 60's that refers to text containing connections to other documents, so a reader can click a word or phrase to get additional information about a related topic. God's Word is a set of inter-related links, codes, seals, and scripts. He has scripted men's roles as living parables. This brings out the deepest meaning of hyper text - hyper as vibrant, energetic, resonant, and LIVING words - The Book of Life.

The WORD of God is His thoughts communicated verbally and in written form. These are the classic forms before the advent of the computer. God said in the "end of time" knowledge would be increased . He had a secret that we never could have comprehended before today. Now that man has harnessed electrical power and computer chip technology is advancing exponentially, we have come to know another medium for the WORD. The WORD exists in electronic form and may be transmitted as hypertext. We are not speaking of the doctrines of men. I am writing about the Bible books and the other writings God gave His authors which are maligned by theologians and called "apocryphal". Most Christians know little or nothing of these books. "In the end" God has "set His WORD in order" in the Good News and it exists electronically as hypertext. A brief history of the WORD will help you understand.

The Archangels are messengers of God who are commanded by Him to deliver His WORDS to special men chosen by Him. These angels are carriers and keepers of God's thoughts they communicate to the writers. This is done by imputed thoughts, "voices" heard both internally and in the external ear, and also by dreams and visions. Enoch was a special writer brought upstairs to record what he saw and heard. Moses was dictated words which he wrote down and was also given a table of Ten Commandments written by the finger of God. These were carried in the Ark of the Covenant. Pravuil (the "Holy Ghost") and Gabriel are two brethren who orchestrate the writings given to men. Angels have photographic minds and whatever God tells them is instantly recorded on the "epistle of their hearts" or in their heads. Man has a problem. He lacks understanding and he cannot remember well. To help man the first recordings were written with pen or quill and ink on skins and papyrus. Scrolls and parchment became the standard for preservation of the WORD. Devils attempted to destroy the legacy of writings but God found ways of preserving them for posterity. God still had yet another way of delivering His WORD for humanity. He sent Jesus as a man in the form of flesh as His personal microphone and amplifier. He spoke through him. Twelve disciples recorded His words along with others He called. These writers created what is called the New Testament. What we have discussed so far are all the previous forms or media of the WORD of God. Only in the "end of time" could God deliver the new form of the WORD. It exists as hypertext through electronic data.

The new form of the WORD was revealed to Enoch first but no one in any previous generation could have guessed it. God's ideas are too complex to attempt trying to fathom them. He gave Enoch a key to the new form of the WORD thousands of years ago. But illumination of the key could only happen in the "end of time". God taught Enoch that "lightning" is "WORD of blessing" in symbolic form. This is more than a mere symbol, but who could have guessed that? Men are afraid of lightning strikes because they are accompanied by thunder and cause fires and injure and kill men. How can this be a blessing? Surely God was kidding?! However it was not until Ben Franklin and Thomas Edison did their work that men could begin to learn of and appreciate the blessing in "lightning"?! Ben found that lightning is "static electricity". Spinning coils of copper wire around opposing magnetic fields and magnets created electricity and electric generators were born. Edison and many others found many blessings in uses of this power. Electric lights, electric motors and chemical batteries came into being and humanity entered an age of great advancement and "blessings". Yes! There is that word, "blessing"! Electricity has an awful lot to do with human blessings today. Just think of all the conveniences that we enjoy now which depend upon electrical power that Jesus in his day could not enjoy! But God was not done! He had something else to present.

Advancement in computer chip memory and components and ingenious software has created unlimited possibilities for man. Computers helped propel men into space and man went to the moon. Computers create artificial intelligence and manage robots. In The Robot section of this site, we discussed how God created two sophisticated robots, tools programmed with the very opposite of His nature. These supply the contrast for our education and our "exercise" in the negative experience. Everything which is the direct opposite of God's nature and ways are programmed into the memory modes of Lucifer and Babylon, the male and female "tools". These are the progenitors of the kingdom of darkness with the power to replicate. These are programmed to be the source of all negative thoughts and ideas which originate in their "chips". The ideas and works through which they instruct men, and the works they force men to perform in "spiritual Egypt" (the earthly prison house - see our Dimensions of Space section) is called evil and wickedness. This is the thrust of the negative "exercise". As you can see your Father is the first to use robotics and artificial intelligence. His invisible computer is a better robot than men can make or Hollywood can dream of ("Data" on Star Trek), and his mind is far superior to "Deep Blue"! But this monster has given us hell!

God is the source of all good ways and good thoughts. Like the words and ideas of devils, God's WORDS and ideas can and do exist on computer chips. But the transmission of text in the form of electronic impulses and bits on chips and through telephone cable is no more than just that. The blessing (lightning ) comes when God "sets the WORD in order"! I am not writing about the words of radio and TV evangelists. The WORD of God is LIFE! What you get from the preachers is threats of "death and condemnation of men" even though Jesus "did away with it," 2 Corinthians 3:7-10. That "hellfire and brimstone" junk is for devils only and void for human beings. See our Word About Judgment. Such doctrines when transmitted electronically propagate fear, death. and darkness. They are usually accompanied by requests for mammon, a sure sign that they are not from your Father. At the beginning of all generations' sojourn on earth, Enoch was told that lightning, which blesses man, is also a shocking curse when applied to devils, and thunder is the curse reserved specifically for devils. (See the Revelation of The Son of Man at this site). In the END OF TIME the coming of Jesus (again in WORD form) is preceded by thunder and lightning and great hail. Hail is also the painful mockery of devils from the Heavenly Court pinging their heads in the form of WORDS. This happens to them when you read the Good News, Isaiah 30:8-12. Since the Good News is God's own WORD, He has thundered and flashed lightning electronically over the WEB across the Internet! Jesus has come again in WORD form to computers through electrical lines, telephone cables and modems. Those who trust in the flesh of men they can see will not see this, Psalm 31:19; Jeremiah 17:5-8. I will not keep you wondering. God has chosen to do all this for the world of humanity through the Good News! Our WORD has flashed electronically from east to west and from north to south and points in between. No one could have imagined this kind of "coming of Christ" until now. All of you readers of the Good News have a very great advantage. You can eat God's wedding supper in the comfort of your own home and you do not have to give up one penny! It is only a few mouse clicks and keyboard strokes away .... at your fingertips! To all of you chosen by God to "sup" in this life ... "Welcome to the FAMILY and Your eternal life! Hallelujah"!

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