The Robot

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI), as a branch of computer science, is concerned with simulating human behaviour in and through "intelligent" machines. Computers with sophisticated memory chips are performing tasks that involve more than just mathematical calculations - work that many researchers once thought only humans could do. This includes giving expert advice, understanding a natural language, speaking like a human, and recognizing complex patterns such as handwriting. In May 1997, a computer nicknamed Deep Blue from IBM won a chess match against Garry Kasparov, a man some have called the greatest chess player ever.

CYBERNETICS: The science of communication and control in animal and machine. Norbert Wiener, a mathematician, engineer and social philosopher, coined the word "cybernetics" from the Greek word meaning steersman. He defined it as the science of communication and control in the animal and the machine.


At a time when men are able to understand, God "reveals" light. In Adam's days the children were learning the basics for subsistence-life on earth. As time progressed He gradually revealed many secrets to men. We all know of instances where two scientists or inventors working independently have patented the same invention or revealed the same discovery in different parts of the world almost at the same time. An example is the telephone. Alexander Graham Bell barely beat out another inventor whose name no one remembers. Bell got the credit, but God gave the wisdom to two men, not one. Two researchers discovered the aids virus and went to court over who should get the credit. These are just two examples to show humanity that all intelligence and all wisdom is distributed or time-released deliberately by God!


From the 1800's to today knowledge has increased dramatically. The steam engine and the internal combustion engine have greatly increased human possibilities, productivity and achievement in other areas. Men stopped walking and started driving. The Wright brothers gave us flight and man has walked on the moon. Adam could not have conceived of these things. For his generation, God kept things simple. Peter would have doubted if someone had told him men will be riding in horseless chariots. The generation of the 16th century would have laughed or had you committed to an asylum if you could have told them man would walk on the moon. That generation persecuted certain great scientists who challenged accepted "intelligence" of that day regarding space, the earth and sun, and the center of the universe. These examples show us that in previous times men had no basis for conceiving or believing that the advances that are common to our day were conceivable or possible.


Today human achievement has made astronomical strides with the development of the computer and super-chip technology. Computers control the Hubble Space Telescope and men continue to be astounded and confounded by information gathered from it. That information has voided some theories astronomists believed and has provided fertile ground for postulating new theories about the origin and physics of the cosmos. Interestingly data tends to confirm the notion of the "big bang" from an original primordial mass. We know who the "source" is since matter cannot be created nor destroyed but is inter-convertible with energy. Scientists are proving the existence of God!


In the area of robotics, computerized machines now do the tedious and meticulous work that men used to do with greater precision and near perfection. These machines in some cases have mechanical arms and grabbers which simulate the action of the human hand. Scientists are also working on robot machines that look like men but are 100% machine. All of us in the US are familiar with the "androids" in the Star Wars trilogy. Then there are the androids (also called cyborgs) in the Star Trek series. "Data" is a near human machine which acts like a man with superior intelligence and capabilities who possesses the power to reason logically. These things are believable to a certain extent to our generation. The idea of a mechanical man does not bring incredible shock to our minds. No generation could have received or believed such a thing is possible except this generation at a time in history when we have a basis for accepting it. God has taken time and upgraded the human experience and human progress to the point where He can now reveal to you a secret about His creation that He could not have told any other generation. Are you ready for a secret held from the very beginning that God could not reveal in any other time except the end of time? Then get ready!




God is LOVE! He hates no living thing that He created. He will never destroy anything that He loves. But a teaching "tool"? Now that is a different story. To help you understand what is going on according to plan, let us go back to the beginning when God was formulating His plans to create and educate a FAMILY. He envisioned creating two androids, a male called Lucifer, and a female called Babylon. These tools would be instrumental in helping Him teach His very first created living being, His Wife and our Mother, Mother Wisdom. God's plan is to teach all of us by (1) comparison and contrast and by (2) precept and example. In the beginning there was no opponent. God programmed into Lucifer and Babylon the very direct opposite of His nature and ways and our Mother's nature which mirrors His own nature. An obstacle course outside of Heaven was planned as the training ground for the children. That is it precisely! The kingdom of darkness is an invisible kingdom of non-living mechanical robots who are about 6 inches tall and completely invisible to human eyes! There are two classic tales that most Americans were taught in school which will help you understand what is going on in the invisible world.

    1. Pinocchio was a wooden puppet made by the carpenter Gipetta, who had no son. This puppet had to accomplish certain tasks and if successful he would become a human boy. Jesus in turn preached salvation to demons born down here and not previously condemned with their fallen parents. If obedient a successful demon would have to be born again in order to live and escape the fate of his family, destruction in the lake of fire. Pinocchio was more successful than any demon could hope to be. They are all damned. God has no problem burning non-living sophisticated tools even if they have an android form. Mother Wisdom had no problem demanding our Father to kick out Lucifer and Babylon and their bastard offspring.
    2. In Gulliver's Travels the difference in Gulliver's size and the size of the Lilliputians approximates how the human size contrasts with the size of devils. Instead of using tiny ropes to bind men as Gulliver was bound, devils use our nerves and our brain. They have power to stimulate the brain and central nervous system to create "feelings" which move us. They also impute thoughts and pictures in our mind. They create mental fantasies and dreams at night. They also speak through us and use us as microphones. By use of these powers they are able to control men. This is what possession is all about. Breaking that control frees a man's mind from demonic domination.


These "revelations" are a problem for many of your church doctrines. Lucifer never was a son of God in the true sense. He was always a Pinoccio, a "want to be", who thought he was a god with a different nature. Babylon was never God's concubine who bore Lucifer before Wisdom had children. She was a rival "tool", an imitation woman, who thought she was God's divorced wife and a queen! There is no "royalty" among the powers of darkness. There are only machines, fake angels who will be discarded when the education program is complete. This creates many problems for contemporary church theology about Lucifer and what He means to God. You better wake up and learn about your Father's plans.

Now you should be able to see why the problem of evil is not a problem at all for God and His children. God is a successful scientist and engineer who has devised an artificial engine as teaching tool. In the end, as God is drawing out the dragon into the open, we draw out its nature, forms, and fate for all to see.

Recall the definition of cybernetics - "the science of control in animal and machine", in other words the beast and the robot. Read the essays below to see how these robots follow exactly the tasks outlined above (our Artificial Intelligence definition) in terms of "speaking like a human" or "recognizing complex patterns of writing" (quoting Scripture). This is God's use and application of "artificial intelligence" through pressure on us (like coal and diamonds) to bring us to our innate and natural knowledge. We were conceived in Wisdom and we are being trained in intelligence.

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