This section contains some of the most exciting truths that can be found anywhere. Fear of eternal death learned from preachers in the churches is dispelled by the light of God's LOVE. It is ironic that men buy such fear and threats and think it is wonderful light. There is nothing wonderful about destroying your brothers and sisters and sons and relatives and friends. Would you burn your child because he lied or because he said a few or a lot of curse words? The answer is, "NO!" You understand your love for your child. Why can't you understand the Father's love for His FAMILY even though it is huge? ALL MEN were created as immortal spirits. This life is an educational tour and a part of the program planned for each created child. We must face the negative in order to better appreciate the positive! The real truth is that human beings have never been in jeopardy of damnation at all. Devils born down here after the fall and previously not condemned with their parents were offered a chance to escape destruction by Jesus! These are in jeopardy of destruction and all those warnings apply to them. Your problem is that you did not know this because you cannot see devils perched in and on the bodies of men and animals. They have to hold on or else they will fall through all solid matter. This is the bottomless pit for them, but it is solid ground for us. Because you have wrongly divided scriptures and misapplied the words, you have a skewed understanding of what is going on and of God's intentions. Whether you understand it or not Jesus did preach salvation to demons confined to this prison house. They addressed him through the people and he addressed them in and on the same audience. A typical exchange to both groups is found in John 8:31-59. Read it and see if you can tell when Jesus redirects his words to each targeted group. Now check out the things that belong to your certain peace!

God's Will


The Revelation Of The Son Of Man

The Salvation Of All Men

The Color Of Success

Can You Drink Jesus' Blood?!

The Book Of Life

The Tree Of Life

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