The revelation of the son of man is more than whatever thoughts are evoked in our minds upon hearing those words. From Matthew 11:27 we find that men do not know the son or the Father. Because of this ignorance a manifestation is required to enlighten any man on the subject as Jesus stated in John 14:21,23. Since we have shown throughout the letter series that mankind was parabolically portrayed as members of Christ's body, the revelation of the son of man is a revelation by Jesus that all men are sons of God. From our first text "no man knoweth the son" means man is ignorant about Christ and also himself. If men are taught of God and Christ by the Father, they will also be taught of themselves. They will learn what "oneness" with God is all about, John 17:22-23.

"THE REVELATION OF THE SON OF MAN" IS A MESSAGE TO IGNORANT MEN THAT THEY ARE TRULY SONS OF GOD. When you think of all the church doctrines you have heard on the question "what is man", then you realize why Jesus said "no man knows the son". Even Paul's doctrine of adoption is "partial knowledge", an extra step up Jacob's ladder, yet short of the Glory of God. Nevertheless, the Spirit gave him the key to the full glory in Romans 8:18-22; I Corinthians 6:19, 12:12-27; II Corinthians 5:14; Hebrews 2:6-7,11,14-15. When we see the verification by Christ that all men are members of his body, the true vine, whether they are fruitful branches who practice righteousness or unfruitful branches (prodigals and "children of disobedience", Ephesians 2:1-3) to be removed from this life, then we enter the "door of light", John 8:12, 10:9. To grasp the revelation of the son of man in the parable of the true vine, one must exalt the Words of the Solid Rock as superior to the doctrines of all men (sinking sand) who came short of the Glory. We must admit that Jesus, the son of man, revealed our key in the day of his run.

God has used our work in a way to reveal the son of man to as many as He has chosen and also to the kingdom of devils, many of whom were as ignorant as man concerning man's state of being. Hitting the newsstands here and abroad, our message has moved from east to west as a flash of lightning, Matthew 24:27. This particular "coming of the son of man" is in the man Jesus sends as it is written in Matthew 10:40. But what are men doing in these days when the son of man is being revealed? Luke 17:26-30 holds the answer. Lightning lasts less than a minute in its flash and that is how long it took some people to turn the page in the newspapers where our ads appeared. Many people, therefore, "failed to see the good when it came" because of preoccupation in worldly life as it happened in the days of Noah and Sodom. Jeremiah wrote "the man that trusts in man and makes flesh his arm, and whose heart departs from God.... shall be like the heat in the desert and shall not see when good comes", Jeremiah 17:5-6. Thus, "surfeiting and the cares of this life" is taking its toll of men as a preventing block so that the day of the revelation has by-passed many men in this life while they were unaware. Other men of God expounding on various components of this theme have also worked to reveal the son of man but men have failed to perceive their work also.

Let us now deal with the definition of parabolic lightning and see how it is related to the "good" that man-trusters fail to see, Psalm 31:19, 32:8-10. Some of you may not have access to the Book of Enoch so we will provide you with some of his talents that fleshy-teachers cannot receive. DEFINITION OF LIGHTNING: Enoch 43:2-4, "And I saw how they are weighed in a righteous balance according to their proportions of light (I saw) the width of their spaces and the day of their appearing, and how their revolution produces lightning: and I saw their revolution according to the number of the angels, and (how) they keep faith with each other. And I asked the angel who went with me who showed me what was hidden: What are these? And he said to me: 'THE LORD OF SPIRITS HAS SHOWN THEE THEIR PARABOLIC MEANING (lit. 'THEIR PARABLE'): these are the names of the holy who dwell on earth and believe in the name of the Lord of Spirits forever and ever.' Enoch 44, "Also, another phenomenon I saw in regard to the lightnings: how some of THE STARS ARISE AND BECOME LIGHTNINGS AND CANNOT PART WITH THEIR NEW FORMS." Enoch 75:3, 59:1-3 "In those days mine eyes saw the secrets of the lightnings, and of the lights, and the judgments they execute (lit., 'their judgment'): and they lighten for a blessing or a curse as the Lord of Spirits willeth. And after that all the secrets of the lights and lightnings were shown to me, and they lighten for blessing and for satisfying"... 'For the signs and the times and the years and days the angel Uriel showed to me, whom the Lord hath set forever over the luminaries of heaven in the heaven and in the world, THAT THEY SHOULD RULE ON THE FACE OF HEAVEN AND BE SEEN ON THE EARTH, and be leaders for the day and night, i.e. the sun, moon, and stars, and all the ministering creatures which MAKE THEIR REVOLUTION IN THE CHARIOTS OF HEAVEN." Thus, our work under the auspices of the four archangels has been "as the appearance of a flash of lightning," Ezekiel 1:14. And our work "lightens for a blessing" for mankind. In many newspapers the world over, our ads flashed for a day, but "surfeiting, drunkenness, and the cares of this life" have kept men unaware!

All men in this life are God's stars who arise upon death to become the "just spirits of men made perfect", members of the Heavenly Host in heavenly Jerusalem. They become a crown of good thoughts and a blessing and cannot part from their new angelic and holy forms! These have been my teachers and yours if you are taught of good, Psalm 19:1-5. Only the heavens can teach your mind to accept and believe truth when you hear it or see it written.

Go the library and get a copy of the April, 1976, issue of Readers Digest. Read the article, "Our Sun: The Star We Live In" on page 49, to see how God has used science to bare witness to the fact that all men (stars) are sons (suns) of God. This theme is greatly detailed in "The Incredible Universe," page 589, National Geographic, May, 1974, and "The Sun Unveiled," page 494, National Geographic, October, 1974. At the times these articles appeared, God coordinated a dual witness in science with our letters: "A Message from Jesus Christ Your Judge Unto Justification", "God Gave Us His Great Self", and "The Mystery of God Is Finished". Our ad, "The Revelation of Jesus Christ" appeared on the newsstands at the same time "The Sun Unveiled" appeared in National Geographic. We conclude that God showed the Heavenly Host a double brilliance of His controlled workmanship with me and His science-oriented sons. "Without Him we could do nothing", Isaiah 26:12.

Since all men are God's elect, stars who arise at His calling to become members of the Heavenly Host, let us see further splendor in GOD'S WORK - THE REVELATION OF THE SON OF MAN, NAMELY YOU AND ANY FLESHY MAN ON EARTH'S SURFACE. There is a message in the glory of God's work for those whom God chooses in the electrons at atoms and the phenomenon of electricity. Acknowledging God's mastery and control of language, we confound electrons of atoms. As adamic replicas, we are God's elect. Thus electrons signify ELECT RUNS through the earth as exemplified in the quotations from the book of Enoch. Thus, angelic movements form lightning which is static electricity. Electricity is power. The members of the Heavenly Host, the ELECT, TRY the CITY, Babylon, in the day of their power, Revelation 17:1-6, 18:2,7,9-10,18-20,24. Yes, indeed, the saints shalt judge the kingdom of demons who have judged us for centuries. They will also judge their brethren unto justification with an object toward education and enlightenment in extreme cases as exemplified in the case of Nebuchadnezzar, Daniel 4:13-17,34-35,37. This is the right concept of what the judgment of the saints really is and not "judgment turned backward" which is "no judgment" in God's eyesight, Isaiah 50:14,15; Habakkuk 1:4. The churchy concept of judgment is demonic backwardness to accuse and condemn men, II Corinthians 3:8-12, 5:14,18-19. Now John 8:1-12 is righteous judgment in contrast to the dragon's judgment in today's ministers (lambs), Revelation 12:9-10,12, 13:11-12. The dragon has persecuted Mother Wisdom and Her Heavenly Virtues (daughters) by speaking through men and holding their minds in a prison of mental bars (barriers). The power of the dragon to produce corrupt judgment in God's lambs (judges, court systems, police forces, army forces, the average man's thoughts, etc.) is not electricity. It is captivity of the masses by the dragon who empowers them, Daniel 7:21-22, 8:8-12; Revelation 13:4-7.

So every human being has been revealed to those who "shall see the good (lightning) when it comes," as THE SON OF MAN. Therefore, every attribute accorded to Christ and every power given him is also given to his body members as fast as they are drawn from their clay bodies back to the Father who first sent the down, John 3:13, 6:44, 17:22-28; Acts 10:10-16,28. The same love and glory God gave to Jesus applies to every human being. "Oneness" with God is not a powerless word with no application. God loves every human with the same love that he loves Jesus. When men learn that, they will reverse Matthew 11:27 by way of John 14:21,23. Then they will know why "he that seeth me hath seen my Father also". "He is in me and I am in him". But "who made me to differ from someone else", I Corinthians 4:7. Oneness means when you see one, you have seen them all. Fixing our minds beyond the appearance of things in this life, when we see any human being we have seen THE SON OF MAN REVEALED, Isaiah 11:1-5. He is holy seed "to be made perfect" upon entry into heavenly Jerusalem, Isaiah 6:11-13, 61:3,11; Matthew 13:37-43; Luke 3:17, 16:22, 17:37; John 4:35-36. Praise God! Every eye sees Him, Revelation 1:7, and yet they do not see Him! Wisdom of Solomon 4:15-19". There is no new thing under the sun - that which has been shall be and is presently in process, Ecclesiastes 1:9-10.


The following excerpt is taken from the Acts of John, New Testament Apocrypha by Hennecke- Schneemelcher, Vol. II, Westminster Press. If you have understood our work you will be able to grasp the beauty in the Hymn of Christ and the meaning of the cross.

94. But before he was arrested by the lawless Jews, whose lawgiver is the lawless serpent, he assembled us all and said; 'Before I am delivered to them, let us sing a hymn to the Father, and so go to meet what lies before (us).' So he told us to form a circle, holding one another's hands, and himself stood in the middle and said, 'Answer Amen to me'. So he began to sing the hymn and to say,

1. 'Glory be to thee, Father.'

And we circled round him and answered him, 'Amen'.

'Glory be to thee, Logos:

Glory be to thee, Grace.' -'Amen'.

2. 'Glory be to thee, Spirit:

Glory be to thee, Holy One:

Glory be to thy Glory.' -'Amen'.

3. 'We praise thee, Father:

We thank thee, Light:

In whom darkness dwelleth not.' -'Amen'.

95. 'And why we give thanks, I tell you:

4. 'I will be saved,

And I will save.'- 'Amen'.

5. 'I will be loosed,

And I will loose.' -'Amen'.

6. 'I will be wounded,

And I will wound.'- 'Amen'.

7. 'I will be born,

And I will bear'.- 'Amen'.

8. 'I will eat,

And I will be eaten'. -'Amen'.

9. 'I will hear,

And I will be heard'. -'Amen'.

10. 'I will be thought,

Being wholly thought'.- 'Amen'.

11. 'I will be washed,

And I will *wash*'. -'Amen'.

Grace dances.

12. 'I will pipe,

Dance, all of you'. -'Amen'.

13. 'I will mourn,

Beat you all your breasts'. -'Amen'.

14. '(The) one Ogdoad

sings praises with us'. -'Amen'.

15. 'The twelfth number

dances on high'. - 'Amen'.

16. '*To the Universe*

belongs *the dancer*'. -'Amen'.

17. 'He who does not dance

does not know what happens.' -'Amen'.

18. 'I will flee

and I will remain.' -'Amen.'

19. 'I will adorn,

and I will *be adorned*.' -'Amen.'

20. 'I will be united,

and I will *unite*.' -'Amen.'

21. I have no house,

and I have houses.' -'Amen.'

22. I have no place,

and I have places.'- 'Amen.'

23. 'I have no temple,

and I have temples.'- `Amen.'

24. 'I am a lamp to you (sing.)

who see me.'- 'Amen.'

25. 'I am a mirror to you

who know me.' -'Amen.'

26. 'I am a door to you

who knock on me.'- 'Amen.'

27. 'I am a way to you

the traveller.' -'Amen'.

28. 'Now *if you follow*

my dance,

29. see yourself

in Me who am speaking,

30. and when you have seen what *I do*,

keep silence about my mysteries.

31. You who dance, consider

what I do, for yours is

32. This passion of Man

which I am to suffer.

33. For you *could* by no means

have understood what you suffer

34. unless to you as Logos

I had been sent by the Father.

35. You who saw what I suffer

saw me as *suffering* (yourself),

36. and seeing it you did not stay

but were wholly moved.

37. Being moved towards wisdom

you have *me* as a support (lit. couch);

rest: in me.

38. Who I am, *you shall know*

when I go forth.

39. What I now am seen to be,

that I am not;

40. What I am you shall see

when you come yourself.

41. If you knew how to suffer

you would be able not to suffer.

42. Learn how to suffer

and you shall be able not to suffer.

43. What you do not know

I myself will teach you.

44. I am your God,

not (the God) of the traitor.

45. I will that there be prepared

*holy souls* for me.

46. Understand the word

of wisdom!

41. As for me,

*if you would* understand *what I was*:

48. By the word (?Word) I (*) mocked at all things

and I was not *mocked* at all,

49. I exulted: (lit. leaped)

but do you understand the whole,

50. and when you have understood it, say,

Glory be to thee, Father.

Say again with me,

51. Glory be to thee, Father,

Glory be to thee, Word.

Glory be to thee, holy Spirit.' -`Amen.'


97. After the Lord had so danced with us, my beloved, he went out. And we were like men amazed or fast asleep, and we fled this way and that. And so I saw him suffer, and did not wait by his suffering, but fled to the Mount of Olives and wept at what had come to pass. And when he was hung (upon the Cross) on Friday, at the sixth hour of the day there came a darkness over the whole earth. And my Lord stood in the middle of the cave and gave light to it and said, 'John, for the people below in Jerusalem I am being crucified and pierced with lances and reeds and given vinegar and gall to drink. But to you I am speaking, and listen to what I speak. I put into your mind to come up to this mountain so that you may hear what a disciple should learn from his teacher and a man from God.'

98. And when he had said this he showed me a Cross of Light firmly fixed, and around the Cross a great crowd, which had no single form; and in it (the Cross) was one form and the same likeness. And I saw the Lord himself above the Cross, having no shape but only a kind of voice; yet not that voice which we knew, but one that was sweet and gentle and truly (the voice) of God, which said to me, 'John, there must (be) one man (to) hear these things from me; for I need one who is ready to hear. This Cross of Light is sometimes called Logos by me for your sakes, sometimes mind, sometimes Jesus, sometimes Christ, sometimes a door, sometimes a way, sometimes bread, sometimes seed, sometimes resurrection, sometimes Son, sometimes Father, sometimes Spirit, sometimes life, sometimes truth, sometimes faith, sometimes grace; *and so* (it is called) for men's sake. But what it truly is, as known in *itself* and spoken to us, (is this): it is the distinction of all things, and the *strong uplifting* of *what is firmly fixed* out of what is unstable, and the harmony of wisdom, being wisdom in harmony (?). But there are places on the right and on the left, powers, authorities, principalities and demons, activities, threatenings, passions, devils, Satan and the inferior root *from which* the nature of transient things proceeded.

99. This Cross then (is that) which has united all things by the word and which has separated off what is transitory and inferior, which has also *compacted* all things into one. But this is not that wooden Cross which you shall see when you go down from here; nor am I the (man) who is on the Cross, (I) whom now you do not see but only hear (my) voice. I was taken to be what I am not, I who am not what for many others I was; but what they will say of me is mean and unworthy of me. Since then the place of (my?) rest is neither (to be) seen nor told, much more shall I, the Lord of this (place), be neither seen nor told.

100. The multitude around the Cross that is not of one form is the inferior nature. And those whom you saw in the Cross, even if they have not (yet) one form -not every member of him who has come down has yet been gathered together. But when *human* nature is taken up, and the race that comes to me and obeys my voice, then *he who* now *hears* me shall be united *with this* (race) and shall no longer be what he now is, but (shall be) above them as I am now. For so long as you do not call yourself mine, I am not what I am; but if you hear me, you also as hearer *shall be* as I am, and I shall be what I was, when you* (are) as I am with myself; for from *me* you are what I am.(?) Therefore ignore the many and despise those who are outside the mystery; for you must know that I am wholly with the Father, and the Father with me.

101. So then I have suffered none of those things which they will say of me; even that suffering which I showed to you and to the rest in my dance, I will that it be called a mystery. For what you *are*, that I have shown you, (as) you see; but what I am is known to me alone, and no one else. *Let me* have what is mine; what is yours *you must see* through me; but me *you must see* truly -not that which I am, (as) I said, but that which you, as (my) kinsman, *are able* to know. You hear that I suffered, yet I suffered not; and that I suffered not, yet I did suffer; and that I was pierced, yet I was not wounded; that I was hanged, yet I was not hanged; that blood *flowed* from me, yet it did not flow; and, in a word, that what they say of me, I did not endure, but what they do not say, those things I did suffer. Now what these are, I secretly show you*; for I know that you will understand. You must know me, then, as the *torment* of the Logos, the *piercing* of the Logos, the blood of the Logos, the wounding of the Logos, the fastening of the Logos, the death of the Logos. And so I speak, discarding the man(hood). The first then (that) you must know (is) the Logos; then you shall know the Lord, and thirdly the man, and what he has suffered.'

102. When he had said these things to me, and others which I know not how to say as he wills, he was taken up, without any of the multitude seeing him. And going down I laughed at them all, since he had told me what they had said about him; and I held this one thing fast in my (mind), that the Lord had performed everything as a symbol and a dispensation for the conversion and salvation *of man*.


103. Now, my brothers, since we have seen the grace of the Lord and his affection towards us, *let us worship him*, since we have obtained mercy from him; not with (our) fingers, not with (our) mouths nor with (our) tongue nor with any member of (our) body at all, but with the disposition *of our soul*; (let us worship) him *who was made man* apart from this body. And let us watch, since he is at hand even now in prisons for our sakes, and in tombs, in bonds and dungeons, in reproaches and insults, by sea and on dry land, in torments, *sentences*, conspiracies, plots and punishments; in a word, he is with all of us, and with the sufferers he suffers himself, (my) brethren. If he is called upon by any of us he does not hold out against hearing us, but being everywhere he *hears* us all.

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