GRACE: the Story You Do Not Hear

HEADLINE: a song:

"Marvelous grace of our loving Lord, Grace that exceeds our sin and our guilt. Look there on Calvary's mount outpoured, there where the blood of the Lamb was spilt. Grace, grace! God's grace! Grace that will pardon and cleanse within! Glorious, infinite, matchless grace! Grace that is greater than all our sin." Isaiah 30:29-33.

I suppose many of you have heard many sermons on the subject of "grace". You have not heard the greatest part of the story yet. Most ministers and writers of the past have only skimmed the surface lightly. But what is the depth and breadth and height of "grace"? When we say, "GRACE", we describe JESUS and the Mother of US ALL, namely, Mother Wisdom, Galatians 4:26. You might say that "Grace" is one of Her many names. We are going to use present day and historical examples to show you the extensive power of "grace". GRACE is a major component of LOVE. I will not try to define "grace" for you. I am sure you have heard many definitions which describe it. What you are not accustomed to is seeing or believing, living love in action! As we get into this letter keep in mind what "grace" means to you. Examine your previous thoughts on the subject and compare them with the light we will present, because "Grace" IS the beauty of the Spirit. It is LIVING LOVE IN MOTION!

A question one might ask is, "How much sin can grace erase?" In your mind try and add up all the sins of every human being from Adam to the last babe to be born in this world. Let us pick an imaginary number to total all the sins of humanity. Suppose that number is 849, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 321, 000, 000, 314, 000, 458, 000, 234, 795, 001, 889, 727, 885 ,923. Can grace as it is perceived in your mind cover, forgive, and erase that many sins? We could also put this another way. We are describing the POWER in the blood of JESUS spilled in crucifixion. (Jesus said if a man trespasses against us seven times seventy times in a day, we must forgive him, Matthew 16:21-22; Luke 17:4.) Did the blood of Jesus pardon that huge number of sins 2 days ago ... or ... is it powerful enough to have accomplished a FULL pardon for ALL human beings? Now we are going to factor in the "great judgment". Remembering that Jesus is a successful JUDGE who "remains the same" (Hebrews 13:8), do you now lose sight and understanding of the everlasting potency of "grace" ..just because we mention "the judgment"? Do you suddenly become mentally retarded so that "grace" is no more grace? The mental picture of the great judgment as portrayed by devils in the doctrines of some churches is one of "three unclean spirits like frogs coming out of the mouth of the beast and false prophet", Revelation 16:13-14. In some of the judgment doctrines, drawings depict a great court scene with bright angelic hosts as jurist witnesses. One angel holds a great scroll and reads off the various crimes of the condemned. These men are then dragged off and cast down to a flaming earth below where previously damned men and demons are engulfed and tumbling in flames and various other tortures. This and similar judgment "pictures" are the kinds of mental portrayals devils have given men. The word "judgment" blows their minds into an imbecile-state and suddenly they go blind and cannot see the ever-present "GRACE"! They have instead taken the virgin symbol of fair justice with her scales and blindfolded her eyes too, so that she cannot see to make a correct judgment! In our HEADLINE the song many of you might know says, "Grace exceeds our sin and our guilt ... and ... is greater than ALL our SIN"! When we mention "judgment" devils punch out many preachers' eyes and knock out their lights so they cannot "LOOK!...there on Calvary's mount outpoured ... there where the blood of the Lamb was spilt". If you say "judgment", they fail to see Jesus hanging there bleeding and saying, "Father forgive them (the world of humanity, John 1:29, 3:17) for they know not what they do", Luke 23:34. BUT ... if they had a HELMET OF SALVATION on their heads, thorn "points" could not paint such a disgraceful, Christ-failing portrait of judgment in their minds! Devils give men a strong delusion to believe a lie, John 8:43-47. When you MEET HELL with salvation, you see GRACE and a successful SALVATION ACCOMPLISHED BY CHRIST that it is impossible for one human sheep to be lost, Ezekiel 34:31, Matthew 18:11-l4. The "helmet of salvation" destroys such "bullfrog" (demonic) portrayals of the judgment, Isaiah 59:13-15. Do you know any churches that publish such "graceless", tasteless, Christ-power-denying doctrines regarding the judgment? The salvation/pardoning work of JUDGE JESUS cannot be made void 2-days (2000 yrs) later by dumb theologians and "hireling" ministers. The sons of perdition are still on trial; the Great Judgment is still in session; our world is still the floor of the Outer Court, Isaiah 40:21-23, Exodus 38:9. So you must not be an idiot (a "nut") in the presence of the Heavenly Jury, Malachi 3:18; Hebrews 12:1, Song of Solomon 6:11. Keep your eye on Mother "Grace" and the crucified Christ at all times no matter what subject is discussed, Isaiah 26:1-4. Devils will not be able to "KO" you or knock you out no matter who is speaking, or who's literature you may be reading. The "helmet of salvation" can help you discern the spirits in and out of your fellow man.

The Power of Grace

Let us discuss a few broken vessels "marred" in the hand of Potter-God, Jeremiah 18:1-6. Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, the Khmer Rouge rebels of Cambodia, and Idi Amim of Uganda (now deposed) are a few of the infamous butchers of the 20th century. Do you suppose that GRACE is gracious enough to obliterate their sins into non-existence? Isaiah 1:18, 43:25-26, 44:21-25; Romans 5:14-18; Revelation 18:24. These WORDS belong to the Supreme Judge and were uttered during this present Court trial of devils at least 2 days ago, and HE WILL NOT CHANGE! Malachi 3:6. GRACE does "pardon and cleanse within", Jeremiah 50:20. JUDGE JESUS "finished the work thou gavest me to do", John 17:4. You might say the sins of those men we have mentioned were like crimson. Is the bleaching power of Jesus blood potent enough to wash them "whiter than snow"? Did the Father forgive these prodigal sons 2-days ago at Jesus' request before they were born and before Pharaoh could enslave them and use them as weapons against humanity in our time? ALL HEAVEN does not account sins against mankind, Enoch 10:9, Genesis 4:5-7,NEB, 2 Corinthians 5:18,19. From Enoch to Moses to Paul, observe the triple witness of the Spirit, I John 5:7-11. "A threefold cord (of love) cannot be quickly broken", Ecclesiastes 4:12. ALL those who have PASSED OVER have become "glorious" including the human "butchers" devils used throughout time, Isaiah 14:18-20. The Potter remolded them into golden vessels in the House of God by the "Marvelous grace of our loving Lord," Zechariah; Malachi 3:1-3 14:20,21. How about that?! Can you say, "Amen"?! Do you still like our HEADLINE song? ... or are you hearing "sirens" sing discordant notes?

David was a king, priest and prophet of the Most High God. But he was no match for Leviathan when God let him go into Satan's "testing" power, Job 41:25. When he saw Bathsheba, "Babylon" blasted him, Revelation 18:1-3. Not only did he commit adultery with her and fathered a child, but he committed murder and conspired to commit murder by having her husband who was faithful to him slain in battle. What do you suppose our courts today would have done to him? Gary Hart, a leading candidate running for the Democratic nod in the race for the presidency a few years ago lost out ... for getting caught consorting with Donna Rice. The news media scorched him! And he fell out of favor with the public. David would have been toasted in the electric chair in some states in our day for a similar crime. Presidents do not escape the wrath of the people. But the SUPREME JUDGE and "Mother GRACE" held David as a broken vessel in their loving hands. Solomon was the wisest man on earth, a king, a priest of the Most High God, and a prophet. But the devil had a trap for him, namely, beautiful women. He had 700 wives and 300 concubines and some of these women led him into idolatry in his later years. Jesus' blood was not yet shed on the cross in those days, but "Mother GRACE" was sufficient for both David and Solomon. They, too, are "upstairs" in their prepared place in their "order" of angels. Now ... let us get very contemporary. What about two well-known evangelists?! ... Jimmy Bakker and Jimmy Swaggart? Neither of these men did half as much as David and Solomon on their level. If you can accept David and Solomon, you must also accept these men! God does not want us judging them, accusing them or continually dredging up the incidents they regret, Isaiah 29:20-21, 57:20, 58:9. GRACE defends them, Psalm 50:16-l9. Our Father cherishes them, Luke 15:20-24. Their sins shall not be mentioned unto them up above, Ezekiel 18:21-23, Jeremiah 50:20. And we must not remember their sins like your Father in His "perfection", Isaiah 43:25; Matthew 5:48. It is enough for us to think and behave perfectly like our Father, Isaiah 55:7-11. JESUS' BLOOD ERASED THEIR TRESPASSES 2-days (2000 yrs) ago ... even before they were born to commit them. To what depth in hell has Satan dragged you? Is there room at the cross for you? Yes! If you are bitter at "sinners" like an "elder son", let a few drops of Jesus' blood fall down on your head! GRACE is always with you! JESUS' LOVE upholds you. Your Father even "justifies" you, regardless of the degree of demon-slavery or SIN WORK you are involved in, Isaiah 45:25, 54:17, Romans 5:2-18l. We are writing about "glorious, infinite, matchless GRACE, GRACE that is greater than all our sin".

Grace Is An Expression of Atonement

Grace is an expression of ATONEMENT without formal protocol. As you recall the ATONEMENT of the priesthood of Moses is an enactment annually of the work the Father did one time at the beginning --- casting Satan and his household down to the bottomless pit and announcing that ALL SIN is to be ascribed to him! The ATONEMENT portrayed Jesus' role on the cross as the "goat of the Lord's lot" accomplished only once, Hebrews 9:24-28. ATONEMENT forgives the sins of all men for all times and puts them all on devils' heads, the responsible parties (scapegoats). This assuages the consciences of men who feel personally responsible for their errant ways although God and heaven know that Satan is responsible. God created Satan and Babylon as "tools" in His teaching program to supply the negative contrasting experience as we learn by comparison and contrast. Manufacturing evil is totally "outside" our created nature, I John 3:9. Nevertheless man does not understand this "order" in the creation and blames himself. Therefore the ATONEMENT is a procedure to alleviate man's self-guilt.

We have seen the SUPREME JUDGE'S thinking when it comes to judging men in the scene with Moses, Balak, and Balaam, Numbers 23:18-23. He does not see "sin" in men. In Cain's stage-scene, He issued a famous VERDICT to the Court: "SIN IS A DEMON... you will be mastered by it", Genesis 4:5-7,NEB. But Mother GRACE does not deal with judgment of men at all, nor does She ritualize a message teaching ATONEMENT as if men do have sins that need erasing. GRACE simply claims Her own FAMILY for eternal life with NO CONDITIONS and NO REQUIREMENTS. NOW.... you need to get to know your Mother whom some of you are afraid to talk about, Psalm 87; Matthew 11:19; Galatians 4:26, Secrets XXV, Wisdom 7:22-30. If you talk about strong "mother's love" understand that your Mother Grace loves Her children all the time! She will not let you go no matter what, even though you may be in flesh-form. Devils cannot pluck men from Her LOVE no matter what they do to them or with them in our earthly experiences, Isaiah 54:1-13; 2 Esdras 2:38-41; Wisdom 7:22-30, Song of Solomon 8:1-8. SHE KNOWS that the earthly life is the first phase of man's education and matriculation into eternity in God's PLAN. Mother has a very low tolerance level for devils and their works. She caused the Father to "Cast out that bond woman and her sons" (Babylon, Satan, and their "first-born" children) from Her house (Heaven). "They shall not be heirs with my sons". "Mother" would have helped Adam against his tricky invisible adversaries in the Garden scene, but God "restricted" Her! She would have helped us against the kingdom of darkness, but the Father had PLANS to subject US to "suffering" in His education scheme so that we would have a first-phase of life like His! Therefore the light of the moon, "Mother's" symbol, is restricted to phases reflecting God's orders, Genesis 1:16-18, III Baruch ch. 9. GRACE has a vendetta against Babylon and her invisible family for enslaving and corrupting us. God will make them pay the price ... a total erasing by fire! Isaiah 14:12,21-22, 47:5-14. Since they are really "robot tools", we do not care about their dilemma. The sooner it happens, the happier we will be!

The Grace of God

Part of our HEADLINE is "Grace, grace, God's grace". This song is about more than God's Wife. Of Mother Wisdom it is written, "For she is a reflection of eternal light, a spotless mirror of the working of God, and an image of His goodness", Wisdom of Solomon 7:27,LBB. So Mother Grace is an expression of our Father's character, in fact the mirror image of His goodness. GRACE was first (and still is) a part of your Father's personality. I will say to all you readers who are becoming acquainted with your Father the way He actually is as presented in the "GOOD NEWS", you must accept God the way He is. He has accepted you the way you are without bearing grudges, without pointing fingers at you, and without rebuking you for your faults, Isaiah 54:8-12, 57:16-19. In proclaiming the "goodness" of God to Moses the text in Isaiah was left out, but it could have been included, Exodus 33:19, 34:5-9. Moses found "grace" in God's sight, but he was not aware that ALL MEN have "grace" in God's sight because God is also "grace". And ALL MEN are little pieces of God's Spirit substance whatever it is. You must accept the grace of God not only for yourself but for ALL MEN without grumbling and begrudging like the "elder son" in the parable of the "prodigal son". The grace of God is not cheap talk and poor performance as in the "Peter principle"! The "grace of God" is LIVING LOVE IN MOTION! Several examples express the GRACE OF GOD'S NATURE.

Luke 15:15-34. This is the story of the prodigal son and his elder brother. I know most of you know this parable well, but it is a revealing portrayal and description of your Father's face that Moses could not see and still live as a man on earth. Instead of a Court trial, a rebuke session, or a request for repentance, the Father "throws a party" for the wayward younger son. He put the best clothes on him, new shoes on his feet, a ring on his finger, and he embraced and kissed him. The "elder son" heard about it in the "field of the earth". He was begrudging and refused to go in and join celebration. His Father had to come out and "beg" him to change his mind and show a forgiving and loving attitude. Analyzing this ALL HUMAN BEINGS who die in sins are "prodigal sons". "The party" is the "Marriage Feast of the Lamb and the Father" to ALL HUMANITY, Matthew 25:1-13. The "fatted calf" dinner is the BLOOD OF COVENANT (RAIN-BOW) message that ALL MEN are the immortal "spirit" offsprings of God Himself signified by the "rainbow" in human blood, Psalm 82:6-8; Acts 17:24-28. This is the message of Phanuel the Archangel who's symbol is the "Covenant" CALF, Genesis 9:9-15, 15:8-18; Revelation 4:7. The best clothes is the "free gift" of righteousness, Revelation 19:8, Isaiah 45:24-25; Romans 5:15-19. New shoes on the feet is "feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace"... OR.. knowledge of GOD'S LOVE (not your love or man's love) for those "far off" (sinning men on earth) and "those near" (the believers among men), Isaiah 52:7, 57:16-19; Luke 2:10,14; Ephesians 6:17. A ring on the finger makes him a "judge" against the powers of darkness only! Psalm 149:5-9; Revelation 18:1-6; 2 Esdras 5:42. The "elder son in the field" is any churchman on earth who is bitter, angry, and begrudging when he hears of the "universal salvation of ALL MEN". Church "elders" are jealous in presuming that they should receive a greater reward for their "works" of righteousness. They refuse to celebrate the "GOOD NEWS" of FAMILY REUNION of God with ALL His son and daughter spirits (BODY CELLS) created for His pleasure and for immortality, Isaiah 25:6-8; Romans 5:18-23; Wisdom 1:13-15, 2:23-24. As you can see, human religionists in the flesh who do this lack "GRACE" in their hearts ... a missing piece of God's "likeness" which is required! These "elders" in the various world religions cannot accept your Father as He is. They want Him to be mean, grudging, judgmental of men, and to require conditions and "strings of red tape" for His love devils have errantly portrayed Him in their doctrines. Moses could not see God's face. And church "elders" have a wrong picture of our Father in mind, Psalm 50:16-21. YOUR Father has been "begging" some of them to reconsider through the "GOOD NEWS" letters and through the good efforts of some of you readers. Many have refused an invitation to attend the "marriage supper" by dismissing the "GOOD NEWS" ads when they appeared in various news papers! Matthew 22:1-14. Bitter "elder sons" have a flaw in love... a void of "deficient GRACE" in their hearts! Matthew 24:12. They need that degree of love within to be "in Order" and to be "perfect", Matthew 5:44-48. GOD IS GRACE!

Luke 7:36-50. In this case Jesus illustrated the "grace" that GOD IS. He went to Simon's house for dinner and a certain "sinner woman" anointed his feet and washed them with her tears. Simon was critical in thought and began to judge both Jesus and this woman by his thought errors (crown of thorns). To teach this "elder son" better behavior the Father had Jesus respond with a parable about two debtors owing a certain creditor. This creditor is the Father. The debtor owing less is any "Simon" and the debtor owing more is any "child of disobedience, Ephesians 2:1-3. ATONEMENT is expressed in this analogy in that the Father "frankly forgave them both". Jesus asked Simon who would love the creditor most. Simon gave a right answer and then had to learn a lesson about "grace". The woman showed greater love than Simon did by her actions. Simon showed a lesser degree of love because your Father expects those of us loving Him to also LOVE ALL HIS BODY (CELL) MEMBERS EVEN THOUGH THAT NUMBER CANNOT BE COUNTED by men, Matthew 22:37-40. Your Father made the 2nd Great Command equal to the 1st Great Command. Simon had a deficit in "grace". He, too, had to learn to accept GOD'S LOVE FOR ALL, because his human love was "short of the Glory", Matthew 24:12; Romans 3:23; 2 Esdras 8:47. So earthly "church elders" have a LOVE-GRACE deficiency --- a debt they must make up! This debt will not be forgiven them. They must fill the void in their hearts with LOVE and GRACE. It may be necessary to remove their "marred" clay-form in order to fill the void, Psalm 2:6-8; Matthew 9:17.

John 5:30, 8:1-12. This is about GRACE and ATONEMENT vs human judgment and demonic "Accuser of the brethren"- style legalistic judgment. Keep in mind that JUDGE JESUS was a "human microphone" and the Father spoke directly to us through him. We might also add that Mother Wisdom also worked through him as evidenced in Luke 6:19, 8:46. "Virtue" is a reference to Mother Wisdom and our sisters above. You should be familiar with this incident. A judgmental crowd of churchmen and lay people challenged Jesus about a charge or "accusation of sin" and punishment for it. They did not know that Jesus was the end of the Old Covenant and its laws carnally applied and understood by the "natural" human mind. He represented and issued in a New Covenant and the ministration of GRACE. As a JUDGE in the Outer Court and before the Heavenly Jury in the Inner Court of Heaven who were witnessing the proceedings, Jesus illustrated how GRACE "works" for all who are "caught in acts of sin". JUDGE JESUS obliterated the penal codes under legalistic law as a judge having that "authority," and as the ATONEMENT "Lamb" to be sacrificed in the middle of the floor of the Outer Court. He was the removal of sin applying to man, John 1:29. The crowd moved to wrath by the Accuser of the brethren wanted to "use" the law to slay this woman, Romans 7:8-13; Revelation 12:10, 18:24. The watching jurists above saw Jesus upbraid the crowd by saying, "He that is without fault let him cast the first stone". The whole crowd exited the scene leaving Jesus and the woman alone. Rather than to accuse her, or to point fingers, or to rebuke her, the Father spoke through Jesus asking, "Woman where are your accusers?" Her response was" ... no man" was accusing her. "GRACE" answered her saying, "Neither do I! Go and sin no more"! The last statement was made to advise her to improve her behavior according to her mental level of understanding. God was not implying that He accounted sin to her. As her Father and Teacher, He wanted her to improve her behavior in life.

In John 5:30 Jesus tells us plainly that he was following orders of the Supreme Judge even in this incident ... a show trial before the Hosts. This was real "shewbread" or show bread which is shown to an audience or class. But what have we learned from this psychodrama act, a display of the righteous judgment of God in center Court 2-days ago? Isaiah 27:9, 51:4-5; Micah 6:5. For 2-days (2000 yrs) GRACE has filled the Inner Court of Heaven and the Outer Court of this earth. But sleeping "churchy virgins" and "dead zombies" have been unaware of its universal application to all humanity --- even those not yet horn to be involved in "SIN WORKS" under Pharaoh. Therefore God sent JUDGE JESUS, the "right arm" of the Court (Isaiah 59:14-17) to "show" us and to be His example of "LIVING LOVE IN MOTION". GRACE sent Her Son to be a "virtuous" ensign of Her LOVE, not only for this woman but for ALL "prodigals" and "children of disobedience", and also for anyone "Accused of sin" by men and devils, Isaiah 29:20-21; Revelation 12:10, Matthew 3:16-17. The Supreme Judge's VERDICT to Cain is still THE LAW OF JUDGMENT ... namely, "SIN IS A DEMON crouching at the door ... you will be mastered by it"! Genesis 4:5-7, NEB. The Father's ATONEMENT accomplished at the beginning and described in Enoch ch. 10 is still the "ORDER IN THE COURT" as the devil's trial continues, John 12:31, 16:7-8,11, 17:12. Human beings must reverse their (thorn) "point" of view and their earthly perceptions. Most men cannot do this in FLESH-FORM, Romans 8:5-8. They must be "born again" ... "made over" in SPIRIT-FORM, Jeremiah 18:1-6; Matthew 9:17; John 4:23-24. This incident "showed" (bread) the Court "students above" (Malachi 3:18; Hebrews 12:1) and the "blind" crowd the RIGHTEOUS JUDGMENT applicable to all human beings caught in the act of sin. It is very difficult if not impossible for most men to think with the mind of Christ! Isaiah 55:7-11. MEN DO NOT THINK WITH AN ATONEMENT MIND! Your "Head" must be in Heaven to do so (1 Corinthians 11:3) and angels must become your mind even though you live in flesh-form, 1 Corinthians 2:9-16.


"Amazing grace, how sweet the sound; that saved a wretch like me. I once was lost but now I'm found; was blind but now I see" are the words of another familiar song. Maybe you think this letter is "amazing" as a description of GRACE. This is not "amazing" to God. But this may be "amazing" to men to read such a description presented in the "GOOD NEWS" because they have slept so long in darkness, Isaiah 60:1-2; Matthew 25:1-5. If you believed demonic lies that most men will be damned with them, and if you swallowed their "picture scenes" of the judgment; and if you had a wrong or incomplete "picture" of Christ in mind (Matthew 11:25-27) ... then to you the GRACE we have described is VERY "amazing", Isaiah 9:2-7. The JUDGE-JESUS "GRACE" we present is superior and more powerful than the mental-pictures of Jesus painted in the minds of men by popular church doctrines. "We have a song in the (Egyptian) night" and we are waging war with it. "Marvelous grace of our loving Lord and amazing grace how sweet the sound"! Why is it that men go blind and become imbeciles failing to recognize "grace" and acknowledge its everlasting effect when they discuss their ideas about final judgment? The adversary (Leviathan) punches out their lights and substitutes a "bullfrog" picture of judgment in their minds and doctrines which are absolutely "graceless". That "mental picture" fails to recognize the finished work of accomplished ATONEMENT done once by your Father at the very beginning so that "sin has always been a demon", Genesis 4:5-7, Enoch ch. 10. It fails to see Jesus as the ATONEMENT "goat of the Lord's lot" who removed the sins of all humanity and took them upon himself, Isaiah 27:9, KJV, John 1:29. He then transferred them all to the scapegoat, Satan. Sin cannot be ascribed to or charged to man. GRACE accepts all men as FAMILY for immortal life without precondition and without judgment, Zephaniah 3:13-14; Romans 5:15-19. "Grace" is Mother's love, a mirror image of your Father's LOVE as in the parable of the "prodigal son". Those who forget grace and the effect of grace on everything including final judgment are "short of the Glory" in both love and understanding of what God is doing. They do not know Jesus the Savior of ALL MEN and of all the world. The conclusion of the matter is ... look not to men for light! Psalm 31:19. Look up! See God, Mother "Grace", and Judge Jesus speaking to Simon with a parable of two debtors, and learn as He "shows" the Court ATONEMENT-GRACE in action with a woman caught in the act of sin. Wear your "helmet of salvation" at all times. You will find success in your personal war with devils on and around you. And your thoughts will be well on their way to the "perfection" God requires in us. GRACE is for every human being whether he knows there is a God or not and whether he believes in God or not! There is no requirement by Mother "Grace" to receive Her embrace. THIS IS THE STORY OF "GRACE" THAT YOU DO NOT HEAR!! What you do not know can hurt! Blessed are all those with ears to hear and eyes that "see"! Blessed are all "virgins" who are wide awake! Blessed are those who sup at the Wedding Feast of God and the Lamb! the "GOOD NEWS"!!

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