The Alpha Point

Conceived in Wisdom

In the beginning, God and His wife Mother Wisdom created all the infant spirits that God wanted before He rested from His labor. All of us were nursery mates upstairs before Adam and Eve became the first pair to be sent down and immersed in clay. The rest of us have been coming down in our alloted generation into the wombs of our sisters.

When God said, "let us make man in our image and after our likeness He was consulting with His Wife and your Mother. She was His first created being. Males are made in the likeness of the Father. Females are made in the likeness of our Mother. The Fifth Commandment teaches us to honor both parents, not just earthly parents, but God and Wisdom also. They parented us as spirits which is our true being. We on earth are presently stuck in clay bodies. The truth is God is a Spirit and so are we. Not one child was made at that point, not even Jesus. The PLAN was to have billions of children to be "FAMILY". All men were nursery mates quietly and unconsciously awaiting our turn and our "generation" to be placed in the womb of a sister on earth. Twelve pairs of sisters and brothers were chosen to be the first family. These are the archangels," males and the "virtues," or virgin sisters. Why did God mention little about the females of our FAMILY and their work in Heaven? Much has been a mystery to men about the presence of females up there. Men have little or no perception of the work the sisters perform in the work of salvation. Solomon, David and Hermas were given a triple witness to their activities. Those who are capable of eating "shewbread" and can accept talents lawful only for a real priest of the Most High and those he feeds will be delighted to learn of how the FAMILY works together as a team to "raise the children".

The dumbest thing in the world is to believe what we have been taught in the churches, that we are something less than sons of God! That line of thinking is based on ignorance and demeans and dishonors our creation. Nature teaches that it takes a part from each parent to reproduce an offspring. All of us are spirits - holy seed - stuck in clay bodies to hide our true glory. This is to protect our true identities from being known because all of us would be stained by sin. When you rise no one will know who you were on earth. No stigma of sin will be associated with you and you will be instructed never to mention who you were on earth until God erases the memory of our ever having been here when He concludes His work. If you are a parent, do you have a right to your children and do your children have a right to you? How can you suggest to God that we have no right to Him? Equally ridiculous is that we must be adopted as if we are not His offspring. The LIGHT OF THE WORLD said, "Call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven." (Matthew 23:9) How many of you call your earthly "dad" your father? Jesus is your "brother", a temporary stand-in for God! This earth is not your home. You have a great Parent-Creator named God! And a glorious Home in Heaven. Your own mansion is waiting for you to move in. You cannot stay here. This earth shall be burned to nothing. Open your eyes! Claim your birthright! I hope none of you thinks little of yourself after you get acquainted and comfortable with our Father. It is true that He is the Almighty with awesome glory and power. But He is also your Father and He wants YOU to treat Him like "Dad"! Don't be frightened by it. Hear God's explanation of what He has been doing from the beginning of time with every child:

The Good Seed

Mother Wisdom

The Tree of Life

God Gave Us His Great Self

Your Descendants, Lineage, And Ancestry

We Must See God!

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