The Omega Point

The Son Revealed

The Omega Point is not only the concluding point in time but The Conclusion as to WHO WE ARE - the crystallization and unveiling of our divine nature and being. It is the full manifestation of our sonship. Anything less is - sorry boys - "mere Christianity". The previous sections have shown our glorious origin (The Alpha Point) contrasted with "fake gods" and "artificial (non) sons" (The Robot ). This is your glorious identity uncovered, Sherlock. Say "Amen" Dr. Watson and we'll beam you up, Scotty!

Revelation of the Son of Man

The Wonderful One

I Will Dwell and Walk In Them

God is winding up the process to "make an end of sin" and gather the family together (all men and women). Since the beginning of time (see the section Dimensions of Time and Space for a fuller perspective on time and history) God has been raising up all men and women in their generations from this field (the earth). The concluding phase of this planet is not frightening for we know who we are and where we are going. Don't be intimidated by the "end-time prophets" who make money terrorizing people with their failing "predictions" and scenarios. Our web site "raises the son of man" just as God and Jesus have been doing all this time.

It Is Done

The Way We Go

This Is Your (God's) Life -When I Rise

Family Reunion

I John Saw These Things Revelation 22

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