Death Has No Sting!


KJV 1 Corinthians 15:55 O death, where [is] thy sting? O grave, where [is] thy victory?

KJV Hosea 13:14 I will ransom them from the power of the grave; I will redeem them from death: O death, I will be thy plagues; O grave, I will be thy destruction: repentance shall be hid from mine eyes.

I was thinking or hearing words about "death" (overhearing "upper" testimony) as I was sleeping. "Death has no sting and graves are not signs of victory over men", Hosea 13:14. Death is swallowed up by life and graves are signs of VICTORY for those former persons, Isaiah 25:6-8. Devils are tools to "help" God forward the reaping process! Enoch 89:57-67, 2 Esdras 11:37-39, Isaiah 10:12-16. This knowledge does not justify devils for their intents and purposes against humanity! As a judge my anger and wrath against them is not diminished because God is using them as "tools". My verdicts against the entire Kingdom of darkness is just as strong as it ever was. I hate this negative "exercise" with a purple passion, Ecclesiastes 1:13, and I would wipe out all devils anywhere in the creation in an instant if God let me have His power for one minute! That said, DEATH means VICTORY for mankind and PERFECTION above, Ecclesiastes 12:7; Hebrews 12:22-24. I hate every circumstance leading to that point. Accidents, disease, viruses and germs, animal attacks, fires, floods, earthquakes, lightning strikes, wars, abortions, criminal acts resulting in death, severe beatings, killings for revenge and hatred, executions for crime and "natural causes" have all been used to bring men to the line called "death". If a man is pushed across that line, it results in total VICTORY and he takes his place in the FEAST OF LOVE, Revelation 6:9-11, 9:6. Even though I know this, I am vehemently against the suffering of my brothers and sisters in Kosovo or any other hot spot on earth. Devils get no EXONERATION for their part in all destruction of life, not in my Court. I am saying this as an authority because God made ME a Judge. Whatever "glory" He puts on you, you are stuck with it whether you like it, or not and whether you can understand it or not! The lastborn son is the Judgment Day. Devils have no excuse for their "intent" against God and my FAMILY! Therefore I and the Heavenly Court hold Babylon responsible for all the bloodshed of humanity from Abel to the last man to bleed and die! Revelation 17:5-6, 18:24. I do not like a bunch of noisy, short, obnoxious "tools" anyway! We have sentenced them to eternal extermination and this judgment cannot change! This is the way God has fixed it, and so it is!

Death is the DOOR to Heaven, and Jesus "showed us" God's way. Life is one long continuation, Wisdom 1:14-16, 2:23-24. There is the earth-stage phase which continues non-stop into the Heavenly phase via the (death) door. This is the meaning of the "Passover" celebration. The spirits of men leave spiritual Egypt (this earth) and Pharaoh (Lucifer) going through the Red Sea (out of their own blood) to the real promise land of Heaven! All events experienced on earth prior to reaching the door are moot. This includes churchy protocols and religious practice and a man's personal part in earthly matters. Death is the finish line for all human beings. Death makes all men equal! Earthly matters and concerns now lose their influence and meaning. Once one crosses the thresh-hold he enters into glorification, perfection and VICTORY. This is the Father's prudent PLAN, which began with Abel. It has continued non-stop exacting its own despite human ignorance and religious rituals. Man cannot lose! That never was part of the PLAN. The PLAN has always been to lower men down from Heaven where we were firstborn into the pit of hell to experience the wrath of the Dragon and then to draw us back to Heaven again, Psalm 49:20; Isaiah 11:6-9; Acts 10:9-16,28. The Father cannot lose! This is the LAW of the SON - SUN - SFN! We arise in the east, born in a fleshy womb. We traverse the sky (spend our days on the earth-stage) for a time and experience "hell" (good and evil). We set in the west (slow down from old age) and sink below the ground (are buried in graves). However, this means the SON is rising gloriously eastward in Heaven. This is the LAW of LIFE that cannot be transmuted by any other law in Heaven or in the earth at any stage in the human experience. Nothing that you learned about protocols for good behavior in the earth can change or effect this LAW. There is absolutely nothing a man, a preacher, or devil can do about it! Genesis 1:14-18, 22:16-17; Psalm 19:1-6.

KJV Romans 8:38 For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, 39 Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Preachers and Christians have been persuaded to believe a different way by a hateful and bitter drummer! The Dragon has separated most of God's children from Him and His love in his final judgment doctrines given to the churches, Daniel 7:21-22; Revelation 13:4-7!

Man's fear, ignorance, blindness and devils have made him fearful of death. Men do not really know what is beyond the grave. In the world religions almost all of them teach of an after-life. Yet men still prefer to cling to this life because of "uncertainty" over what is beyond the grave. To mollify such fears religions supply a "Band-aid" to cover the huge chasm of the great unknown. Protocols for good behavior are rationalizations to "assure" one of happiness and peace "on the other side". But men do not know if any of these things are true, because no one has gone away and come back to prove to humanity that the claims of after-life are true…. EXCEPT….. Jesus and before him, Enoch! These men are remote to men and they do not really know them! The whole world does not ascribe to Hebrew religious concepts or to Aramaic and Jewish heroes. However God does not need a majority of men to "believe" Him before He can affect His work. You see, death takes its toll of all men in all nations in all generations no matter what their religious leaders think or believe! The LAW for all humanity is, "The soul that sinneth, it shall die", no matter what nation you are from or what language you speak or your cultural heritage on earth! Ezekiel 18:4. After "three score and ten years" or so, if you do not get caught earlier in some of the circumstances mentioned in the beginning of this document, you will die. No preacher or shaman or witch doctor can save you from this. Every man has a set time to go. Just as God gave you no choice in whether or not to be born, most men do not know when they will go, nor the circumstances which will surround their departure. You will die just as surely as you were born. Jesus described mankind's departure as a "reaping" process, where the "good seed" and blades of wheat are parabolized as ALL mankind, and the tares are the invisible offspring of devils, the demons on our bodies! Matthew 12:43-45, 13:24-30,37-43.

Jesus told us what happens to us after death, but even Christians pay lip-service to his words and in reality they do not fully believe him. They have "little faith", Luke 18:8. "All rise to heaven at death" and all men that ever have been "live to God" right now as you read these words, Luke 20:37-38. Man-made religious "plans of salvation" and man-made requirements for eternal life get in the way and block them from seeing the simple reality of Ecclesiastes 12:7 and Jesus' statement in the Luke text. Both agree exactly!

The reality of God is that any man that is born in the flesh is an "image of His eternity", a small piece of His immortal Spirit body! Your spirit is part of His "living", "can't be destroyed" stuff that makes Him what and who He is! The real YOU stuck in a clay cocoon of flesh is immortal and created in God's likeness. No experience that man faces on the earth-stage can change or modify this Spirit reality and blunt fact! Hebrews 2:6-7,14-15. "I said [not me], Ye are gods and all of you are children of the Most High"! Psalm 82:6-8. I do not demean the nobility of any man's birth by making it a crime to claim sonship or making a man less than God made him! Jesus was murdered for claiming his birthright. I will claim the birthright of every human being for him even if he is too blind and stupid to acknowledge his inherent nobility! We will lose no man! We will lose nothing! Human ignorance and failure to know God in the churches has no effect in altering God's education format for His family, Matthew 11:25-27. This earth and this life is part of the education protocol for each FAMILY member. We come to this earth where we face the Dragon for the negative contrasting phase of God's education PLAN. ALL rise to Heaven for "perfection" school when each man's tenure on the earth-stage is done! God determines when it is done as well as the circumstances surrounding each man's withdrawal. God draws all men to Him when He is ready for them to come to the FEAST OF LOVE. Every "prodigal son" rises to attend this Feast and to take His place in the FAMILY. You rise at God's command or when He calls your true heavenly name! No preacher and no religion can stop this event. The power of His voice removed Abel, and He has been drawing men with non-stop precision everyday from every place on earth, Psalm 2:6-8; Isaiah 2:1-4, 25:6-8, 60:1-11; Hebrews 12:22-24. The grand total was seen by John in Revelation 5:13, 7:9-15. All the former brutal butchers and kings of warring nations throughout the generations are found in Heaven (excluding Lucifer of course) with new names, new faces and new bodies! Isaiah 14:12,18-19, 49:18-23, 60:10-11. Your church doctrines do not teach this and they have no answer for this! You might as well drop them!

Graves Mean VICTORY for Man!

Men should not cry at funerals and do heroics medically to prevent death. If men had "certain" faith in what Jesus taught us, they would welcome death because it is a "home-coming"! It is your ticket to Heaven! As Jesus said, "The way I go, ye know" and when the disciples pressed him further, he said, "I go to my Father"! How many of you want to see God?! You ought to be glad to go to your Father! Why cry at funerals? You ought to rejoice with the departed! Here is what Michael said:

Books of Adam and Eve. xliii. 1 And Michael came and taught Seth how to prepare Eve for burial. And there came three angels and they buried her (body) where Adam's 2 body was and Abel's. And thereafter Michael spake to Seth and saith: 'Lay out in this wise every man that dieth till the day of the Resurrection.' 3 And after giving him this rule; he saith to him: 'Mourn not beyond six days, but on the seventh day, rest and rejoice on it, because on that very day; God rejoiceth (yea) and we angels (too) with the righteous soul, who hath 4 passed away from the earth.' Even thus spake the angel, and ascended into heaven, glorifying (God) and saying: 'Allelujah.' 5 [Holy, holy, holy is the Lord, in the glory of God the Father, for to Him it is meet to give glory, honour, and worship, with the eternal life-giving spirit now and always and for ever. Amen.] [Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of Hosts. To whom be glory and power for ever and for ever. Amen .] [Then the archangel Joel glorified God; saying, Holy, Holy, Holy Lord, heaven and earth are full of thy glory.'] Lost Books of the Bible and Forgotten Books of Eden

Jesus told his disciples, "You ought to rejoice because I go to my Father", John 14:28. Jesus and Michael know what happens at death and they both tell us to "rejoice! "Wheresoever the body is, there the eagles gather together" means Michael's angels reap all those taking their last breath, Luke 17:33-37. The flying eagle among the Archangels is Michael's symbol, Revelation 4:6-7. All "prodigal sons" rejoice after death. As the Father said then and says now to all "elder son" preachers on earth today, "It is right for us to rejoice for these my children were dead and are alive again. They were lost while on earth but now they are found"! Luke 15:32

Why do men make such a big deal over death? If God calls a loved one or a family member that men do not want to go, some accuse God of "unfairness" and "not protecting deserving people". Some lose their faith and conclude, "There is no God or if there was a God He would not have done this or He would have prevented that from happening". These are conclusions of ignorance by weak men who have "little faith" and who do not know what is really happening. Why do men get furious because God allows abortions or natural disasters, which collect men? If they knew what abortions really mean, they would know that God gets His child back quickly before it can be stained by sin and used as a tool of the devil! All aborted premature infants are alive and rejoicing around the throne of the Most High! They are more alive than men down here now! Why kill abortion doctors? Those who slay them are just as bad because they, too, break the 6th command, "Thou shalt not kill"! Who's children are men anyway? Are they yours or God's? Do women really make men or did God merely plant us in their wombs? I think the answer is clear. God made us, and we are members of His own immortal body. He has a right to collect us, and He does! Do you know that all men rise (die) according to the number and sequence in which our spirits were created in Heaven? This is a fact! Secrets 68:5-6. This "pattern" was revealed in the way Joseph seated his brethren when he feasted them in Egypt, Genesis 43:32-34. This is they way God seats us at the marriage supper! Men die according to their heavenly birth order and number regardless of how random and without order death seems to earthly men. There is a huge number collected every 24 hours from all over the world, but all rise in the numbered sequence of their Heavenly birth. Therefore those who complain about God reaping their loved ones must understand that these are His children, and they must attend the Feast when it is their turn to come, no matter what age they are when He calls. God is not "mean" or "unfair" for drawing His children to a better home than yours! All those who rise sooner are older than those remaining on earth. A premature infant dying is older than its birth mother remaining on earth. This is the way God has "set" things!

By the way, your Father has prepared mansions for us up there. Many are not yet occupied. They must have their rightful owners. You cannot stay on earth because God will burn the place! Do not be afraid of death. It is just like moving from one room to another but instantly. The real beauty of Heaven defies description. "Eyes have not seen, neither have ears heard the things that God has prepared for them that love Him", 1 Corinthians 2:9. The earth is trash by comparison! So stop "boohooing" and complaining about the way we go. Set your mind on Heaven and ask God to "shorten" your days in this hellhole earth! This is a place of serpents in every human institution and so much fear and dissatisfaction, a place where "gross darkness covers the people" and all ten virgins are in dreamland! Isaiah 60:2; Matthew 25:1-5.

Redeemed From the Grave and Ransomed From Death

Jesus as "Saviour of the world and of all men" has a long and continuing job to do. His command is to "draw all men unto me" …."that where I am , there ye may be also". We know where he is, at the throne with the Father. That is where all "prodigal sons" are drawn at the point of death. What kind of Saviour would Jesus be if he did not do his job? God did not choose him because he is negligent, nor did He select him because he is prejudiced and bears grudges. This Lamb is superior to all preachers and human viciousness because of his "love conquers all" attitude. He draws ALL MEN unto him …. no matter what they have done in their earthly life! (Your preacher would not do this! You might not do this either. Men would leave many behind at the point of death especially if they are angry with them. That is why God did not choose any ordinary man to be His Lamb!) What does redemption mean?

re·deem (r¹-dm") tr.v. re·deemed, re·deem·ing, re·deems. 1. To recover ownership of by paying a specified sum. 2. To pay off (a promissory note, for example). 3. To turn in (coupons, for example) and receive something in exchange. 4. To fulfill (a pledge, for example). 5. To convert into cash. 6. To set free; rescue or ransom. 7. To save from a state of sinfulness and its consequences. 8. To make up for. 9. To restore the honor, worth, or reputation of. --re·deem"a·ble adj. American Heritage Dictionary

As fast as men die Jesus "recovers ownership" of men to the Father from the clutches of demons! It was cheap! All it cost was 30 pieces of silver. That is a very miserable pittance to pay to show God's "peace on earth and good will to men and great joy shall be for all people", Luke 2:10,14. As you can see the Jesus we preach is no vindictive "wimp", who is against those who die in sin! Jesus saves all sinners at the grave! That is the best place to go to perform his redemption work. Every time you see a tombstone, it is a sign that Jesus redeemed that person rather cheaply. Graveyards are memorials and proof that those former persons were "ransomed from the power of the grave". Counting tombstones could be thought as a way of numbering those who have passed over to the promise land of Heaven. So what do preachers mean when they frighten you saying, "When you die, it is all over"? When you die, "you have only just begun to live" ….more abundantly! Who do you have to thank for this faithfulness to you, and your friends, and relatives who died as "sinners"? You cannot thank the preachers because they are lobbying God to throw men in the lake of fire with Lucifer and his family. You can thank God and Christ for not being vengeful like men and devils, who think condemning men is glorious "gospel", 2 Corinthians 3:4-11. So every time you think of death, see Jesus and the Father "drawing" the spirits of those dying up to the throne to be with them. All dying "sinners" are "prodigal sons" and all are "redeemed from death and ransomed from the power of the grave" by two heroes, GOD and JESUS CHRIST.

Repentance Shall be Hidden From My Eyes

Why is this line in our text, if "repentance" is such a great gospel message? Earth-style repentance means to confess and feel sorry for errors committed in one's life against God and one's brother. When we examine the term, it consists of two parts, the prefix "re-" and the Latin root, "pent or penta". Re- means "again or once more" and pent or penta refers to "the mind or thought". Spiritual repentance merely means to RE-THINK one's position! In our Court, God has Atoned placing blame and fault for all sin on the head of Lucifer, and Babylon is responsible for all bloodshed. We blame the slavemaster, not the slave, for sin works forced on the slave in spiritual Egypt (the earth). Since this is a law of the Court, earth-style repentance for crimes of devils is "out of order" and VOID. You were told not to eat 2-day-old manna, because it breeds worms, and trying to follow 2000 year old words from the disciples means you are out of line and out of order! Earth-style repentance is out of line and illegal! The gospel of repentance as understood by men is now a bunch of crawling worms! If you are a spiritual chicken, you will continue to eat worms! If you are a man, forget the worms and eat the chicken! When you rise do not go there doing earth-style confessions! However, to RE-THINK and get the mind of Christ is not illegal. That kind of spiritual repentance is the order of the day! Spiritual repentance is not a confession to crimes done in your earthly life! It is an educational means of obtaining perfect understanding. In Heaven "to repent" means you go to school! Earth-style ignorance and backwardness is a "No! No!" Therefore "repentance shall be hid from my eyes"!

The point of this document is to inform you that DEATH is VICTORY for any man and every man. You should not cry about it and hate the event. God has a right to uplift each man to his mansion and heritage whether men are afraid of the unknown or not. Graves are tokens left behind indicating that Jesus "REDEEMED and RANSOMED" those former persons and drew them where he is. What a loss by the Kingdom of Darkness! All this was very cheap! Just think! He has ransomed every man who has come and who is yet to come to this earth exactly as indicated in our HEADLINE, so that he will lose nothing, not one sheep! Matthew 18:11-14; John 6:39, 17:12. And all it cost was 30 pieces of silver! This is better news than what you get from the preachers and the churches. I am aware that this Jesus is a "new" Jesus to your eyes and ears, not like the Jesus the preachers talk about. But our testimony is accurate on behalf of your glory! Just remember, "Jesus never fails"! Hallelujah!

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