A Conversation Between Two GOOD NEWS Editors Regarding This Site

A. Why do I live physically in a desert?

A. I just read how God fulfils His prophecy, "I will cause rivers and streams in the desert".

A. Out of my belly flow rivers of living water!

B. Why out of the belly?

A. Remember, John ate the Book!

A. "He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water." KJV John 7:38 Jesus said it!

A. God said: "I will open rivers in high places, and fountains in the midst of the valleys: I will make the wilderness a pool of water, and the dry land springs of water." KJV Isaiah 41:18

B. It is "the belly" metaphor that interests me; why he didn't say "out of the mouth shall flow" - instead he used "the belly".

A. That is where the Book ended up that John consumed!

A. It made his belly bitter, a reference to learning about where the kingdom of devils really reside and also about their operations against humanity.

B. Belly is also where we are "born".

A. True! That is where Mother carries Her "unborn". It just occurred to me that this is why the earth is called a womb! Almost all men here are not yet "spiritually born", but we are in various stages of embryonic development!

A. Men are in spiritual "embryo" stages in this life!

B. When embryos are in the womb, aren't they enveloped in "water" or liquid?

A. Yes! You know how God is! He is very suave and slick in how He uses Words!

A. He can make a parable and analogy fit together so exactly that you cannot find the smallest gap! He does this both naturally and spiritually!

A. What a way with words!

B. That is why I wrote on the home page of the new site (2nd paragraph): "There is no problem whose elegant solution does not exist in our equations as we link Scripture to Scripture in an angelic grammar and language."

A. You said it!

A. Now we can add this text to the thought pattern and learn more about God's colorful speech:
RSV 4 Esdras 6:20 and when the seal is placed upon the age which is about to pass away, then I will show these signs: the books shall be opened before the firmament, and all shall see it together. 21 Infants a year old shall speak with their voices, and women with child shall give birth to premature children at three and four months, and these shall live and dance. 2 Esdras 6:20,21 mentions the Seal placed on the generation that is about to PASS AWAY. That is our generation when God is ready to "rapture" the entire population! It says the Books shall be open in the firmament for all to see. The Books are testifying angels whose words we continue to record and present to the world via the Internet!

B. My university physics teacher used to tell me, "There are many solutions to a problem but I always like the most elegant, the most beautiful, the most aesthetically pleasing one." Math to him was a form of poetry and he liked "elegant" solutions.

A. This was written before medical science advanced to the point where they can save "premies". This is true only for this present generation, but when men "die as earthen embryos", they always live and dance on high!

B. What are "premies" - I'm not familar with that word?

A. It means premature infants! My last two grandchildren were in the womb for a short time before they were born prematurely. They both are living. My grandson was 1 lb. 11 oz! But they saved him! My granddaughter was a little bigger and they saved her too!

B. OK!

A. He fulfills His Word both naturally and spiritually. There can be no doubt about who the Author is! Guys in seminaries have called Ezra's words "apocrypha". You cannot trust human wisdom! Jesus said, "Judge nothing before the time" and Ezra's words were slammed by ignorant theologians before the time when men could understand them. Those men could not "touch, open, or read the Word because of the Seals" as God is opening these things to us NOW! This is another form of Completion of the Word!