All men are placed on earth for a short time and then return to Heaven where they were firstborn. Peter's vision of animals on a sheet shows that men first descend from Heaven their point of origin in a state of ignorance (like beasts). They are placed in their mother's (sister's) womb for a second birth on earth. After a time facing the wrath of the dragon on stage, the sheet is drawn back to Heaven where it came from. How does this square with the ignorance men are taught in the churches? Since Jesus preached salvation to demons born down here, "You must be born again," the cliche preachers love to spout is intended for the ears of devils. They cannot ascend into heaven where they have never been and they cannot be born again. All men are already physically "born again". That statement does not apply to human beings. Jesus was addressing the demons on his audience who were querying him through the people they controlled. You have never learned how to rightly divide the two-edge WORD! Check out these truths and see how heaven "redeems" men from the earth!

The Parabolic Gospel

The Daily Sacrifice

Keeping The Passover

This Is Your Life When I Rise

The Way We Go

Your Descendants, Heritage and Lineage

I Call the Generations From The Beginning

Family Reunion

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