The remembrance of sin causes a great problem. On earth men remember and relive mentally and emotionally the hurt feelings, the anger, and the bitterness if any they experienced in events that caused them pain. Devils use men against one another in the most treacherous ways. Reconciliation cannot be complete if men remember and bear grudges. Such reminders create distance between men and negate brotherly love. God will not have such attitudes among His perfected children. We must forget sin and offense and never remember it again. We can act brotherly toward one another if we perceive that a person has done us no harm and desires to be a friend. To facilitate the kind of peace that God requires, He has fixed the following conditions for His House:

1. All men rising from the earth lose their earthly body and earthly name and earthly looks. The glorious beauty of their spirit is revealed only after they rise. Your earthly form is ugly by comparison. No one will know who you were on earth.

2. All men rising are told their true Heavenly name God gave them at the very beginning. You will answer only to that name and never reveal to anyone who you were on earth. As you can see we get a complete make-over and ID totally free of the stigma, stench, and stain of sin in our earthly role

3. Because devils are no longer on the body controlling our thoughts and stimulating our nervous system, men are finally able to behave and think in our true godly nature. This completes the change. And those above are totally new in every way! It is absolutely ridiculous to think the those rising can possibly be the way they were on earth.

4. When God completes the work he will erase this earth from space and erase the memory this world and its history from His mind and our minds. It will be as though this mad exercise never occurred at all and will be impossible to imagine. When God erases, He does not play! Don't even entertain the question, "What about Hitler"? You tell me, what about Hitler? No one up there has that name or that face! You have a washing coming! You will lose your bitterness and vengeful heart!

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