When God said, "let us make man in our image and after our likeness He was consulting with His Wife and your Mother. She was His first created being. Males are made in the likeness of the Father. Females are made in the likeness of our Mother. The Fifth Commandment teaches us to honor both parents, not just earthly parents, but God and Wisdom also. They parented us as spirits which is our true being. We on earth are presently stuck in clay bodies. The truth is God is a Spirit and so are we. Not one child was made at that point, not even Jesus. The PLAN was to have billions of children to be "FAMILY". All men were nursery mates quietly and unconsciously awaiting our turn and our "generation" to be placed in the womb of a sister on earth. Twelve pairs of sisters and brothers were chosen to be the first family. These are the "archangels," males and the "virtues," or virgin sisters. Why did God mention little about the females of our FAMILY and their work in Heaven? Much has been a mystery to men about the presence of females up there. Men have little or no perception of the work the sisters perform in the work of salvation. Solomon, David and Hermas were given a triple witness to their activities. Those who are capable of eating "shewbread" and can accept talents lawful only for a real priest of the Most High and those he feeds will be delighted to learn of how the FAMILY works together as a team to "raise the children". The collection of letters here reveal what has been happening all along. Dig in and learn something new! This is not the peripheral kindergarten stuff you were taught in the churches.

Mother Wisdom

El Shaddai - the Breasted One, or Who's that Lady?

Babylon, The Other Woman

You Must Be Born Again Of A Virgin

Think On These Things, The Virtues

Rib-Bands of Gold

The Lessons Of The Rainbow

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