In the beginning there was no opponent. God PLANNED a huge FAMILY. The Problem was how to teach so many children what He deemed proper family and social behavior. He decided it is best to teach us by COMPARISON and CONTRAST and to compliment that with PRECEPT and EXAMPLE. He created an obstacle course for this purpose called the earth and negative invisible opponents that we call the kingdom of darkness. Groups of children called generations tour earth's surface where they face all kinds of trials with demons. Devils are the contrast to God's nature and ways. On earth we experience both good and evil and make a determination of which way is best. Precepts were given to men in time to help us make better decisions. When the duration of the tour for each generation is over, those persons are removed to "high" school or "perfection" in Heaven. The letters in this section explain these thing in great detail. Click the one you want to read and see things from your Father's perspective.

Two Ways

Chess, The Master's Game

Negative Chess, The Way God Plays It

Advantage, God!

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