The Temptation of Abraham: The Temptation of God

HEADLINE: "And Jesus answering said unto him, It is said, Thou shall not tempt the Lord thy God. And when the devil had ended all the temptation, he departed from him for a season ... "There were voices in heaven regarding Abraham, that he was faithful in all that He told him, and that he loved the Lord, and in every affliction he was faithful. And the prince Mastema came and said before God, Behold, Abraham loves Isaac, his son, and he delights in him above all things else; bid him offer him as a burnt offering on the altar, and thou shall see if he will do this command, and thou shall know if he is faithful in everything wherein thou dost try him", Luke 4:12-13, Book of Jubilees 17:15,16.

This is the latest WORD from the Heavenly Court as Satan's trial winds down in this JUDGMENT HOUR. Let us consider the following JURIST-WITNESSES' analysis. Every time our Father "brags about" or commends one of His sons for faithfulness or for obedience to His least command, an odd thing happens! The devil shows up to tempt God with some outrageous act or acts to disprove and deny the WORDS of God's approval. The whole book of Job is a testimony about demonic "challenges" to discredit and destroy the man who sticks so close to God. David loved God and composed many songs to Him expressing that love. And twice Satan challenged God's love for him and twice David fell in temptation, "counting the people", and the Bathsheba fiasco. Solomon loved God so much he wanted to build Him a "house". God also loved Solomon, but in the end Satan succeeded in corrupting him in his old age through some of his many wives. God also boasted about Jesus: "This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased! HEAR YE HIM"! Angels also witnessed many things to Mary, Joseph, and "old Simeon", and to the prophets about the glory and work of Jesus. And guess who came on schedule as is his custom to tempt and challenge the man and God with some ridiculous, disruptive "tests"?! You guessed it! ... the devil, that short, nasty, invisible-midget, and fake spirit!

Now let us go to our HEADLINE and analyze it. To challenge any of God's statements about His evaluation of any of His faithful and obedient children and to devise a scheme as a "test", the real objective of which is to hurt, discredit, and defame that person, and to destroy God's joy in him is "TO TEMPT THE LORD THY GOD". As soon as Satan heard about God's good comments about Abraham, he was instant in devising a scheme in hope of destroying God's promise to Abraham. That promise was to "make him a father of many nations and in Isaac shall thy seed be called". Satan himself always knew Abraham would obey ... IF ... he thought God was talking to him! The objective of this scheme was really to destroy Isaac so the "promise" would fail ...not really to "test" Abraham. Isaac was to inherit the "promise", one of its clauses ... to possess the gate (verbal mode of entry, Psalm 141:3) of their enemy (Satan)". So Satan was really looking out for his own "control -over-man" interests! He does it through "hearing", which comes by way of speech! NOW ... God did not tempt Abraham, but as it was in Job's case, God said, "Behold, he is in thine hand"... Job 2:6. So no matter how Satan speaks to slide the blame on God in some way, he is always the perpetrator and doer of evil temptations. God does not tempt men with evil, but He as a Teacher will allow the "do-evil" (devil) to try our faith from time to time. Do you know "mammon" or the love of money is a ridiculous molehill to stumble over?! How many devils do you suppose are laughing at preachers and accusing them in Court of "greed and fraud" before the JUDGE? If you could only hear what Heaven has to hear every Sunday coming from devils! But God does not love David, or Solomon, or Balaam, or Moses, or the two thieves on the cross, nor Jesus "better" than He loves these thieves in churches, the "prodigal preachers" wearing Judas-shoes, John 17:20-23. You see, Jesus prayed for (not against) "money grubbers" too, that they also might be saved. Devils crucify thieves, too, on their own personal crosses!

When God conferred upon Abraham the title-role of "father of many nations", it symbolized the glory of God, who is the Father of ALL NATIONS! Psalm 82:6-8,87; Matthew 23:9; Acts 17:24-28. Every promise and behavior of Abraham in his prophetic acting-role was a revelation of some glory or reference to the Father. So the would-be attempt to burn Isaac tells you something about the Father's nature. SATAN HAS ATTEMPTED TO TEMPT GOD ... to burn all His sons and daughters whom He loves with an "everlasting LOVE"! Jeremiah 31:3. BUT ... as we can see in the case with Isaac ... "God shall provide Him a sheep"! "Such a thought (of burning any of the children) never entered the Father's heart", Jeremiah 7:31, 19:5. Now ... we know the origin and source of the thought of sacrificing sons and daughters as burnt offerings ... regardless of religion ... and who's heart it came from! There is a short, naked, midget, a mechanical-robot and imitation "spirit", a "tempter" called Lucifer, Satan, prince Mastema, the Dragon, Leviathan, the Beast, the Serpent, Baal, and many other aliases. Burning up God's children in any scheme, for any reason is Satan's will, or "HOG SWILL". When Elijah burned up the soldiers who came to take him, the purpose was to cast out their controlling demons! So when the disciples were prompted by devils to cite Elijah's act written in the scriptures as a basis for burning a city, Jesus was quick to let them know "devils" were leading their minds! Luke 9:51-56. This is the source and origin of ALL DOCTRINES regardless of nation or culture which practice human sacrifices or consign human beings to eternal death in the lake of fire! We will emphasize it again: "Such a thought never entered your Father's heart"! Such a lying judgment doctrine is "SWILL" straight from Satan's heart! He hates Isaiah 14:12,21-22. But I love it! For the "so-called sinners among men" is Isaiah 25:6-8; Malachi 3:6,17, and Revelation 15:4. ALL MEN will be spared as if they were obedient servants all the time! You see, GOD'S "LOVE is stronger than death and His jealousy" over the children's affection that we are not giving Him properly because of demonic trickery ... "is more cruel than the grave", Song of Solomon 8:6-8. Therefore devils will be rewarded every bit of Isaiah 14:21-22, and Enoch 68:4,5. They will all burn to nothing --- without a trace left! Psalm 37:10; Isaiah 41:11-12. They will get no memorial in our minds even though we have photographic memories as angels! God will totally erase the memory of devils, this earth and "wilderness of sin", and the history of man on earth from His mind and our minds. That is the magnitude of God's brand of wrath!! There is none like it!

If you think tempting Abraham, Job, David, Solomon, and Jesus was "bad", wait until you get the rest of the Court's analysis. Every single human being is a "cell", a part of God Himself! Not one man born in a womb is insignificant or unimportant to God. "Inasmuch as the devil tempted the least of God's children, he did it unto Him"! If devils tempt any man in a malicious scheme with the intent of hurting and destroying him in some way in the long run or the short run ... they are tempting God! If they want to burn up the least of God's offsprings in a "sacrifice" in some weird religion, or a fiery furnace, or a burning home in your city, or in the lake of fire and brimstone ... then they want to burn up God! Satan would like to "burn up" God because God plans to "burn up" him and his progeny! I laugh at them! HA! HA! HA! YOU might think ... "John, you are going to get devils mad at you!" Do you think I care about how angry and hurt devils are?! I would personally burn them myself ahead of time ... IF... God would let me have His power for one minute! He knows that! So He keeps His power to Himself!

In Isaac Shall Thy Seed Be Called

Isaac symbolized all the seed of God bodily in his role or the full number of children God created at the beginning. ALL THE SEED OF GOD is every human being who has come and who is yet to come to this earth. Our massive numbers are like the stars and the grains of sand on the seashore. We cannot be counted by man or angel. Jesus (his cells) represented "bodily" all the offsprings of God "collectively"! Jesus was a walking parable. Just as the promises made to Abraham were inherited by Isaac, even so the seed of God was inherited in and by Jesus, Psalm 2:6-8, 94:14. Therefore it is written that WE ALL (mankind in general--not just believers in the various churches with their false doctrines) ARE MEMBERS of his body, Hosea 1:10; 1 Corinthians 12:12-27; Ephesians 5:30; Hebrews 2:6-7,14. Because Jesus' body was a symbol for all mankind--- it had to be crucified--- because that is what devils had been doing to mankind starting with the major abuse of Cain and Abel. By stating this I do not minimize the treachery against Adam and Eve. But this is the first record of the physical destruction of the body of one of the children. Devils do not care how they accomplish human destruction. Stones, sticks, knives, spears, poisons, bombs, bullets, germs, animals, abortions, automobiles, and moving machinery have all been used wittingly and "accidentally" to get the job done. Babylon has the dishonor of being named by the Court as the cause of demonic destruction and crucifixion of God's BODY of mankind, Revelation 18:24. Devils have tried hard to destroy all the seed of God in every generation. War has been a favorite means by which the most vicious and hateful devils have accomplished man's destruction. Even so God takes advantage of devils' extreme hatred to make "slaves" of them His way! They become "hewers of wood and cutters of stone" (all spiritual) as He builds up His Spirit "house" (US) in Heaven. Every human "prefabricated" stone and timber must PASS OVER to heaven from the stone quarries and forests of this earth. From what God told Ezra, "the beast" must help Him bring about the end of His TIMES (children) on the earth-stage! II Esdras 11:39. And he does this as a "slave", God's style! John 12:24. Enoch saw this as "killing the sheep!" Enoch 89:59-65.

Let us continue with the theme that ALL HUMANITY (THE SEED OF GOD AND THE WOMAN OF Revelation 12) was represented collectively as ALL THE CELLS OF JESUS' BODY ... since all the children are individual CELLS OF THE FATHER'S SPIRIT SUBSTANCE. The temptation of Jesus recorded in Matthew 4 is also the temptation of God. Expanding this concept to its most infinite degree, the temptation of Jesus is also the temptation of his "cells" (all humanity). As individual men divided in love from God and one another, (a house divided against itself) we all fell to the dragon as Adam fell. But Christ became the righteousness of us all! He withstood temptation from the devil all his earthly life. Therefore as cells IN JESUS' BODY UNITED TOGETHER and undivided (a house joined together) in love and obedience to God, ALL MEN WITHSTOOD TEMPTATION from the devil IN JESUS!! Jesus became "the Lord our righteousness" exactly as it is written in Jeremiah 23:5,6, and Romans 5:17-19. Every man who ever was in a womb was symbolically "present" as a CELL in Jesus body, because all the generations of human beings collectively composed Jesus' body. HE WITHSTOOD THE DEVIL FOR EACH OF US! In our COURT, we recognize YOU in Jesus. The JUDGE sees you in Jesus! So in Moses' days regardless of the numerous sins and failures of the Israelites, the Judge announced through Balaam regarding them, "He hath not beheld iniquity in Jacob, neither hath He seen perverseness in Israel", Nunbers 23:21. Keep in mind that the 12 tribes of Israel symbolized in role-play the 12 Orders of all God's children ... again ALL humanity. Pick any man or woman from history or today. That person has righteousness through the work of Jesus. This is God's righteousness! Isaiah 45:24-25, 51:5-6, 54:17. He made Jesus the personification of righteousness for each individual child sent down. Because of this, every "Accuser of the brethren" has a big problem whether he is a demon or a "Judas-lip" preacher wearing Judas-shoes, Proverbs 30:10; Isaiah 29:20-21; Revelation 12:10. Judas-preachers are "lawyers" and devils' advocates. They are prosecuting attorneys in churches "speaking like the Dragon" in the Outer Court ... who would destroy JESUS' BODY CELL-MEMBERS, Luke 11:46-52; Revelation 13:11. Since this earth is the Outer Court, just imagine HOW ABSURD PREACHERS LOOK TO THE JUDGE and the HEAVENLY INNER COURT as they preach most of humanity into a would-be damnation with devils ... using "legalistic law" violations as a basis!! THE JUDGE HIMSELF SENT GRACE-JESUS TO THE OUTER COURT TO BE HIS SIGN OF MANKIND'S PARDON AND TO ALSO "WAIVE" THE LAW AS A JUDGE! "The Judge hath not beheld any iniquity in His "supplanters" (mankind), neither hath HE seen perverseness in the "princes of God" (all men), Numbers 23:21. So if you preach condemnation and death of men even though Jesus "did away with it" because it is popular, accepted, and expected by "spiritually dead" men and slumbering "churchy" virgins ... then you have a major problem with the JUDGE and the Heavenly Court in this JUDGMENT HOUR! Matthew 25:1-13; 2 Corinthians 3:6-12. Judas-lip "preacher- lawyers" can be found using Malachi 3:8-10 (a dead -horse) as a basis to "twist arms" for money every Sunday, and on religious TV and radio broadcasts everyday they fail to keep Matthew 10:8-10 in the middle of the Outer Court floor! They present to the Court a case where "the pot accuses the kettle of being black"! You see why God rejects earthly church worship! Joel 1:6-7,9,13; John 4:22-24; Romans 8:5-8. To worship God rightly Judas-preachers and churchmen must leave spiritual Egypt (this world) and Pharaoh (Satan) as spirits.

"God Will Provide Him a Sheep"

I know many of you might think that Isaac as Abraham's beloved son represented Jesus. In a way he did since both symbolized bodily the "holy seed", ALL God's children He created. In the temptation scene Isaac actually represented ALL MANKIND and Jesus was the "ram caught in a bush" ... the substitute that Abraham prophetically told Isaac "God will provide". Let us go back to the trial episode. In the scene Isaac is tied up and laid on the wood. Abraham raises his hand with a knife in it and the angel of God halts him. The substitute is observed caught by the horns in a bush. We know something about "bushes". Men are called "trees of righteousness", Isaiah 61:3. A bush symbolizes an humble man of flesh. Thus Moses met the Holy Ghost as a fire in a bush... soon to light him up and he would become that burning bush before Pharaoh. In this act we have a revelation of Jesus' substitution for (Isaac) ALL THE SEED OF GOD as the Lamb of God ... to be slain because of an act of temptation against God by a mad, vicious devil seeking to harm God and His FAMILY by any means. So Abraham took the ram and sacrificed it to God as an offering. This means that the Father of ALL NATIONS took Jesus and sacrificed him! Notice that this sacrifice is not for some "sin" that either Isaac or Abraham had committed. This was a love "test" contrived by the devil to affront God and discredit Him and to harm both Abraham and Isaac. THIS IS WHAT THE TRIAL AND DEATH OF MEN ON EARTH IS ALL ABOUT! It is a LOVE-TEST ... to see if God LOVES His children under any and all circumstances "above all else" as in our HEADLINE. This is the TEMPTATION OF GOD contrived by the devil with the hope of causing the destruction of ALL GOD'S SEED since God has promised to burn his entire family of demons with fire. In this way they tried to "render God a recompense" for His actions! Joel 3:1-7. Like Isaac, Jesus was obedient and willingly allowed himself to be crucified. To some, he wittingly committed suicide. But he became the "Lamb of God slain from the foundation of the earth" (Revelation 13:8) starting with his first "cell", Abel. Now you know the origin of the "burning test" regarding the entire number of GOD'S BODY CELLS that no man can count, Isaiah 43:1-2, 48:10. Satan tempted God! ... to see if HE LOVED HIS SONS "ABOVE ALL ELSE"! (But oh! ... did he ever find out!) Thus Adam became the first "cell" of the Lamb's BODY to get "burnt" by the fiery wrath of the Dragon in the Garden of Eden. Adam and Abel "seemed" to disappear in death and their bodies rotted away to the joy of the Dragon. What a "test" of God's LOVE!! "LOVE is stronger than death, and God's "jealousy (a "need" for our love) is more cruel than the grave", Song of Solomon 8:6-8, Isaiah 25:6-8, 26:19; Hosea 13:14. I say Adam "appeared" to disappear (die), but we know a mystery the "tempter" did not know at that time. We know a secret about rams and fires in bushes! Jesus told it! Luke 20:37-38. We know something about the power and steadfastness of GOD'S LOVE "everlasting"! Although He hates sin exceedingly, He has proven to devils that HE LOVES HIS CHILDREN "ABOVE ALL ELSE"! Psalm 50:16-21; Romans 8:38-39. No "test" or temptation of God by the Dragon with the veiled intent of forcing God to destroy any one of His children has worked. Did the temptation with Hitler work?! Did the temptation with Jeffrey Dahmer, the Milwaukee serial killer, work?! Did the temptation' with Idi Amin of Uganda or Pharaoh in Egypt work?! Is there any grossly treacherous act that men are involved in or have been involved in which has destroyed God's LOVE so that the devil is successful in forcing God to destroy any one of His offsprings?! THAT LAMB, the one Abraham burned symbolically on an altar says, "NO"!! Psalm 2:6-8, 94:14; Ezekiel 34:31; Matthew 18:11-14; John 6:39, 10:29. Why is it that the sermons by Judas-preachers, the betrayers of Jesus' BODY, ARE SO DRASTICALLY DIFFERENT regarding the fate of most human beings? They are soothsayers for the "Tempter" who challenged God concerning the well-being of the BODY- SON-SEED (Isaac) in an attempt to hurt (Abraham) Him! Nothing--- no test, no trial, no contrived act or bizarre behavior men participated in throughout the generations has worked! But Judas-preachers get paid for "comforting devils" with a vain and fictitious defeat of God and His FAMILY in their judgment doctrines, Isaiah 30:8-11. They are COMFORTERS FOR DEVILS who await their execution very shortly.

Abraham "Loved the Lord Above ALL Else"

Abraham kept the First Great Commandment, Matthew 22:36-38. He also complied with his "whole-soul duty", Ecclesiastes 12:13-14. Turning the keys and analyzing the symbolism, we find the Father of ALL NATIONS loved "Himself" above all else. But devils were not aware of "what is man that thou art mindful of him?" Hebrews 2:6-7. (Had they taken time to check Secrets 30:8-12 they could have found out). They did not know that God took tiny pieces of His immortal spirit substance from Himself and molded each infant spirit as a "cell", a little replica of Himself and His Wife! MAN IS GOD'S SECOND "BODY-SELF". Therefore the Second Great Commandment God made equal to the First one in recognition of that fact, Matthew 22:39-40. If you are ignorant about the origin of man and just "how" God created him, you may be stupid enough to challenge God over any man or ALL men as the devil did! So God kept faith with Himself (His "Second" BODY of ALL HUMANITY) despite devils' temptations against Him and US throughout all TIMES! He accepted the challenge. He did "sacrifice men" to the fiery darts of devils in all generations ...but He sacrificed them as offerings to Himself! He has quietly and calmly collected every "spirit" whom He "called" from the clay of Egypt and caused them to PASS OVER from earth to Heaven at the point of death. Now they are a very angry assembly of angels and virtues comprising the Heavenly Hosts, Hebrews 12:22-24; Revelation 6:9-11, 7:9-17. God has proven to prince Mastema that HE DOES LOVE HIS SON-BODY "ABOVE ALL ELSE"!! So He did accept the challenge to prove His LOVE for US! 2 Esdrasas 8:47. And He sacrificed us to Satanic fires (wrath) in the process, Ephesians 6:16. OBSERVE SHREWDLY AND WISELY; go back to the original scene with Isaac: THIS WAS NOT BECAUSE OF ANY SINS WE DID!! ("Sin is a demon", Genesis 4:5-7,NEB). This "exercise in vanity" that men undergo (Romans 8:18-22) is really SATAN'S "TEST" OF GOD'S LOVE!! The Heavenly Hosts know they were redeemed from among men, and they are not ashamed to sing about it! Revelation 5:9-13, 6:9-11. NOW ...a question for you demons out there: "What did you gain from a deceitful challenge of God and tempting Him regarding His offsprings?! He did not "lose" one... No!... not one!! God's hatred of evil is not greater than His love for His SECOND BODY! HE LOVES HIMSELF (US) "ABOVE ALL ELSE"! No man is "lost" or damned and none can be. Devils have procured a Court guarantee for all their efforts that they will still be "burned" ---terminated--- erased by fire on schedule and on time for tempting God and hurting His FAMILY!


"What is man that thou art mindful of him and the son of man that thou visitest him"? Surely that is a question coming from one who is ignorant about the creation! But it is dangerous to mess around with and try to harm God's creations --- no matter what your ulterior motive is! It was stupid to challenge God and worse yet to disobey Him while they had eternity in Heaven. But Satan and Babylon and their firstborn children did all those things. They committed crimes above; Wisdom had them kicked out; and the Judge condemned them to the pit of torment until their execution. To delay that terrible execution, to prolong its stay, and to destroy God's household in reprisal for their sentence, Satan and Babylon came up with a scheme. They TEMPTED GOD regarding man, HIS SON! They knew God hated their behavior and it resulted in their condemnation for extermination. SO.. if they could get God's children to behave like them, they presumed that He would be forced to destroy them in the same way. Thus they came up with this LOVE-TEST, a scheme to TEMPT GOD in hope of achieving their goal, to hurt God and His FAMILY. God revealed all this in the scene and act with Abraham, Isaac, and prince Mastema (the devil). But Jesus said in Court, "Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God"! And Mother Wisdom said, "Accuse not a servant to his master". But devils did not learn and use these "gems" of Wisdom. Now they have failed before the very spirits they hoped to damn when they lived as men on earth, Isaiah 14:16-17; Malachi 3:18; Hebrews 12:1; II Esdras 7:78,(79 is a man's possessing devils who get cast out when he dies), 93, Revelation 6:9-11. Devils forced God to "prove" HIS LOVE: that He loves His sons above all else ... even more than His extreme hatred of sin (demonic behavior). God revealed His devotion to US prophetically with Abraham and Isaac, and by His act with Jesus. But at all times when men died in every generation "He called his sons as spirits out of Egypt" as Moses revealed at the "bush", Luke 16:22-26, 17:34-37, 20:37-38. Neither devils nor men knew this, but God revealed it to certain "key" priests on earth chosen personally by Him. Enoch, Isaiah, Hosea, Solomon, John, Paul, and Jesus are a "few" special priests who "carried" WORDS revealing what was really happening at "sacrifice time". However as Jesus said, "they would not believe it even if one rose from the dead (himself) to declare it", Luke 16:29-31; Acts 13:41. Neither hatred nor unbelief by devils or faithless Judas-preachers can change God's LOVE nor deflect the reaping process. All cash paid to human "hirelings" to "soothsay" devils, that they have succeeded in causing the eternal destruction of most of God's offsprings, has been a waste of words and money. Jesus died for the salvation of thieving, lying preachers also! Ask the two thieves crucified with him. Both are "upstairs"! You see... GOD IS LOVE! HE HAS PROVEN IT!

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