The Tree of Life

HEADLINE: "THE MAN IS BECOME AS ONE OF US ... now lest he put forth his hand and take also of the tree of life, and eat and live forever: ... he placed at the east of the Garden of Eden Cherubims and a flaming sword which turned every way to keep the way of the tree of life"...."And on either side of the river there was the tree of life which bare twelve MANner of fruits, and yielded HER fruit every month and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations...Blessed are they that do His Commandments that they might have RIGHT to the Tree of Life and may enter in through the gates into the City," Genesis 3:22,24; Revelation 22:2,14.

All of you have heard of a "family tree". In the last letter we learned that all humanity in all generations are FAMILY. We are generations of children of the LIVING ONE. The whole innumerable collection of us form GOD'S TREE OF LIFE ... as a "FAMILY TREE". From our HEADLINE we see that sin (demons) caused man to be deprived of eating fruit from the tree of life. The Archangels baring the fiery WORDS (S-WORD) of God keep the way (how to) get to it. This TREE OF LIFE in the sense we will now discuss, is a single individual, a female. It is an allegoric symbol representing your Mother--"Wisdom", Proverbs 3:13,18-19. Therefore, we have underlined HER in our HEADLINE to stress this meaning in comparison to our first view of the "FAMILY TREE" as a TREE OF LIFE. Mother brought forth twelve ORDERS of sons and daughters as real spiritual living FRUIT OF HER WOMB in the beginning. This was revealed as "ADOIL" in Secrets XXV, the Mother of the "children of light," Matthew 5:14; I Thessalonians 5:5, Genesis 1:14-18. God is called the "Father of lights," James 1:17. In Isaiah it is revealed that Mother brought forth all Her children in ONE DAY, a reference for our Father, the Ancient of Days, Isaiah 66:7-10; Daniel 7:9. The word, "DAYS", refers to US as spirit sons and daughters as paired units of TIME!

In another sense of FRUIT from the tree of life, let us consider the fruit that can be eaten. In the HEADLINE we see that Adam was prevented from eating of this tree because of evil spirits warring in his mind. In Proverbs 12:14 it is written, "A man shall be satisfied with good by the FRUIT OF HIS MOUTH". And God said, "I create the FRUIT OF THE LIPS: Peace, peace to him that is far off, and to him that is near, saith the Lord; and I will heal him," Isaiah 57:19. This PEACE that Eli Jah is pushing is LOVE FOR HIS FAMILY. Those "far off" from God are human "sinners" in the language of the churches, and those near are the so-called "Christians" among men. Notice that we are saying GOD'S LOVE... not man's love, nor your church's love, neither your preacher's love.... all of which "come short of glory," Romans 3:23; II Esdras 8:47. The leaves of the TREE OF LIFE have the duty of healing the nations as fast as they rise up as "daily sacrifices," Revelation 5:9-10, 7:9. So it is WORDS that Adam was deprived of hearing words from his "Mother". She would have told him that he is an immortal spirit temporarily stuck in clay and capable of shining with the beauty and brightness of the SUN (SON), Daniel 12:1-3. To eat this fruit of WISDOM is to hear and learn words of our immortality-- that we as living spirits can never die, Proverbs 8:6-35. This is what Adam did not learn in this life because his spiritual ears became open to the voices of devils as they passed on to him knowledge of evil (thoughts, mental pictures, voices, and dreams). Mother will not tell us Her secrets unless we are obedient to our Father. The Archangels "keep" the WORDS (SWORD) OF FIRE scrambled in all scriptural writings. They will teach (serve the fruit) of the TREE OF LIFE only at God's command, Daniel 9:20, 10:21.

"Wisdom" sent Her daughters the Virtues or Virgins of Heaven as "conscience" voices to knock on the doors of men's minds, Proverbs 9:1-6. These Virgins are "mother-like" warriors who would love to do battle against demonic voices teaching us evil in our minds, Song of Solomon 6:4-6. But they are commanded by the Father not to stir nor awake men until they (we) become willing ("until they please"), Song of Solomon 2:7. All men are the "beloved" of God, John 3:16-17. God looked down from heaven to see if any human being had learned enough to be "worthy" to eat from the TREE OF LIFE, but He found "no man", Psalm 14:24. So He sent down JESUS, a piece of living FRUIT from the tree of life, an Apple, Isaiah 59:16,17. The apple symbolizes the message of "SONSHIP" because Rachel offered two "MANdrakes" (apples) to God and He rewarded her with two sons, Joseph and Benjamin, Genesis 30:14-16; Testament of Issachar 1:4-23, Lost Books of the Bible. In the Song of Solomon, one bearing the news of sonship is described as an apple tree, and the WORDS OF COMFORT desired is the message that ALL MEN ARE SONS OF GOD! Song of Solomon 2:3-5. This "messenger of sonship" is called the "beloved" throughout this book. He is identified as Jesus. The Father Himself identified him as such in the transfiguration scene saying, "this is my BELOVED son in whom I am well pleased," Matthew 17:5. All humanity in all generations are commanded to "hear ye him"! ....or to regard the WORD of Jesus and exalt it over all others -no matter who spoke or wrote them... because all others "know in part", I Corinthians 13:8-12, John 3:34-35. Jesus passed out APPLES from the Tree of Life. One apple is Matthew 23:9. The Holy Spirit also dropped down apples in Acts 17:24-28. So the "apple of God's eye" means the son He is watching. All those who really ate Jesus...learned that they are IMMORTAL. As Jesus put it, those who ate his flesh and blood or those who drank his water would live forever and never die as living spirits (the flesh dies) ...sons of God. But one must believe the WORDS of Jesus in order to digest them mentally! John 4:14, 6:51, 11:25-26. Those who believe the "GOOD NEWS" message of our sonship and FAMILY "place" at this END-TIME "have put forth their hand and eaten of the tree of life and will live forever," as suggested in our HEADLINE! As Paul put it, the LAST MAN ADAM or the last man abiding in flesh is a quickening spirit, I Corinthians 15:4-5. All those who believe our message are "quick spirits" as opposed to "slow learners" and the "spiritually dead" who cannot learn in this life.

The (BIRTH) Right to the Tree of Life

We have described our whole number of Hosts including those not yet born on earth, God, and Mother Wisdom ....ALL of us together as a FAMILY TREE, a living TREE OF LIFE. In The Book of Life, May 20, 1989, we presented the analogy of our entire FAMILY as a BOOK OF LIFE and a FAMILY ALBUM. God is one cover and Mother Wisdom is one cover. All those who leave the earth or PASS OVER are the LEAVES or pages of these BOOKS. Our very spirit faces make up the "FAMILY ALBUM". Since God desired our WHOLE NUMBER as a FAMILY to be with Him above, and since Wisdom birthed our spirits from the beginning, we have an inherent RIGHT TO THE TREE OF LIFE BY BIRTH, Haggai 2:5-9. Every child has a right to his parents, and his parents have a right to him. Even so, we have a right to God and Wisdom and they have a right to us. Speaking of "left side" and "right side", the left hand is this earth and the right hand allegorically refers to Heaven, I Hermas III:12-l6; Mark 16:19. We have a "right" to hear and obey (eat) our Mother's WORDS (fruit) as Her children. While in this life, most men refuse Her because they are accustomed to hearing and obeying the voices of evil spirits that we have heard since our infancy. We call their thought in-puts "our thoughts", Enoch 42, Wisdom of Solomon 1:39, II Esdras 2:2-4. Jesus witnessed that we had eaten too much fruit from the tree of knowledge mixed with evil. "From the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks"... and "not that which goes in the mouth that defiles the body, but that which comes out" .... demons' thoughts and ideas conjured in their minds and transferred to our heads as "our thoughts", Ezekiel; Matthew 7:17-20, 12:33-37, 15:20-27 20:32,33; Isaiah 28:14-15. The Apostle James did not like the fact that two kinds of fruit come from men's mouths, James chapter 3. He loathed man's predicament. But even as the fruit of a man's lips are his words, the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good mixed with evil are devils' words. The whole kingdom of darkness also is a "family tree". God has given them power to speak through our mouths as Satan did with Peter, Matthew 16:22-23; Revelation 13:5-7. We eat the forbidden fruit by hearing and doing what they say. Evil thoughts cause men to hate, and all who hate are filled with poison fruit from the wrong tree, Proverbs 1:20-23,29-33. So most men cannot exercise their right to hear the voice of Mother Wisdom in this life because of the power of their "badgerskin veil" of devils. Pharaoh refuses to let the children's minds go free as in Pharaoh Won't Let Go, September 19, 1989. Heavenly Watchers are required to remove holds of devils on the minds of those selected to be "vessels for clean use" while in this life, Song of Solomon 5:7, II Timothy 2:20,21, II Corinthians 3:14-16. Mother will reveal Her secrets to qualified" men in this life. The unqualified will refuse scriptural treasures scattered in all the Biblical writings and all the references we use, Matthew 7:6. Most of our brethren eat of the tree of life only when they rise to heaven (the right hand) after dying. Above they exercise their birth right and commune with Mother Wisdom. There they learn of their personal sonship (apples) and the FAMILY, that they are immortal spirits, and that the earthly prelude is only an educational exercise REQUIRED for each offspring. There they participate in the perfection phase of their education in the Feast of the Lord ... or FAMILY REUNION. There God shows them our Mother, Psalm 87... THE TREE OF LIFE.

Healing Leaves

When you consider a tree, its roots are surrounded by soil and its leaves are fixed to branches in the air above the ground. Where this analogy fits our "FAMILY", men bound in clay are the roots of our FAMILY TREE, and the leaves are all those who graduated to heaven as spirits from previous generations. All roots become leaves when they leave this earth. Roots provide nourishment for the tree. They absorb nutrients and water from the soil to feed the leaves. Water comes down from the "clouds of heaven", those angels who send us good instruction, Hebrews 12:1. "Dung" or stool is an excellent source of fertilizer. Dung is waste and this is where demons come in. Where it is written, "the chastisement of our peace was upon him and by his stripes we are healed" in Isaiah 53, Jesus acted in role-play the passion all men suffer. In his clay days he was called the "root of David". By watching the interaction of men below with devils on them, the new students (leaves) learn a vicarious lesson (receive nourishment). They learn why the commands of God are valuable and in our best interests. Concerning the perfection phase of education new daily heavenly arrivers experience, using the parable of the body Paul wrote, "the feeble (earthly) members are necessary," and "they (the new spirit students) without us (earthlings) shall not be made perfect," I Corinthians 12:21-22, Hebrews 11:40. We must be the guinea-pigs by which they learn better behavior. We become good and bad teaching examples for use by their angelic instructors above. Water from angelic clouds plus "catching-hell" from demons (dung) does cause some of us to seek better ways of doing things and better behavior from God. If a man is living a godly life and devils attack him for it, that also proves to the upper audience that they are observing proper behavior because devils hate God's ways. So negative stress against a "good" root-person tends to emphasize "the good" in the minds of the students. Devils rejoice when men do evil. This also tends to emphasize in the students' minds the kinds of works and ways to avoid. This is how they "return to the earth to discern between the wicked and the righteous man and between him that serves God and him that serves him not" from Malachi 3:17-18. So clay-bound roots are very useful to our FAMILY TREE OF LIFE. They help make perfect LEAVES! So if you are doing wrong things down here, God will use you as a negative example to teach someone up there something good. No one wants to be used as a bad example, but we have been warned that the eyes of God are everywhere. When Jesus left this earth, he became "the branch". As a branch he was full of leaves and fruit. He also was likened to an olive (O-LIVE or the -LIVES) tree who pours olive oil, Isaiah 11:1; Zechariah 4:11-14; Revelation 1:12,23. We discovered that oil means scriptural and spiritual reproof or correction, Psalm 141:5. This is a form of healing which all leaves are entrusted to do. Leaves not only nourish the tree by producing food as sugars, but they also shade the grass (people below: Isaiah 41:7) and the flowering plants (people below doing "good" works: Isaiah 41:6). Some plants thrive better away from the direct light of the sun. Leaves (healing spirits) have a soothing, comforting, effective way of helping men as their "good consciences". Up above the LEAVES meet the spirits of men who rise up daily from every nation under heaven. These angels have the duty of explaining to these men what has happened to them and informing them of our FAMILY ONENESS. National and ethnic concerns are vanquished by this knowledge, and brotherly love replaces it. Rivalry among the nations and prejudices are cast aside as demonic filth as they take their places in our upper FAMILY. The instruction of the LEAVES tends to convert these roots into LEAVES. Now the TREE OF LIFE is more than roots, branches, and leaves. Mother bore TWELVE ORDERS of children symbolized in role-play by the twelve tribes of Israel, Deuteronomy 32:8, III Hermas IX:161 -163. Our FAMILY TREE as a tree of life is also very fruitful. We have seen Jesus described as an apple, and as olives in this letter depending on his message (sonship) and his work (reproof or correction). In another letter, Behold the Fig Tree, October 5, 1984, we discussed figs as those who are the love, mercy, forgiveness... the personification of Christ even enduring persecution so all may live. Grapes were discovered to be the message that all men are saved and sin is not ascribed to mankind by the JUDGE. Pomegranates were revealed as those who labor in scripture study and provide overwhelming proofs (many seed-words) concerning the truths God has given us. We even learned about "nuts" ... the ones in the earthly garden who have very hard heads and those to whom it is very difficult to give real light. All those wallowing in sin are described as "nuts" (a bit crazy) for doing so! Every one is a date because we are the "days" of TIME. And there are other fruits. Our FAMILY TREE as a tree of life is more than twelve MANner of fruits. There are pears, bananas, peaches, mangos, cherries, breadfruit, lemons, and we can go on and on. All the fruits of the earth have something to do with qualities about us. "Good works" have been called the fruit of the spirit, Galatians 5:22-23. Joseph was described spiritually as a "fruitful bough by a well whose branches run over a wall," Deuteronomy. He was a man who overcame barriers (walls) because of LOVE to help others. Devils have formed walls around the minds of men in this life. It is a credit to all angels to help the feeble members of the BODY still abiding in the flesh because their success benefits our entire FAMILY. So a FIG (GIF) came down to suffer crucifixion, V, as God's GIF-V to the world to assure us of our salvation. Greater love has no man than to sacrifice his life for the safety and well-being of our FAMILY! God IS LOVE... and charity covers, hides, erases, and forgets ALL sins of men! Those of us who like remembering sins men commit must do likewise and forget the trespasses by others committed against us! Jesus was a "FIG" of For GIveness. We will all do well to be like him in stature! It is noted that our Father is "well pleased" in Jesus! So when YOU start covering, forgiving, forgetting, erasing, and discounting men's sins, and not charging men with sin or ascribing sins to men... and start placing ALL sins on devils (scapegoats) ..."the devil made men do it"... then YOU will be a great judge and a pleasure to God! Romans 7:15-23; II Corinthians 5:19.

The F-ROOTS of the Earth

Clay-bound roots of our FAMILY TREE OF LIFE also bear fruit. We may tend to think of them more as vegetables. But white potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, peanuts, onions, parsnips, garlic, turnips, beets, and rutabagas readily come to mind. Carrots and white potatoes are worth further discussion because carrots have vitamin A which is good for the eyes, and white potatoes have plenty of "eyes". Such persons on earth are very helpful to others with advice and instruction, because they have insight, far sight, and foresight pertaining to the things of this life. Carrots and beets contain sugar. Sweetness is always a great ingredient for peace and hospitality among men. Beets are an excellent source of iron which is good for the blood by promoting the brotherhood and salvation of ALL men. Garlic and onions are seasoning roots. We are all SEA-SONS, Revelation 17:15, but these roots promote harmony by making social contacts between us better. Comedians and teasers can flavor any group-meet wherever they go creating laughter, interest, and fun in the process. Peanuts are a different type of nut. They have a soft shell originally. The shell hardens as it matures and turns dry. The heat of trials can do great things for these men. Trials make them tough and also make them an excellent source of good advice. It is hard to resist the smell of roasted peanuts. Every child who has had it loves peanut butter and jelly. "Butter" refers to wisdom, Isaiah 7:15. Such a peanut "ground up" by many trials has "wisdom" to offer. All God's children love "peanut butter". When you consider the F-ROOTS of the earth, most of them taste better when boiled. "Hot water" means trouble in the American form of English language. So most of these vegetables will be good or better when they suffer the troubles of this life. Trials tend to soften (humble) them. Since men and demons are parabolized as "waters" and "floods", abuse and buffeting by men and devils make these roots better, Revelation 12:15, 17:15. Some pray more and get closer to God and lose their pride (rigid hardness) as a result of boiling in "hot water". Now what if you add SALT to a group of boiling F-ROOTS? A great angelic teacher could prepare an excellent stew or soup for his WATCHing angelic students! Salt is words of change. There are men down here who are also the "salt" (changers) of the earth, Matthew 5:13. An archangel can move his "salt-man" to address a group of these F-ROOTS in a lecture, sermon, or through a mailing list. The reaction of these (HEATHEN) devils increases the "heat" and the student Watchers may eat hot soup (analyze and interpret the whole scene). Lot's wife became a true pillar of salt above as she looked back on this earth as a student Watcher. She learned wisdom and became a source for "change". The good lessons they learn from watching us is called a "vicarious" education or learning experience. A good scriptural example of vicarious learning is how Solomon was instructed by watching in Proverbs 7:6-23. Angels practice what we call "show and tell" here in America. But when God shows us in all our "deeds" on earth, the angelic instructors use Words just like those recorded in the Proverbs text! Our behavior can make us "become a proverb and an instruction" as explained above, Deuteronomy 28:15,37; Ezekiel 5:15. We are "spectacles to men and angels" whether we are good or bad, I Corinthians 4:9; Hebrews 12:1. Proverbs means PROOF VERBS (WORDS) or PROVEN HERBS in the "Chef's" soup or stew. God does fix it where F-ROOTS of the earth may eaten. This is how Mother's cooking school operates. She also has pots and pans down here, Zechariah 14:20-21; II Timothy 2:20-21. The Archangels are master "chefs". One more thing, angelic "horses" above can eat horse radishes of the earth, but if men try it such persons might "burn" our mouths and flare our nostrils. Radishes give horses "spirit"!


The Tree of Life is two and actually three analogies. God Himself is the "tree of life"... not made by hands. But He made the TREE OF LIFE in both senses discussed in this letter. In our first meaning, Mother Wisdom is described as the tree of life in the feminine gender as underlined in our HEADLINE. She produced twelve (12) ORDERS of sons and daughters as the fruit of Her womb. In this sense all Her spirit children are its fruits. In another sense, Her fruit is the WORDS of Her mouth. Adam was deprived or cheated out of hearing our Mother's words because he heard another woman's voice and obeyed her instead. He ate the wrong fruit from the wrong tree and his spiritual ears became "open" to hear the voices of evil in his mind which competed to become the majority of what we call "our thoughts". Mother would have told Adam that he was an immortal spirit temporarily bound in clay gift-wrap. But he did not eat of Her fruit until after death. And so it is with most of humanity in our departed generations. But those who believe the "GOOD NEWS" of our sonship and immortal spirits have eaten of the tree of life in this TIME OF THE END.

In our second sense the TREE OF LIFE is our FAMILY TREE. The leaves are all those generations who left the earth and dwell above. Their job is to heal the nations fast as their spirits rise as "daily sacrifices". Their word ...(FRUIT) ALTARS or changes them as it heals their ignorance and confirms them as ONE in our FAMILY. Many of these new arrivers were previous roots of our FAMILY TREE! While in this life, they were F-ROOTS. They were observed by student Watchers who analyzed their interactions with devils and received a vicarious education at their expense. Great angelic cooks stirred them while trials created "hot water" for them. Mother's cooking school serves a full table for the perfection of all Her LEAVES. Without us feeble earthlings, they shall not be made perfect.

If this letter comes as a surprise to you, it is a surprise to me also. I thought He was done with me in writing to you ... I am not the Boss. But whatever our Father or Mother want you to have from "GOOD NEWS", you shall receive. Since we are all "Family", ALL THINGS ARE YOURS. YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO THE TREE OF LIFE!

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