HEADLINE: "Hear, Enoch, and take in these my words, for not unto my angels have I told my secret, and I have not told them their rise, nor my endless realm, nor have they understood my creating which I tell thee today...And he said, Go thy way Daniel for the words are closed up and sealed until THE TIME OF THE END....But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel when he shall begin to sound, THE MYSTERY OF GOD SHALL BE FINISHED as He hath declared unto His servants the prophets", Secrets of Enoch XXIV:3, Daniel 12:9; Revelation 10:7.

Because God continues to introduce Himself at this TIME OF THE END, we must refine our knowledge of God and the creations. God is OMNISCIENT, OMNIPRESENT, AND OMNIPOTENT. Let us look at these three aspects of God's power, and learn the depth of their affects on our knowledge and understanding of who and what He is as well as what He is doing.


In the beginning there was just God...by Himself. There was no matter, no solid ground, but a directionless void of dark nothingness, which is incomprehensible to us. This was His PRISON and the price He had to pay for being the only existing entity. After billions of years of suffering in that torture and confinement, He thought of a brilliant idea to give Him release, joy, and company. He thought of making a FEMALE counter-part and a FAMILY and providing, a "home" for them (12 Heavens or "worlds"). Extremely careful thought went into to what is now known as the PLAN for making His dream come true. Everything occurring or that has occurred is goal-directed toward making this dream "real". All knowledge comes from or came from His head. He knows all and shares with all created entities small portions of His wisdom and understanding. Satan and Babylon are created tools to provide a contrasting "exercise" in the primary education planned for each FAMILY member. Everything that God hated or considered obnoxious, or felt that He would not like to have done to Him, He programmed into two "robots", male and female android TOOLS! Therefore evil thoughts also had an origin, and those rejected ideas were given form in Satan and Babylon, the progenitors of all the powers of darkness. All devils are replicates of those two. Therefore there is no way anything they think can escape God's scrutiny. All demonic activity is channelled into the fulfillment of God's PLAN. Regarding God's control of the education format, we like to think of Him as the Great Chess-Master seemingly "playing" against Himself with both the light pieces (men on the earth-stage) and the dark pieces or the kingdom of devils. Also as the Great Playwright, each child's role as a "vessel for clean use" or as a "vessel for unclean use" is "prescribed". This was shown to Peter as the clean and unclean animals seen on a sheet in a vision. The various tenets of these roles are "sealed" from us and known only to the Great Playwright. They unfold daily as the various incidents in our daily lives. Since devils are created to supply the negative or "unclean" portions of our scripts, God gives them access to our minds to supply evil thoughts, vain dreams, and to control our negative emotions and acts by brain and central nervous system control. All negative thoughts and ideas will be heard, and all contrary behavior will be accomplished only if they pertain to our "scripts" and only if it is the proper time for that behavior. All the "acts" of each man on his part of the earth-stage must be blended into what has become the daily history of the world. When devils cannot figure out what evils are next for us to experience in our roles, the Playwright may "cue" them by giving us a "strange dream" or giving it to a family member or a friend. When we relate these dreams to one another and devils determine that they did not give the dream, then devils learn what evils they can accomplish next. In man's world these things are called premonitions, forewarnings, or prophecies which do indeed come true. The "good" part of our roles are under the control of "guardian angels" who act as consciences and teachers. They must fight the devils for control of man. The Playwright also controls and directs this part of our scripts. Therefore God controls the amount of "good" we are allowed to hear and the percentage of good behavior we do in our roles. When there is a "good" act we must do coming up in our scripts and we are unaware of it, God Himself may cause us to do it. Both the finite and the infinite details of every man's life-role is under the direction of the Great Playwright. What we call our life history on earth is really a "dream" or thought from God being made into "reality". Therefore we acknowledge God as OMNISCIENT...about everything including His reasons and purposes for creating everything that is made.

Careful control of everything is necessary because God is culturing into us His nature as the Great Teacher. The earthly experience provides the net negative contrasting education required for each child. Earth's surface rests on 12 tectonic plates. This is the equivalent of 12 huge "stages" where men "act". Our daily activities (psychodramas) serve as "food for thought" for the "students" above. The 12 major archangels are principle instructors in "upper" schools. Since the education above is "perfect" (golden), the "bread of heaven" taught by these instructors is served on 12 golden plates in that "holy place". It is the perfect moral lessons taught by these teachers which is "golden" or perfect. The curriculum or didactic subjects for each class and grade level for each generation is always the same. Therefore the experience-"exercises" of men on earth must be repeated constantly. A new student body rises daily. The "acts" of men on earth must also be repeated somewhere daily. On all subjects, the upper students must "watch" them and evaluate them daily. Negative lessons tend to emphasize and enhance our appreciation of good behavior as upper students. For all this to occur in a cohesive and orderly fashion, the Great Teacher must control 3 worlds at once absolutely! He must regulate angelic thought inputs received by men. At the same time, He must provide men with a smorgasbord of His own sensory perceptions such as "feelings", emotions, and sensings as they experience "life". He must also control when and what evil manipulations from devils may be done to men. And it must be done in a timely and orderly manner for each role. From this discussion we see there is an "upper" reason why our Teacher must maintain perfect control of everything. Didactic "psychodramas" must be maintained and continued for the new students above.


When God envisioned creating foundations circumscribed by environments or worlds, He had no basic supply of raw material around someplace from which to create things. There is nothing else but Him! So...He took a bodily form as it pleased Him, and out myriads of lines of force streaming out of Him in all directions, He made and suspends everything we know as "matter" ... the creations ... stars, planets, galaxies of the visible creations, and the invisible creations which human eyes cannot see. God placed His signature with flair on all His works. From the small world of atomic particles to the vastness of the galaxies --- all express His glory. Since these lines of force and their end-products are all connected to Him and are part of Him, HE IS EVERYTHING ... ALL MATTER even though it is "outside" His form. It is as though every atom is some of His power-substance attached to Him by invisible strings of force. God is in-tune with every atomic particle. He can change it into whatever pleases Him.

God's FAMILY is made differently. From His chest area God took some of His spirit substance, whatever it is, and made a female counter-part, the mirror image of His goodness to become His Wife. Together they took small portions of their substance and co-created small duplicates of their glory or "images" in Wisdom's womb. These became the children of the FAMILY .... US! They were placed in God's nursery until time to reveal them on earth in their generations. So God and Wisdom are IN each offspring and it is impossible for any man TO BE otherwise. What we have come to know as "life", the ability to sense with five senses, to think, to have "feelings", emotions, and power to grow ... is a sharing of God's own sensory-perception as we experience life for the first time consciously. WE LIVE IN HIS LIFE! And God must deliver a whole panorama of "feelings", emotions, and sensations to the population of men on earth according to what is prescribed for each man's role. To help in our understanding of this God/man relationship, it is like the brain and the other body members. It is the brain that controls sensations and movements of the body parts; even so "messages" or "sharings" from God control our sensory perceptions. So...when God said, "I will not leave you nor forsake you," He was not being "technical". He cannot get away from us because HE IS US in every way we could not imagine! We are truly His second body as a BODY OF PEOPLE and our true nature is exactly like His. We were made that way from the beginning according to PLAN! Human problems on the earth-stage are a result of the contrast and control of devils due to the powers given to them during the primary kindergarten phase of man's "exercise" course. You may now understand why God said to us through Jesus (a "microphone"), "What you do or do not do to the least of these children you do or do not do unto me". That was not double-talk or poetic phraseology metaphorically expressed. GOD TOLD THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH! Neither man nor devil can guess or presume about the creations, but the CREATOR alone knows why and how He created us. Man and devil have failed in their search to fathom the "what, why, and how" of life and existence. NOW IN THE END God has informed us of who we are by continuing to introduce Himself to us. He has informed us that HE IS ALL that we know and sense as real in the visible world. In addition He is ALL that we cannot see in the heavenly realm. He cannot reveal ALL of Himself without telling us that those we call "men" are really billions of little "cells" of His spirit material in a clay mold (flesh) shaped with a head, arms, torso, and legs and answering to earthly names. When each of us looks into a mirror, we say, "That is me"! All these considerations make it very clear why GOD IS OMNIPRESENT. Not only is all "matter" end-products or extensions of power radiating from Him...part of Him yet "outside" His "form", but with the mind's eye we must LOOK BEYOND THE FLESH OF MEN AND SEE GOD! I see earth's entire population as 5.5-6 billion "cells" of God's spirit material moving around on earth's surface---every one of them "feeling" individual, a "free mortal agent", conscious, intelligent, and having what men call "free-will". So GOD IS SUFFERING and enduring SELF-IMMOLATION OR NON-STOP CRUCIFIXION as He subjects His BODY CELLS on the earth to the treachery of devils so that His upper student BODY may learn "perfect" behavior. This FAMILY EDUCATION PLAN produces a simultaneous "kindergarten exercise" in the first-life phase of existence for one set of children (those on earth) and psychodramas or "food for thought" for another set of graduate students in the Archangels' "altaring" or "perfection" schools. Looking at men from the perspective of the Highest-Creator makes it difficult to see men from dark eyes of ignorance. When I see any man regardless of his degree of ignorance and captivity by devils, I see a "cell" of God in "exercise" who will be amazed when he learns the majesty of his creation and the glory of his heritage. This is the perfect meaning of God's OMNIPRESENCE! He is all matter and man! This is "GOOD NEWS" for man, but can you imagine the astonishment and confoundment these WORDS cause devils?!!


I could end this section quickly by saying bluntly, "ALL POWER COMES FROM AND BELONGS TO GOD". God shares power or loans His power to His created creatures. It is the strength of the elephant, the majesty of the lion, the speed of the cheetah, the swiftness of a flying hawk, the prowess of a shark and the gentleness of a butterfly. Power is in the sun to influence winds, waves, weather, the seasons, and to give warmth and life to plant and animal life. Power is in electricity, light, and radiation. ALL POWER IN THE CREATIONS and the created beings is given by God and derived from God. As we have stated, Satan and Babylon are two created android tools, imitation beings given form to provide a contrasting experience, the direct opposite of God's nature. The family of "robot tools" is invisible to human eyes. And God gave them power over man so that we could experience the contrast to God's love and the opposite of God's nature and our own true nature. Devils' power over man's brain and central nervous system is so extensive in some human stage-roles that the spirit has called these living men "spiritually dead" or "asleep". Men are spiritual "zombies", dead to their true nature and ways, but practicing the opposite and contrasting ways and works of devils. This deception is so insidious and the "conditioning" is so complete that man believes what he calls "human nature" is the way we really are. Devils have done a "psyche" job on our generations so that we actually live like the beasts Peter saw in a vision and we think that being this way is "natural". We accept deception too easily. But this is a credit to the power God gave devils over man's mind. When God wills, He may recall His power given to any entity. We must remember that all life is a dream being made into reality by the power of the Dreamer. We all existed first as an idea in God's head. As thoughts given form and in the case of the creations substance also, we can say we exist or we are real. Now--- just as easily as God can give an idea form, He can also take away that form and/or substance. He may also reclaim any power loaned out. Since the "tools" are temporary entities existing only so long as the first-life phase of a contrast experience is required for the children, when that phase of education is no longer needed, devils will be erased. God will retrieve His power and remove their form and all evil thoughts will cease to exist. God also has power to erase the memory of devils and man's history from the minds of angels even though we have photographic minds in glory! He will erase even these things and it will not be as when one awakens from a bad dream ---but as if it never happened at all! THIS has always been the brilliant (fiery) END of the education scheme according to PLAN. And since God will execute every step of the PLAN with no alterations, we know well why He is called OMNIPOTENT!


Devils have a problem --- failure to KNOW God! The three descriptions of God's powers as Creator-God are "GOOD NEWS" for us concerning our marvellous heritage and birthright according to God's FAMILY PLAN. But for devils who sought to steal His creations, and war against His authority and to possess and destroy His children, this is a nightmare they could never have fathomed or imagined. They have totally failed in our Court in this Judgment Hour! Devils have been too close to God to see Him. They have always been outside of Him and too close to His "cells". Surely they have heard that He is "ALL in ALL"! But they could not comprehend how He could be "everywhere at once". They looked at the creations, awfully vast and brilliant works and their eyes were blinded by the greatness of the splendor. They too asked, "What is man that thou art mindful of him"? But oh the answer! Woe! Woe! Woe to demons because of the answer! God is man walking around as the population of humanity in every generation. Each man is a "cell" of His living spirit material. TIME is running out and devils must prepare to die! Demons! Are you ready?! Ready or not; aware of it or not, the Great Judgment Hour is almost over and the last generation of humanity on earth will soon be removed. You will fall back into the pit; you will be set afire and do a fire dance; you will burn and disappear according to PLAN! So whether all your forces know or do not know these things and whether they believe or do not believe, you have all failed to know God and to see God...even though He is OMNISCIENT, OMNIPRESENT, and OMNIPOTENT. In short He is ALL IN ALL! Praise God!

Glorify God!

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