Headline:Secrets 44 1 The Lord with his hands having created man, in the likeness of his own face, the Lord made him small and great. Whoever reviles the ruler's face, and abhors the Lord's face, has despised 2 the Lord's face, and he who vents anger on any man without injury, the Lord's great anger will 3 cut him down, he who spits on the face of man reproachfully, will be cut down at the Lord's great judgement. 4 Blessed is the man who does not direct his heart with malice against any man, and helps the injured and condemned, and raises the broken 5 down, and shall do charity to the needy, because on the day of the great judgement every weight, every measure and every makeweight will be as in the market, that is to say they are hung on scales and stand in the market, and every one shall learn his own measure, and according to his measure shall take his reward.

You cannot beat God giving no matter how hard you try! In the beginning there was God who gave Himself to make a family, John 15:13. He is Life and from a portion of His Great Body He first created Wisdom from His chest area, Proverbs 8:22-23; Wisdom 7:24-26; Sirach 1:4. Therefore, D E meaning from the R I B means God's B R I D E. Our Mother, Wisdom, is from the rib. The story of Adam and Eve was to teach us the origin of Wisdom. Together God and Wisdom made God's Great Self using a portion of their own body to make each baby spirit, Secrets 30:8-12, Psalm 87; Isaiah 66:8-9; Revelation 12:1-2,5. This then is the Most High meaning of oneness with God that you can receive. Every man is a member of God's Great Body. This is not a parabolic technicality as it is with Jesus. Because every man is part of God's Self, God taught us to love every man as ourselves, Ode 7:7-11. This theme was taught in the Law of Moses, Leviticus 19:18,34. It was also exemplified in Christ who acted the glory of God the Father, John 5:43, 12:49 and I Corinthians 12:27; II Corinthians 5:14. These things were given as talents of wisdom by the Holy Ghost to Paul. Solomon received this same light earlier as a witness before Paul, Ode 17:10-14. Therefore, God's Great Self is His Great Body which consists of all men of flesh and blood. Just as no member of Jesus' body perished, it is the same with his parabolic body of mankind, Psalm 16:9-11, 23:3. A good question to ask is what will God give in exchange for His Soul, Ezekiel 18:4; Matthew 10:26. God gave Jesus in exchange for His Soul of Mankind, Isaiah 53:4-6,10-12; John 1:29, Song of Solomon 8:6,7, Testament of Gad 1:18-25 (LBB).

Where it is written, "I have said ye are gods: and all of you are children of the Most High," Psalm 82:6, God is expressing that we are His Great Body. God made us exactly as He is to the most minute point. As a portion of Himself, we are all the same age as He is, "born in One Day," Isaiah 66:8; Daniel 7:9. God is the Everlasting Day, and every portion of His body is the same age, Deuteronomy 32:18; Isaiah 51:1. Look at Secrets XXV:1-4 where God's belly is Mother Wisdom and the OIL to be ADDED is written in Adam and Eve, Apocalypse of Moses XL:1-3 (p. 151 in Pseudepigrapha), Secrets 22:8,9. It is the oil of God's glorious Word-Power that transforms us into the glory and brightness of the sun, Psalm 104:14-15; Matthew 13:43, "Ye are gods" means WE ARE ONE with God constituting His Body and expresses the strength of His thoughts, Ode 8:17-21, 11:19, 7:13-17, John 17:21-23. If you have delighted in your birthright without despising it and have grasped this concept, then you can understand why Jesus said what we do to others, we do to Him also, Matthew 25:40,45. John by the Holy Ghost said we cannot say we love God truthfully if we do not love (His Body) all our brothers, I John 4:20. The following parable reflects that God's Body is Man, III Hermas VIII:1-4, Numbers 17:5; Psalm 23:4.

Deliberately and cunningly, God divided His thoughts among mankind to test us on the second great commandment, "Love our neighbor as ourself". His object in juggling talents among us is educational and promotes His personality qualities by force of need-conditions, II Baruch 78:3,4, III Hermas IX:161-168, Psalm 127:3; Proverbs 3:18; Revelation 22:2. Mother Wisdom is the Tree of Life; and Her fruit is the children of Her womb consisting of twelve tribes of mankind (princes of God or Israel- Genesis 32:28) which populate the earth, II Esdras 2:14-15. She also gave talents in varying degrees to Her offspring, Sirach 1:9-10,14. The Body must work together in unity and harmony, each member for the benefit of the whole body, I Corinthians 12:13-27. Love, meekness, humility, forgiveness, friendship, hospitality, etc. are the personality qualities of the Father that we should have learned due to our talent deficiencies. For example, by showing friendship and love to an uneducated but gifted mechanic, one lacking that skill could get repairs on his car done free of charge as a gesture of friendship. Having pride and ostracizing the uneducated mechanic are ungodly qualities. Such faulty persons might have to pay to have such work done, James 2:8-9. That example expresses the educational conditions God has promoted by dividing talents. It teaches that we need each other, I Corinthians 12:21. On the spiritual side, God desired to teach us brotherly love and respect by giving "called and elected" men of God certain talents of Wisdom as a gift, Luke 19:12-27; I Corinthians 12:8. To get additional talents- GOD MADE IT A MUST that we exercise the second great commandment in order to receive more talents, Secrets 40:11, Luke 16:1-12; II Esdras 4:35-37. He "time-released" His keys of knowledge starting with Adam, Enoch, the prophets, apostles, and also what you are reading now. Only a mutual respect for all the writers of God will give you opportunity to receive more talents of understanding. It is God's will that you prove yourself worthy by the second great commandment according to His method of educating us. Prayers asking for Wisdom and disdain for God-sent men will not give you Wisdom, Matthew 10:40; I Corinthians 12:7-8. You must respect Enoch, Solomon's other books, Esdras, Baruch, Hermas, etc., if you are to receive their talents. Spite, disrespect, and lies you have been taught against those works have been a satanic device to deprive you from gaining what is rightfully yours, Luke 16:10-12. Satan has made many of your graduates and ministers into Corinthian babes, I Corinthians 3:1-11. If Mark and Barnabas had been "puffed up" for Peter against Paul, they could not have added to their own talents what they had gained from both. If Paul had shown bias against Enoch's works, he could not have gained those talents: Hebrews 12:24 from Enoch 22:5-7, and Romans 8:29-30 from Secrets 23:3-5 (p. 444), 49:2 (p. 460). Paul gained from Esdras with II Corinthians 5:14 from II Esdras 1:29. It is better to trust men known to have had power with God than certain accusers who cannot heal bodies or raise the dead, II Corinthians 11:13-15; Revelation 12:10. We are built upon all works known as the foundation of God's Words, Ephesians 2:20. Since Christ has been parabolized as the Word of God, you despise his body by despising secret works you cannot understand, Psalm 40:7-8, 78:41; John 1:14. Members of the body must have the same care one for the other. Being puffed up one man against another is to be depraved and deprived also. It is written, in Isaiah 29:10-14,18-21. You will do well to get in line with God's system of education and respect His body of writers. There are talents to gain involved. Then you may offer the whole Lamb of God to the Father as Abel did when he was accepted by God, I Samuel 2:30.

Now let us take a look at the importance of each member of God's Body, Mankind and also the individual members of the human body. As we said before, God gave us His glory in part and not the whole glory in this life and staggered talents as an educational device to teach us His Personality qualities we need, II Esdras 7:42(112)-44(114), (50), Ode 22:11,12, Hebrews 12:22-24. Our materialistic needs and our psychological needs are the forces required to promote our spiritual education. Again love, hospitality, kindness, friendship and charity, etc. are the personality qualities that WE MUST ADOPT in order to BE OURSELF, Jeremiah 2:19. Opposing these are devils promoting their characteristics of selfishness, pride, ego-mania, hatred, lies, etc., Testament of Reuben 1:11-32 (LBB), Enoch 94:2. God has allowed both personality qualities to exist side by side so that those who HAVE SENSE (SEE SIN by God's angels) Barnabas XIV:3,4 (LBB) could see that God's ways are superior to Satan's ways, and God's ways lead to desired peace, Joshua 24:15; Judges 2:22. So God has not cast out all devils constituting the nations of Satan's invisible world in order that He might use them inadvertantly and indirectly to help educate us, Testament of Asher 1:3-22 (LBB), Enoch 91:4, 99:2. Look at how God taught Solomon where our two siblings involved were acting the roles of darkness of devils we cannot see, Proverbs 7:6-23. We too can learn vicariously from such accounts in the Bible or in real life. Because God allowed these things and revealed no explanation in James' day, James was perturbed, and he could not see reason in it, James 3:8-14. But God is pleased with the percentage of good we bring forth, but the percentage of dark evils is fully credited to devils, Matthew 13:8-9, Ode 16:15-17, John 9:4; Ephesians 6:12. One example of how these things work on God's Great Body, mankind, should suffice us.

God deliberately distributed His goods such as certain foods, natural resources, necessary bodies of water, and technical know-how in various areas on earth's surface. As a Body of people we were to learn that "the members must have mutual care. The hand cannot do without the foot, and if one member suffers or is honored, it is for the good of the whole Body," I Corinthians 12:15,20-21; II Esdras 4:34. Violence against Central and South American nations would deprive us of coffee and bananas; hatred against African nations would deprive us of their greater abundance of diamonds and uranium; hatred by Russians and Israel and Egypt would deprive them of mutual access to the Gulf of Suez, a vital water route for international trade. Member nations of God's Great Body should love each one as themselves and "bestow the greater honor on the part that lacks," I Corinthians 12:24. If the United States had not let Satan cause them to despise the Chinese, the "acupuncture technique" could have healed certain nerve disorders and aided surgical progress a lot sooner than it has today. Failing to understand why God deliberately distributed His Wisdom to the world in a random fashion, Ode 19:4, Enoch 52:1-5, Wisdom 7:16-22, and failing to love God's way has caused an economic strain on God's Body of nations since nations began to exist, III Hermas IX:161-163, Daniel 4:17, 7:14; Revelation 22:2; II Esdras 15:15-19.

It is easier to see how God's Personality qualities are best. Those without them are mentally ill, deceived, and beside themselves although they may call the opposing qualities "normal" and think of themselves as normal. To God and heaven anything beside God's good qualities are insane and abnormal, John 3:31-33, 8:43-45. As an example, psychologists and most people are deceived and call lust for women "normal" and "healthy," but it is abnormal, and "sin when it is finished brings forth death," Matthew 5:28; James 1:15. So "normal" people according to earthly standards are "dead to God", meaning the Living Personality of God is as if dead, or it is asleep in them, Isaiah 9:2; Matthew 8:8; Romans 7:5; I Corinthians 11:30; Ephesians 2:1-3. One lonely person who cannot keep friends because of a hostile, arrogant, and egocentric personality will change his personality when the loneliness and grief becomes great enough. By taking on God's qualities of friendship, longsuffering, meekness, loving others, even more than self, he receives love, attention, adoration and aid as benefits and a reward for working God's love. Having experienced the two conditions, he is taught that God's Personality qualities are Most Highly Suitable to his emotional well-being, social needs, and physical stability. I have heard it said that some commit suicide because of loneliness since they do not have the personality qualities to make and keep friends. Others may become a recluse or a persona non grata with a hostile and undesirable personality. Freeing us from devils puts us with our RIGHT MIND, I Corinthians 2:12-16, but God has not cast all earthly spirits from us in order to educate us, Luke 8:35-36,38-39, II Baruch, III Baruch I6, I Timothy 1:20, Jubilees 10:4-12,, III Hermas IX:169-176. Very important, Isaiah 10:24-27; Zechariah 2:8.

Not one member of the body is to be taken for granted or lightly abused, Romans 6:12-16. God has allowed various difficulties to happen to the body to teach us that every member He designed is valuable and must be treated as such, Psalm 130:13-16. To teach us to value our members, God even called Christ His right hand and arm to teach us the importance of hands and arms. He allowed the body to experience pain to teach us not to abuse it, III Hermas V:54-59. All this was to prepare us to receive heaven so as not to misuse our immortal body simply because it is indestructible and not subject to pain. Therefore, those who smoke and abuse their mouth and lungs may get lung cancer or emphysema. Those seeing them slowly die in great pain should learn not to abuse their mouth and lungs. Those drinking alcohol may get cirrhosis of the liver and die. Persons who see their wretched decline should learn not to kill their whole body through an overindulgent mouth, belly, and deceived nerves (called "a high"). Hearing complaints from and observing those with missing limbs or loss of sight and hearing should teach us the value of those parts. We should not abuse the feet by walking to rob and steal. The whole body may meet the grave by a policeman's bullet as a result. Sex organs are not for fornication. Therefore, God has allowed venereal diseases, wrathful husbands, shootings, and pregnancies to teach persons violating those members, I Corinthians 15:19. Those failing to learn these things in this life, are taught perfectly in heaven when they die, Isaiah 28:15-18, 54:13; Ezekiel 20:33-38; John 12:24; Hebrews 12:22-24. The rebels in the last text are devils, Matthew 12:43-44; Luke 8:35,38. What devils could do to men by their own powers they have done viciously out of hatred, Job 2:7; Jeremiah 51:35; Luke 8:38-42, 13:11,16; Revelation 13:13-15, 18:24. Those abusing God's Great Self must pay, for we are the eternal parts of His Body resting in the clay, Isaiah 63:9; I Corinthians 3:16-17; II Corinthians 5:1,8. We are not free, mortal agents. We are not at the controls. As the head controls the body, even so God alone dictates the movements of His Body, John 15:5; Acts 17:25-28; II Corinthians 6:16. In a second sense our bodies make God's SOLE or SHOES, Isaiah 66:1. He has power to lay HIS SOUL, down, and He has power to take Himself up, John 10:18. Each one of us is a gift of God from God and to each other, II Baruch 48:15, Psalm 127:3; Jeremiah 2:3; Matthew 12:43-45; Ephesians 5:29-30; I Peter 5:8; Revelation 12:4, 13:14. The preceding scriptures show how God "adjusted weights" allowing HIS SELF (we are really small portions of His Personal Body) to be crucified by devils. In all our afflictions, He truly is afflicted as it is written in Isaiah 63:9. Jesus' death was to teach us what God has been going through in us, Psalm 44:22; Isaiah 53:10, Enoch 69:11. The depth of this truth is MOST HIGH and astounding. Deliberately, God has gained a shocking case against devils to exterminate them. Now what do you think of Lucifer's boast in Isaiah 14:12-14, Secrets 29:4,5. Notice that he was an "outsider" and never was a begotten son born from God's Body, Psalm 50:21-22. And God's Great Body is in order, Ignatius to Trallians II:16 (LBB), Jubilees 1:23-25, John 17:23, Enoch 10:21,22, Testament of Naphthali 1:19-22 (LBB). Only God can make an eye hear, and speak, Eye-see-us or Eye-say-as, Isaiah 43:18-21.

Now get a copy of the NEW TESTAMENT APOCRYPHA, Volume II, by Hennecke, Westminster Press. Look at the Acts of John 97:5 through 101. This whole letter can be summed up in that text. God is wonderful. He caused me to read this AFTER I had finished the letter. Praise God! He deserves it! Even IF YOU members ARE TOES, get a mouth and Praise Him! Ode 6:1-6.

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