Chess, the "Master's" Game

We have stated that God's purpose in sending His children to the earth is to provide them with a negative experience as a first life analogous to His early phase of suffering and imprisonment as He makes us into His likeness, Ecclesiastes 1:13; Romans 8:18-22; II Esdras 7:3-14. The negative experience also serves as a source for comparison and contrast in our education both in this life and in our "perfection" (PERFECT EYE "ON", not "off") when we are removed to Heaven, John 12:24, Malachi 3:17-18; Hebrews 12:22-24. Those below enact the "psychodramas", educational skits which teach them both positive and negative lessons. This is a vicarious education for the student "watchers" above (as eyes) in the classes (wings) of the archangels (teachers), Ezekiel 5:4,15; I Corinthians 4:9. God's PLAN, II Esdras 6:1-6, is to send ALL His children down from Heaven where we were "first born" to the earth "stage" to suffer for a short time and then to return us home for perfection when our tenure on earth is done, Psalm 82:6-8; Ecclesiastes 12:7; II Corinthians 5:1-8. In Psalm 19:1-5 where it speaks of the heavens declaring God's glory, this PLAN is "declared" by the circuit of the sun, an analogy for any SON of God. We arise in this life from a clay womb (eastern horizon); we live our lifetime (traverse the sky); our bodies are buried at death (sundown on western horizon). But that is not the end of the sun because it is rising in another place in the east (man enters Heaven as a spirit at death). This part of the PLAN was enacted before the kingdom of darkness to inform them of His Majesty's purpose in yet another way. "Israel" meaning the sons or princes of God, an analogy for ALL humankind, was chosen to suffer according to their script for a definite time in Egypt. Egyptians acted in role-play the analogy of the kingdom of darkness, while Pharaoh in his role symbolized Satan himself. Moses and Aaron, the deliverers, acted the roles of Christ and the Holy Ghost who must "save" (remove at death) ALL God's children for perfection (higher education and enlightenment), Psalm 87; Isaiah 54:13. In the "real thing" men pass over from earth to Heaven making an exit from their dust (clay body) or "exodus" through their own blood or "Red Sea". The angels (children) above have the duty of leading men below into the "good" portion of their various roles, Psalm 91:11-12. Evil spirits lead men into the negative (wicked) portion of their various roles, Matthew 12:43-45. In the "schoolmaster" analogy, all the children of Israel were delivered from bondage and Egypt, and Israel eventually entered the "promise land," the analogy for Heaven, GOD'S "CASTLE." The Moses-Egypt "stage-act" at that particular time in man's earth history revealed what has been always happening on a grander scale, Ecclesiastes 1:9. IT IS THE LAW OF LIFE (a "law" of God) that each baby spirit in God's nursery is sent down in the flesh as man. He suffers and is then removed for perfection above. This cycle started with Adam's generation and will continue until God completely empties His heavenly nursery of all the baby spirits He created at the very beginning. That done ... then suddenly and dramatically those remaining of the last generation of men will be removed, and the powers of darkness below will be erased by fire (drown in the Red Sea) along with the earth stage, Psalm 37:10; Isaiah 14:12,21-22. Finally even the memory of our negative exercise will be forgotten (erased) and will never again come to mind, Isaiah 54:4, 65:16-19. This PLAN is actively being fulfilled. It started realistically with Abel whether devils and men in their earthly schools (churches, Bible schools, and theological seminaries) have eyes to see or not, and whether or not they are asleep in ignorance or are blind in unbelief. These are the "facts of life." The unbelief of men and devils has no influence on the outcome of the game.

God has not consigned His PLAN to "tedium" and "blasé routine." He has made teaching us a gigantic and fabulous CHESS game. Men on earth act as the "pieces. "There are kings, queens, bishops, horsemen, rooks, and soldiers. There are cooks, doctors, lawyers, preachers, mothers, computer programmers, and field-hands. There are jail inmates, judges, bus drivers, street people, and you name it! There is a time limit to this game. Each "man" is a sun, and each daughter is a "moon" representing one day of spiritual time, Genesis 1:14-16, 22:16-18, 37:9-10. Game-time ends when the last pair of children are sent down and removed. So the deaths of men have a great impact upon the duration of the chess match, Daniel 8:8-12. And the removal of "pieces" from the board has an inherent loss programmed in for God's opponents, Isaiah 25:6-8; Hosea 13:14. The whole earth-stage with men in their various roles forms a super-complex game board, Psalm of Solomon 5:6, Secrets 49:2. God's "seconds" are the angels who must be the consciences, teachers, and leaders of all pieces (white) acting a "good" role, Romans 9:16-24; II Timothy 2:21-22. Satan is the opponent. His "seconds" are all his evil spirits who attack, possess, and control men in the (black) negativeness and wickedness of their roles as black pieces, John 9:24; Romans 7:15-25. Since ALL of His children, regardless of race, creed, color, or national origin in this life are kings and priests, Exodus 19:6, God's purpose is to "castle" each child in our 12-story house (12 -worlds) called Heaven, Revelation 21:14, Secrets 22:1. Satan's purpose as Lucifer stated is to rise up to Heaven and "castle" like the Most High, Isaiah 14:12-14. He thought to do it, if in no other way, "Trojan horse" style rising only slightly above God's grounded stars (men), Matthew 12:43-45. So devils have stuffed themselves inside and on the outside of the bodies of men, whose very bodies have been called in the scriptures, "God's castle," II Corinthians 6:16. And the game commenced in the Garden of Eden with the introduction of two pieces on the game board, namely Adam and Eve. Since that time, each "super-player" has tried to take and remove, or block and nullify the influence of his opponent's pieces, Revelation 12:7, 13:4-7. But as stated earlier, we reiterate that removing men carries an unseen loss factor for devils.

How the game is proceeding in the conscious minds of the "pieces (men) and the opponents (devils) depends upon their degree of wakefulness and visual acuity, Psalm 14:1-5; Matthew 25:1-5. To have a "super-chess" match of this magnitude, it is required that the pieces be distinctive, and totally insulated in their specific roles, Ecclesiastes 3:11-14. So the concerns of each human piece is greatly limited to his role on earth in God's PLAN and scheme of things. So the minds of most men are wrapped up in their own small worlds and spheres of influence. Desensitization of men makes it possible for them to be vulnerable enough to act their negative roles, Romans 8:18-22. Thus devils have been described as "veils" and "blinders" limiting men to their concerns and purposes as much as possible. So man is "natural-minded" and inclined to earthly thoughts and references in contrast to spiritual mindedness and the events occurring in the spiritual realm, Isaiah 55:7-10; I Corinthians 2:14. Therefore each "piece" feels separate and individual and has difficulty relating to all the other pieces. This makes it possible for each man to go his separate way as an individual "chess-piece" moved at the unction of the controlling hand. A farmer's thoughts are mostly about farming, caring for his animals, and making and selling crops for a profit. A musician lives for his music. Playing and writing music are his preoccupation. And so each role goes. But to each of these, other men in their roles may be of minimum or no concern because in each man's mind most men are not his relatives and what happens to them is generally "not my business." Most men do not love other men as they do themselves as Jesus advised us to do. All this facilitates Satan's desire to perpetuate man's inhumanity to man by "divide and conquer" technics because of man's ignorance of his origin, destiny, and relationship to God and his fellowman. By the appearance of things, it seems as if Satan's forces are wreaking a massive defeat on God and his seconds. They seem to be neutralizing and removing all the pieces God sends down. But judging by appearance can be greatly deceiving.

"Castling"... the Objective of the Match

Castling is the desired objective of this game of chess. Satan was in God's "castle" early in the beginning. His wife, Babylon, was there also along with their firstborn offspring. However, they were pariahs and had to be disposed of in God's dungeon until their execution, Secrets 31:3-5. Nevertheless, the joys and delights of the "castle" were so strong in their minds that Lucifer was determined to rise up there again. A challenge ensued over rights, children, and fairness. God took advantage of the situation to use the tussle as a means of educating His children teaching them the "value" of goodness in an imprinting and impressing way. Thus the match was agreed upon and all of God's children must sojourn down to dungeon not only for God's purposes but to give Satan a "fair" chance to "damn" God's house as a matter of revenge, since God damned Satan's whole family. Castling is not Satan's only motive for enjoining God in this chess game. Mankind must suffer as he gets his revenge against God --- because our sensation of pain is a sharing of God's sensory perception. Since we are part of Him, God feels simultaneously with us what we feel. Therefore, by punishing us, devils punish God! Matthew 25:40, Isaiah 63:9.

Why God and Man Can't Lose and Devils Can't Win

In the very beginning God created a "family" to take away His loneliness from being all there is to "existence". He created billions of children in pairs in the image and likeness of Himself and His wife, Mother Wisdom, whom He also made. But teaching them everything, including how to interrelate in social and family harmony, presented a problem. God's solution according to PLAN was to make a robot force of puppets, Isaiah 14:11-12; Ezekiel 28:13-14, who would represent all the negative and unsocial ways of behavior that are undesirable for royalty. By experiencing and observing their vileness, we will greatly appreciate God's ways in due time. That is God's purpose for creating Satan and Babylon, the progenitors of the kingdom of evil spirits, Proverbs 16:4. This is TRUE whether devils and man believe it or not. The only reason they are temporary entities existing now ... is for God's use as tools for our processing and education. God's PLAN has always had the elimination of the negative teaching tools as an objective. To taunt their invisible kingdom, God calls them "the beast that was, and is not, and yet is", Revelation 17:8. The termination of them in a chess match suits God's purposes. Spiritual warfare and house cleaning has become a game. There is absolutely NO WAY one devil can castle. CAST-EL means (stage cast) and "HOSTS" of God (El) for we are His "house". No devil can be the "house of God, His indwelling place. So castling by a member of the invisible kingdom is an absurd thought! The PLAN is to erase them and the "chess board" (the earth) permanently by fire, Matthew 23:33, 25:41. Also, according to PLAN, EVERY CHILD GOD THOUGHT TO CREATE WILL BE CASTLED according to "God's will", Secrets 23:2-5, Matthew 18:14; John 6:39; I Timothy 2:3-6. In the past, ignorance of God's PLAN and purposes caused many devils to think they could "play" God, Ezekiel 28:14-19. But no one and nothing qualifies to match wits with God, or to punish Him, or even to "play" him in a chessmatch. Many devils have learned this the hard way. Men remain the most blind of all, and because of this, devils are able to play with most "pieces" moving according to their will, II Timothy 2:26; Hebrews 2:14-15. But no matter when or in what direction men move, their removal at death indicates "castling", Ecclesiastes 12:7. And by killing men devils have been shortening their time, Jeremiah 51:35; Revelation 18:24.

Historical Documentation of the "Castling" of Man

God left proof of "castling" men from the very beginning. And because He knew devils are proud liars who would hide their defeat even from their future progeny, Revelation 13:4, it was necessary to re-inform them throughout time every now and then. Men would be most seriously affected by demonic misinformation and lies. Therefore God selected certain men to be "lighting rods" both for His messages of blessings and to be objects of demonic wrath. God speaks through these men as microphones and amplifiers to inform both worlds of whatever He pleases. These are wise men and prophets who become targets for demons who willingly use "pieces" under their control to neutralize them. The prophets are God's real "kings" on the chessboard. And the kings of darkness are intensely concerned about defeating them.

1. Adam and Eve were the first to be shown how God would castle the pieces in a vision, the record of which has been squashed and demeaned by the powers of darkness for obvious reason Books of Adam and Eve, Apocalypse of Mosis XLIII:1-3 Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha of O. T. by R. H. Charles, volume II.

2. Later Enoch recorded a more detailed account of God's whole purpose. "Castling" men is a major theme in it. Also in it is the revelation exposing the kingdom of darkness as the object of God's wrath and that God's PLAN is to destroy them in the end, Secrets 23:2-5, Enoch 68:4,5, 10:9,18-22. A very concerted effort was made to pervert and destroy Enoch's writings and, if not that, to malign them so as to limit their use by men as much as possible, Enoch 104:7-13.

3. We have previously mentioned that the whole nation of Israel and Egypt were selected to enact what occurs during the match and how it will end. Key to this wisdom is enlightenment of the code word I-S-R-A-E-L, which means "prince of God". ALL men are princes (sons) of the King of kings and Lord of lords, Matthew 23:9; Hebrews 2:6-7,14, Deuteronomy 32:8, III Hermas IX:162,163.

4. David also published "GOOD NEWS" of the castling of ALL generations of men, Psalm 65:2, 66:4, 82:6-8, 102:18-22, 145:4-13.

5. Isaiah was a mighty prophet given an abundance of keys of light for which he was sawn apart because of warfare with the powers of darkness. One of his "jewels" of light was "good news" of the castling of man at death, Isaiah 25:6-8,2:2,11, 66:14,22,23. Another key he delivered was "news" to the powers of darkness that His Court Decision as Supreme Court Justice is still to erase them after the match, Isaiah 14:12,21-22. This infuriated them so much they had Isaiah "wiped out" for writing it, Isaiah 47.

6. Jesus himself was "THE SIGN" of the castling of men to the kingdom of darkness, Luke 2:14. ALL humanity was represented as the cell members of his body, I Corinthians 12:12-27. And this includes both good and bad men, Matthew 5:43-45,48. He personally informed the kingdom of darkness that He castles men at death, John 6:39,44, 12:24,32, 14:3. The message from this JUDGE to devils, who had been rejoicing at the deaths of men thinking they were defeating us, is that "death is stingless" and an indication of castling, Luke 16:22-26, 17:33-37, 20:37-38, 15:20-24. They accepted the fact that Jesus rose, but they have difficulty believing what happened to Jesus happens to ALL men at death, Luke 16:31; John 17:21-23. Nevertheless, it is written about his work, "O death, where is your sting and O grave, where is your victory," Hosea 13:14.

7. Paul also wrote about "castling" after death, II Corinthians 5:1-8.

8. Finally, in the Revelation the 5th Seal on the "WORD" was unveiled. And guess what the message is regarding DEATH ...MAN IS CASTLED! Revelations 6:9-11, 7:9-15, 5:13.


God has been playing a chess game with vindictive and ignorant demons using them as tools in our education program. They are also the objects of humor for heaven, Psalm 2:4, 37:13, as they try to defeat God. Most men on stage in their generations were unaware that such things are happening. But once castled, they witness the splendor and shrewdness of the Father's playing technics and some even participate in the game as "seconds", II Esdras 7:78,88-98, II . Others interfere with the demonic "seconds" by moving the "pieces" under devils' control in ways contrary their wishes. Mixing humor with the horror takes the sharp edge off the "realness" of our suffering as a family. Since many devils have been witnesses to the works of God throughout time, the overwhelming proof of our castling can only make them grieving but convincing witnesses to their fellows who were not around when God openly displayed the power of His presence, Matthew 13:41-42. Until you rise move with power from square to square, Proverbs 16:9, 20:24; Jeremiah 10:23; John 9:4, until you reach your "castle in the sky," John 14:1-3.

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