Letter to Ben

Dear Ben:

Thank you for your letter and also for your questions. Every question has an answer, and I hope the words I write will answer you sufficiently. God's infinite Wisdom and His judgment have always been beyond man's intellectual capacity and untimely theological guess-work. For generations men have always wanted to know "why". They prayed for the answer before God's scheduled time-release of light, and they found it only when God drew them up to glory from their clay bodies. So each generation succeeded in finding the answer, as Paul put it, "knowing even as I am known face to face" on heaven side, Psalm 145:4,11-13; Isaiah 41:4-5; I Corinthians 13:12. In God's eyesight we are all children and such humility makes room for Him to educate and enlighten our minds. Such simplistic and child-like faith is devoid of demonic callousness that leads to arrogant rejection of truth.

God's reality is beyond the scope and realm of the blinded robot mind. Many devils were born to Satan and Babylon after their fall who have never seen heaven or believed in it or God! Jeremiah 51:47; Revelation 13:14, 17:1-6, 18:2. These corrupt spirits have the power to enchant men's minds, Isaiah 47:1,10,12; Jeremiah 51:17 so that truth bound in God's parables is hidden. The dark VEIL (EVIL) makes God's living parables seem a fantasy. Indeed some of the theological conclusions and surmisings are on the very border of fantasy causing a confused understanding of what God intended. If you rejected some erroneous concepts as you showed from your words to your parents, then you did well! God has been in total command and control of all circumstances and things. He purposefully created Satan, earth, and Eden and the events of this life for reasons we will discuss, Psalms of Solomon V:4-6, Secrets XLIX:4,5. I will not eliminate any erroneous conclusions from your mind. Just compare and contrast God's reasons told to me with what you have been taught, and you must separate the light from darkness. The light has shined in darkness, but you can comprehend it as a child of light. The mystery of God is finished for some in this generation, because it is time, "for there is nothing covered that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known."

Shaking Joshua's spear, Joshua 8:18, we find that "all the world is a stage" and God has been directing a complex play which is both comedy and tragedy in nature, Isaiah 45:6-7. The actors are those in this world in each generation and every man is a star in his own role. This may not be as obvious as in the direct way God caused his major prophets to do strange acts of prophetical significance and revelation. Nevertheless, it is true. Above the stage of this world is the "cloud of witnesses" who rise daily to observe the plots and counter plots as it were by TV as an educational experience, (l) Deuteronomy 28:37; Ezekiel 5:14-15; I Corinthians 4:9, (2) Hebrews 12:1, (3) Malachi 3:6,17-18, (4) Psalm 90:9. So every member of the body of Christ "comes again" or returns (to earth) to discern between "the wicked" (devils) and the righteous man (kind) and between him that serves God (as an actor) and him that serves him not (demons), Isaiah 53:45. Ephraim got an education by God's TV in the real sense after death as a Watcher seated in heaven's balcony, Proverbs 5:3-14; Jeremiah 31:18-19, while Solomon received a vicarious education seated on stage as an earthly eye watching, Proverbs 7:6-23. Now you can answer the question in Isaiah 60:8! They are the "just spirits of men made perfect" being drawn to the Father to become eyes in the wings of the archangels (John 1:32; Hebrews 12:22-24). Each succeeding generation must be taught of God. And eliminating dirt (both clay bodies and demons) is God's first step in drawing up an audience so that all His children may be taught of God, Isaiah 54:13, not by flesh-bound preachers, teachers, and evangelists, but by God. And only "the heavens would dare to declare this glory of God", Psalm 19:1-2, and I am not ashamed to brandish it in the face of our invisible enemies no matter how much they may make men object to it. Using this clue to God's purpose, let us go to Act I in the first chapters of Genesis.

Read Enoch chapter 9 to see who God's first students were being "taught of God", Secrets XXIV:3 (LBB). Thus the stage was set in Eden with its fixtures, the Tree of Life and the tree of knowledge of good and evil, and a garden full in incidental animals. Adam was Cod's first actor, and Eve, the first co-star. All of the controlled circumstances (Psalm 135:6; Isaiah 45:7; Daniel 4:35) Adam found himself in were his role and script from God for the major educational benefit of the archangels who watched. Adam and the men of those days were used deliberately by God for that Higher purpose men of this life have never understood before. The spirit speaking through Paul understood God's work well, but I question the extent of Paul's personal awareness of the light given to him. The important thing is that the light was established and to us (you and I) it is given, John 3:27.

God's word is two edged, and He had more than one purposes in educating His angels and the children drawn up upon dying. The other purpose of God is to torment the first fallen devils as we elaborated in certain letters of the series. "The Man of God vs the Man of Sin," "Why God Allows Things to Continue as They Do", "The Heaven God has for Joe", "Healing is Far Away From Devils Only", etc. God made a mechanical but very highly programmed robot spirit having the power to replicate and having a nature quite the very opposite of His to be used in His process of teaching us of goodness. Pain and impairment to the body were to serve as goads to steer our choices aright in this life. Devils' deception and force were to be allowed to hold the masses in each generation in the wrong choices while in this life. Once freed from this life, men would be taught why they made the wrong choices and why they continued to make them throughout time. To make a long story short, from above in the balcony they would observe devils doing nerve-body-control and mental manipulation and hear God's designated special witness in the flesh testify the truth concerning the nature of the force power God gave devils who promote errors, Amos 3:6-8. For that reason God's Words spoken to Enoch were a timely parabolic education for the angels who never heard them before. Thus prophets elected by God are stars (amplifiers) He speaks through to educate His Watching Hosts being taught whatever portion of His glory intended at that particular time. When written those words serve as seed of light to glisten for any actor God chooses to educate while on stage in any generation. Once men learn God's parameters and reasoning behind mercy they do show it. The extent to which they show it is closely related to the depth of their understanding of God's rationalization.

By creating hard, very temporary and brutal circumstances and delivering men from them, GOD PROMOTED A MAJOR PURPOSE OF ENDEARING AND KNITTING OUR HEARTS TO HIM, Luke 7:41-43. Love is cultured in the heart and God by creating many conditions (taking advantage of the devil's treacherous efforts in spiritual warfare) induced love and love's response in men's hearts. The beginning of brotherly love starts in the family circumstances. Death, sickness, and disease were used to exercise that first step to its greatest depth. The doctrine of fire and brimstone pushed by the dragon only enhanced that first step to dramatic proportions,Romans 5:6-8, 9:13. (This is only one example concerning why I question Paul's understanding of the things the angels spoke through him. My conclusion is that Romans 5:15-19 was given to him for us today)! Thus love education progresses from self to family to familiar friends, to mankind to God and the Heavenly Hosts. Various day to day circumstances on stage are geared to test men's educational progress in each lesson while on stage, Ecclesiastes 1:13. In the balcony there is no indwelling blocking force (demon) so that the just spirits of men are made perfect in love with instantaneous ease. Culturing love is only one of God's many purposes promoted by Act I scene I in Genesis.

Now the angels of heaven were not alone receiving an education. Every new born devil who was to be born in the succeeding generations was to observe their parents forcing men to commit the very crimes which caused God to cast their forefathers out of heaven. The penalty far such a crime was to be continually exaggerated to them as a punitive torment before they are finally exterminated. God used man's clay body to illustrate the nature of punishment devils could look forward to receive. In time devils will be completely dissolved to nothing by fire as the clay houses of men completely dissolved in time after men were removed from them. Those devils not previously condemned were to observe God's "good" actors show them righteous behavior pleasing to God if perchance they would repent from the heart. In addition to that devils were to show the heavenly jury their crimes and confess unwittingly to God's Court as they verbally planned, attempted, and accomplished crimes before God's witnessing Jewry in Heaven. Before these days devils were not aware of their origin that they were not true spirits, but highly programmed spiritual robots incapable of change to be used as "fall guys" for God's purpose of educating His children of goodness and igniting praise and heart deep endearment to God from His children when he delivers each one from the stress of acting and the stage. Children love parents who do things to help them, who show concern for their well being and prove to be a delight. They may be indifferent to parents who show little or no concern for them. God did not desire indifference in any one of His billions of children. Therefore, every child has to face the controlled distress of this earth stage that he might experience the evil in order to greatly appreciate the good that his heart may become knit to God in love when he personally experiences God's deliverance. Thus, sins continue in the masses (II Esdras 8:35-36) that God's forgiveness might make us love Him most, Luke 7:41-42. Jesus agrees, Luke 7:43! Thus God takes advantage of sin and devils to culture and evoke love in our hearts. Praise His shrewdness! His is wiser than a serpent and more harmless than a dove.

Examining the parabolic setting in scene I, we find the whole scheme to be deliberately expressive. Eden in the parabolic sense represented heaven. The tree of Life represented Wisdom, God's Wife and your Mother, Proverbs 3:13-18. The tree of knowledge of good and evil was Babylon, Satan's wife, Matthew 7:16-19; Revelation 17:1-6, 18:2-3. The fruits of those trees are the words and works they teach mankind which are expressed as personality, Galatians 5:16-26. The trees of Eden represented God's angels which included men in His nursery to be born in succeeding designated time sequences, Secrets XXIII:2, XLIV:2 (LBB), John 3:13. Once let down in each generation, the animals in the Garden signified the various states of ignorance which characterized each man's role in their specific acts, Psalm 49:20; Acts 10:9-16,28. This thought amplifies the role of the sun (son) expressed in Secrets XXX:6 (LBB) where the major four archangels are the four beasts, Ezekiel 1:7-10, 10:20; Revelation 4:6-8. Beyond the Paradise of Eden was the rest of the earth which necessarily had to signify hell.

Not to elaborate on details of scene I, let us look at what God accomplished by "the fall". He pulled the love strings in the hearts of His first students who composed many love songs which reached His ears. Thus, He searched their affection toward Himself and their weakened brethren on stage by exercising them in the 1st and 2nd great commandments. They learned the 2nd command is "One" with the 1st, Isaiah 44:6; Matthew 22:37-39; John 17:22-23; I John 4:20. Adam and Eve learned the cost of disobedience and to love and obey God as He showed them mercy and grace. Satan and the fallen devils finally understood the meaning of God's wrath at their stubborn refusal to obey and their willful rebellion and obstinate vindictiveness. In time they would be dissolved to nothing even as Adam's clay house dissolved at the Word of God so that even his bones eventually disappeared.

To have received such an experience of negative vanity on stage is given to every man for the purposes stated earlier as written in II Esdras 1:3-14. By comparing the experiences we were to emanate praise to God and become endeared to Him by His provoking and evoking educational techniques, II Baruch 15:4-6, 19:4-8, 30:2-5, 51:1-15. Thus, the negative experience tends to enhance our appreciation of the positive side in heaven. God will not allow us to take Him or any one of the brethren for granted or become indifferent to him. In the final analysis, we will have His total love attitude and concern for one another as if each man was a part of our own body, I Corinthians 12:12-25. Those ramifications are the things which were accomplished according to God's purpose in Act I, scene I. Now you and I are in the last act and scene where all the mystery is revealed to those whom God chooses. Compare and contrast the things we have written on the Garden conditions with what theologians have taught. Surely, the spirit of God which convinced you of the first truth we wrote you is able to answer all the questions you wrote in your letter to me.

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