Headline :"And the great city was divided into three parts, and the cities of the nations fell: and great Babylon came in remembrance before God to give unto her the cup of the wine of the fierceness of his wrath, Revelation 16:19. "For thus saith the Lord God of Israel unto me, Take the wine cup of this fury at my hand: cause all the nations to whom I send thee to drink it. And they shall drink, and be moved and be mad because of the sword that I will send among them," Jeremiah 25:15-16.

The wrath of God is not for His children (mankind). It is reserved specifically for His age-old enemies, devils or evil spirits. From the very beginning Satan and Babylon were created as robots with natures the very direct opposite of God's nature for teaching purposes. We are taught that they are certainly "robots" by revelations in the prophecies of Isaiah 14:4,11-12,and Ezekiel 28:13, where God tells us they have "pipes, tabrets, and viols" built-in! This is a stinging shock He reserved to reveal directly and purposefully during the judgment hour as a part of His wrath against their arrogant pride. They also have their own type of "flesh," Job 41:1,23,34; Isaiah 27:1. As the parents are, so are the children. Satan has gone from thinking he is a "god" far superior to man to KNOWING that he is very inferior, a non-living, super-sophisticated, fleshy, "teaching tool" to be discarded after use. Pride is a most ungodly quality, and those who possess it are now abased in a mighty great fall. There is only one God, and we are honored that He is OUR Father.

No caring parent will feel kindly disposed to anyone who deliberately abuses his child. And if he willfully kills his child out of spite, an angry parent will be ready to kill that enemy. God loves His children, and He has reserved His astounding anger for our enemies who continually kill us and rejoice about it, Isaiah 47:1,7-8, (notice how Babylon assumes she is a "god" saying. "I am and none else beside me" in verse 8), Revelation 17:6, 18:24, and II Esdras 15:52-56. God is a "spirit" and the spirits of all men are His offsprings. Since He knew the treachery of His two teaching tools whom He planned to use for negative emphasis and contrast in His education method, God sent down ALL His offsprings so "exercised" (Ecclesiastes 1:13) disguised in clay suits (bodies) to cloak our glory and to hide the identity of our spirit. ALL human beings are little pieces of God's glorious and immortal "self". Satan and Babylon resented their loss of property and the heaven where they dwelt. They understood that Adam and Eve were ignorant and weak children of God. And because God planned to terminate them and their offsprings, they devised a scheme against man in which they hoped to "use" God and force Him to destroy His children also. The outcome of all this plotting and countering surprises from God is now known: NO MAN IS LOST OR DAMNED, NOR HAS THAT EVER BEEN A REMOTE POSSIBILITY, Luke 9:51-56, I Timothy 2:3-6. Nevertheless devils thought that God was like them, vindictive, rigid, and inconstant in love, Psalm 50:19-22. GOD IS MAN in that mankind are His spirit "cells" in whom He dwells. Therefore what is done to any man is simultaneously done to Him, Isaiah 63:9; Matthew 25:40. God had these things written just to inform us and devils of our glory and the importance He attaches to man, Hebrews 2:6-7, Zechariah 2:8. Devils have failed to respect God and His glory as He appears in man, II Corinthians 6:16. Devils failed to understand the mystery of death from the beginning. By causing the fall of man through sin, THEY ASSUMED that they were causing God to damn man. God went along with this charade and faked them out with a redemption scheme in Jesus. But from the beginning the spirit of each man dying was quietly redeemed to Him as fast as men died, Ecclesiastes 12:7; Luke 20:37-38. Devils were not aware of this at first, nor could they believe it. It was one of the Father's sealed and patented secrets whose revelation in the end would confound and belittle the boasted wisdom and presumed shrewdness of our gleeful enemies. Although it is written in the prophets, the secret of man's resurrection has been denied and rejected by the powers of darkness. To grieve them, God sent Jesus, an illustration of the passion and glory of man at death, Matthew 23:9; John 17:21-24. Jesus told devils in no uncertain terms that man is raised at death saying, "Moses even revealed it at the burning bush. ...because ALL live to Him"...and for Him, Luke 20:37-38. Jesus seconded this motion in the Revelation showing John an open seal, that the so-called "dead" are in heaven "under the altar" ALIVE, talking, and very angry at the works of devils among men on earth, Revelation 6:9-11. Jesus also admitted that devils and those men whose minds they hold would not believe this even if one (himself) rose up from the dead" to declare it, Luke 16:31.

Death has exposed the very extremes of Satan's wrath. To them, all there was to man is flesh. When it perishes and dissolves, man's consciousness and life disappear into darkness and nothingness, Wisdom 2:2-5. When God told them about a resurrection of man and a permanent annihilation in hell-fire of those finally condemned, causing men to die unrepentant was their hope of pinning on God a permanent loss of ALL His Family. They hoped to accomplish this through craft and by taking advantage of God's WORDS. But when they killed men and mocked and clapped joyfully over our bodies, they were not just mocking man. They were provoking God by failing to honor and respect Him in His "body" of mankind. They showed God exactly what they thought of Him and His Family. If they could destroy and damn them, they would have done so even though man has not done them any harm. (And some men are so ignorant they do not know for sure or even believe devils exist). As they clapped and mocked in ignorance thinking they were destroying God's Family, His wrath grew more and more. Not only is God jealous over our affection, but He is terrible and astounding by the extremes of His wrath. We will describe this later. Devils should not have sneered and cheered over our corpses! They have not shown God their positive value or proven to God their worth or that they merit mercy or deserve to continue is existence. Their actions through the years have only convinced Heaven of the righteousness and justness of God's punishment planned for them, Revelation 15:3-4. And since they are non-living, destroying them is a very easy thing to do.

Devils were cursed to falling in circles (bottomless pit). They discovered that they could break their fall and ease their distress by grabbing hold of men and animals as they fall past. As the population of men and animals increased, devils gradually climbed out of the pit and used the fleshy bodies as seats for rest. One very shocking revelation concerns the size of devils. They have us "imagining" that they are either our size or much bigger. Cloaked in prophetical code-language for use of God's priest is the revelation "telling" on them! Devils are amazingly short in size for the amount of evil in them. Here is "shewbread" by which God has taught me: , where EDOM is a code reference for DEMO-N. God informed me He made devils SMALL! Where we are symbolized as "temple stones", the "clefts of the rock" refer to our body openings and cavities. From this you can see how an unclean spirit can bring seven more wicked than himself to dwell in a man in an effort to overcome him as Jesus testified, Matthew 12:43-45. It may surprise you, but a demon is about 6 inches tall!! ... a very SHORT, naked, little monster!! Check out this revelation about Babylon in Isaiah 47:1-3; Nahum 3:1-6. Devils do not have clothes! There are no little tailors in hell with invisible little sewing machines providing garment service for their billions. God shows His newly risen students all of this when they rise, II Esdras 7:88-93. When we finally see devils falling in circles and frantically clutching the bodies of men and animals, .... God said, "They that see thee (Satan) shall narrowly look upon thee saying, Is this the man that made the earth to tremble, that did shake kingdoms..." Isaiah 14:16. And adding more He says, "They that know thee among the people shall be astonished at thee...," Ezekiel 28:19. You can envision how a great number of "pit-escapees" can cover a man's body like bees on a hive to form a "legion", Luke 8:30. I will say that no man can see naked devils as they are down here. But I see how the scriptural revelations and Jesus' testimony "make a show of them openly triumphing over them in it"! Colossians 2:15. And Jesus is God's faithful and true witness, who could both see and communicate with kingdom of darkness.

Now let us consider something different. Demons "sitting- at-ease" caused God to use the code CITIES to identify them in code terms. A city as we know it is an organized collection of residents. Demonic SIT-EASE are both (1) a large accumulation of devils on a man or animal well as (2) the whole number of devils dwelling on the human beings and animals in any of man's cities. Demonic "cities" fall when the body of flesh dies casting the devils back into their pit-fall. So removing men from this life serves not only to redeem God's child, but also to punish devils for the wickedness they cause in man's world. You recall that MAN is TIME. Each man is a daystar (sun) or one day of spiritual time. The killing of men "shortens" time. Thus car accidents, murders, wars, and fatal diseases are allowed to continue as one method God uses to hasten the end. From this "spiritual" view there is a measure of truth to scientists' belief that man has been on earth for thousands and thousands of years. If today there are 4.5 billion people and half of them men, in terms of "spiritual time" there are 6 million one-hundred and seventy-five thousand "YEARS" walking around down here and waiting to PASS OVER when God calls. No doubt in another 100 years of natural time all 6,175,000 years of men constituting earth's population will be gone to give you an idea of how fast God rolls up TIME. Also man's life-span was originally long. Demonic use and abuse of men has caused God to decrease our years. The 5th Command in essence teaches us to honor the Father so our days would be long on earth. By forcing men in works of sin devils procure God's wrath so that He removes their SEAT (fleshy body) as a matter of punishment just to make them fall, Psalm 2:8-12; Ezekiel 35:10-13; Matthew 11:12. Consider all who have passed over from the beginning. I see a number in heaven like the sands by the seashore and like the stars for multitude! And I know how they got there. Back to our point about the SIT-EASE of Babylon, please understand how God fulfills Revelation 16:19. Lucifer fell, Babylon fell, and their SIT-EASE (children) fall as often as men die, Revelation 18:2, Isaiah 14:12,21-22.

One thing devils hate is the WORD OF GOD Isaiah 30:8-12. As you know they have tried to fix certain areas on earth as strongholds where the word of God cannot abide .... so they can have a measure of respite from not thinking about the reality of their situation and their impending doom. Their hope has been to rule the earth and enjoy the creations while they have time, Wisdom 2:6-24. God has a way of reaching devils in places where radio, TV, and newspapers are non-existent. When God up-lifts a man's spirit and draws it to Him from his body, devils fall out in every direction "through trackless deserts", Wisdom 5:7-14. They could end up anywhere if they are lucky enough to grab a man or animal. Remember the story of Samson tying firebrands to the tails of foxes and sending them through the Philistine fields? Well ... devils have photographic memories, and when God removes a man who knew the truth or who was around someone with it, the angry devils falling out blabber what they learned from God as "news" to their fellows wherever they catch hold. It may be in Russia, China, India, or some remote island. "Good News" is always detrimental to their peace and it seers their minds. And God can direct their fall to any place where He may want to discomfit specific devils, or devils in general. There is no hiding place down here.

Satan, Babylon, their fallen children who were once in heaven, and all their offspring born down here are all here in hell (for them). But past generations of men have all been drawn up to the Father to become the Heavenly Hosts, Isaiah 42:2,4; Hebrews 12:22-24. God has always left proof of His presence with every generation since man's time began on earth, because Satan, Babylon, and their firstborn children deny there is a God to their progeny who never knew God and also to mankind. They may also keep silent refusing to admit that they know of Him and were humiliated and defeated by Him. But God has demonstrated His powerful presence to them and those who know Him among them are still here ..... hiding, yet perfectly willing to blaspheme His name. All those devils who fell during the flood and those who remained perched on Noah's family and the animals in the ark are personally persuaded that there is a God. Those demons who were on Pharaoh and his people and on the Jews Moses delivered are all aware that God is real. Those devils who witnessed Elijah's mighty works especially those who resided on the prophets of Baal are certain that God is a mighty power to contend with. Devils who were on the people in Jesus' day recognized him and who sent him, and they know God is the ALL power. Many millions of devils are witnesses to the reality of the power of God. But they prefer to keep silent about Him or deny Him. Those who in anger admit to His existence prefer to mock Him and resort to cruel words of blasphemy, Ezekiel 35:13; Revelation 13:5-7. Amid all this confusion newborn demons who were not here when God powerfully demonstrated His presence are in a quandary about believing in God. God has also given Satan power from time to time which he has used for deceiving his ignorant progeny and to convince them that he is a god, Revelation 13:13-14. Older devils wanted this type of climate for their offspring and for men so they could exercise and hold them in wickedness and force their will on men. They wanted to "use" them against man and deny their children an opportunity to avoid damnation. They wanted their children condemned with them ... out of sheer jealousy! Ezekiel 32:7-12,16,18,31. The demonic attitude is "If I can't ascend into heaven, no one else will either"! This prescription has caused each generation of demonic parents to conspire against their children that they all might be damned. Such great lying and deception has been a huge stumblingblock for man preventing men in general from learning the real truth in their lifetime on earth. All this angers God! Therefore at set times He fires His WORD at our world through those "few" He selects to be bearers of His truth. And devils who learn it by being on or around God's spiritual Levites carry the painful news to others before and after they fall. This is how "rumors" are spread to vex God's enemies, Jeremiah 51:30-32,46-47, Ezekiel 9:2-7, 10:2. Thus "foxes with live coals on their tails" burn those in hiding with the WORD OF GOD they read or heard. God directs their fall because no devil can hide from Him. He is able to hear their innermost thoughts and gauge the effectiveness of His terror by their fears, Jeremiah 17:9-10, 51:52-58.

God's wrath is so exceedingly intense that it is terrible. As of now devils abide in hunger and thirst and nakedness and have no solid ground to stand on. They pass or "fall" through everything. God takes advantage of their envy and jealousy to torment them by showing them His children enjoying every benefit they lack. Of course this makes them attack us with a vengeance. They climb out of the pit (reincarnate) only to fall back in when a man or animal dies. And falling is a very horrible feeling! From time to time God vexes them through direct mockery, or by launching His WORD at them through ministers. Letters with the real truth are sent to "hot spots" where the "good news" is painfully received. Grieving devils are inclined to tell their fellows what God is up to .... as they weep and gnash their teeth in pain. But their final demise is particularly terrifying. ALL mankind in the last generation will be suddenly removed creating an instant and simultaneous fall for Satan's entire family. God can opt to let this proceed for 1,000 years while burning them from their feet upward. The loudest mournful cry anyone has ever heard will come from them, while they hear the loudest shouts of joy and laughter coming from heaven. And our joy will be twofold, (1) joy that our FAMILY is together at last and we are all safe, and (2) joy that vengeance is being wreaked on those who persecuted us for so long. Worse yet is that devils' extermination will be so complete that not so much as a trace of one devil will remain, nor the place where sin was committed, Psalm 37:10; Isaiah 41:11-12; Revelation 17:8. Devils will have no memorial ... not even in our minds though we will have photographic memories when glorified. God will erase the horror of our earthly experience out of our minds at the proper time, Isaiah 54:4, 65:14,17. Even God will put the memory of sin out of His own mind, Jeremiah 31:34. When I see all the things God is doing and will do to Satan, Babylon, and their family, I understand His name ....HE is TERRIBLE! Psalm 66:3, 76:12, 99:3.

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