HEADLINE: "Their poison is like the poison of a serpent: they are like the deaf adder that stoppeth her ear; which WILL NOT HEARKEN TO THE VOICE OF CHARMERS, CHARMING NEVER SO WISELY" .... "But Pharaoh shall not hearken unto you that I may lay my hand upon Egypt, and bring forth mine armies, and my people the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt by great judgments," Psalm 58:4-5, Exodus 7:4.

In the last letter we gave you a BRIDGE so that the carnally minded could cross into the spirit side to see that ALL MEN IN ALL GENERATIONS ARE "PRINCES OF GOD" (ISRAEL). Setting the scene for this letter, EGYPT is this whole world where mankind is enslaved by demonic "badgerskin veils" which cover our bodies. Out of fear of falling back into "the pit", the worst hell-condition they experience, they prefer to hold on tight to the bodies of men and animals. DEVILS on our bodies are the "EGYPTIANS" of the spirit world, and SATAN himself or Lucifer is PHARAOH. Our bodies are God's temples in a true spiritual sense which have also been described in prophetic language as having a "covering of graven images", Exodus 26:1,14, II Corinthians 6:16, Isaiah 30:22. This is the allegory and description God chose to describe whole-world test conditions experienced by ALL HUMANITY, HIS SONS AND DAUGHTERS.

Each man's personal "covering of graven images" has laid siege against him like the armies did to ancient Israel surrounding city walls in warfare. Previously we explained that God deliberately made this earth as an obstacle course in His teaching PLAN, where all His children are to receive a net-negative "exercise" (Ecclesiastes 1:13) with the good-evil mix as the first phase of our education. It is to be the negative contrast experience. The positive experience for comparison comes in the secondary "PERFECTION" phase of education when we are glorified in the Archangels' ALTAR-ing schools in Heaven (spirit sacrifices burned on Heavenly altar). That is why Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Israel, and Jesus ALL SOJOURNED IN EGYPT and then left it. Spiritual Egypt is our world. Even as Jesus left Egypt so must all his body cell-members of humanity. The ACT of going to and leaving Egypt, therefore, tells the story of our entry and exit from this world. Nothing that has happened down here has been without purpose. As a scientist and teacher, God has been working for the best interests of ALL .... not as you see it and not as I might view it, but as HE (TOTAL UNDERSTANDING) SEES FIT AS CREATOR. Personally, we do not like the negative, painful, and treacherous episodes our generations experience at the hand of Pharaoh and the invisible Egyptians, Ecclesiastes 3:10, Romans 8:18-22, 9:14-26. As a Father and Creator with billions of student-children, God made Satan and Babylon as negative tools to provide the contrast (or acid and alkali in His "test") in His teaching process. Devils are non-living android imitation spirits. They are not "ALIVE"! Although we mock them calling them robots, it is true! God does not lie. Satan was to the Creator like Pinocchio was to Gippetta the carpenter. We are far superior to those midget imitation spirits! Most in our generations were assigned beastly roles to ACT (Psalm 49:20) in this life contrary to our true spirit nature, Acts 10:9-16,28. ALL ISRAEL was therefore GIVEN OVER IN CAPTIVITY TO PHARAOH to illustrate the conditions of ALL MANKIND, Revelation 13:4-7, Habakkuk 1:4, Daniel 8:8-14. You must never lose sight of this purpose of your Father for ALL mankind in all your thinking in order to keep a clear focus on things as you ponder salvation, justification and the meaning of life!

Sometimes I am amazed at the hardness and treachery of the evil works that men are involved in -- even if this life and its events are all a passing ACT in role-play. Today on the TV news a man was arrested for killing his girl-friend, cutting up her body, cooking the pieces, and storing it in a five-gallon container. Two of his friends who knew about it finally told the police. We wonder, "How can one human being do that to another?!" We were amazed at the government in China. "How can they boldly lie to their people before the TV cameras of the other nations with no feelings for honesty, justice, or fairness?" On an individual scale, people think nothing much of telling little white lies or despising people of other races, nations, or governments because they are different. It is written that devils weigh out injustices against men in deliberate control using their own "scales" of corruption, Psalm 58:1-3, Job 41:14-15,25. Pharaoh and the invisible Egyptians are the cause of man's inhumanity to man, Enoch, Chapter 10. In the light of TODAY'S "GOOD NEWS", this situation means brother harms brother! These "badgerskin veils" .... these "coverings of graven images" .... these possessing evil spirits refuse to "let go" of us so we can be in our right minds and follow the ways of Jesus in this life, Matthew 12:43-45, Luke 8:35. ANYONE WHO COMMITS SIN IS A SLAVE TO PHARAOH (John 8:34-36) AND HE IS NOT IN HIS RIGHT MIND -- regardless as to how conscious and intelligent he appears! Isaiah 1:3-6. NO THOUGHTS ARE OURS whether we claim them or not EXCEPT GOD'S THOUGHTS, Isaiah 28:14-15,18, Ezekiel 20:32-38, Ode of Solomon 8:16-22. All those thoughts, ways, works and ideas that originated in the minds of demons and were transferred to our heads shall be purged. Ezekiel 8:5-12 is about devils' works in the mental temples of our bodies! The first step in the purging process is to "deliver us from evil". Michael and his angels are very adept at that, Daniel 12:1, Luke 17:34-37, Ecclesiastes 12:7. Every dry branch in Jesus' TRUE VINE BODY, God takes it away, John 15:1-5. In Heaven all dry branches of the VINE become green and fruitful, John 12:24.

PASSOVER, when one leaves Egypt, frees the spirit to "fly as doves up to their windows" or positions as "watchers" in the classes of the archangels, Psalm 90:10, 68:13, Isaiah 60:8, Hebrews 12:1, Malachi 3:18. So the prophetic phrase "windows of heaven" is a reference to the "eyes of God" or the student "watchers", guardians, and teachers in the ALTAR-ing classes of the Archangels. You may take your "key" definition of WINDOWS and open the meaning of Malachi 3:10. God's tithes is His own WORDS of light given to mankind -- not money! Psalm 19:7-11. "Watchers" bless us with additional understanding, light and protection against misdirection in thoughts from evil spirits. They are quite capable of removing the power of one's "badgerskin veil" of devils, Song of Solomon 5:7 by speaking to one's mind to redirect him rightly, Psalm 91:3,11-13.

Everyone in this life was not elected to be a vessel for clean use, II Timothy 2:20-21. There were more unclean birds and animals than clean ones on the sheet in Peter's vision just as there is more "unclean" edible flesh in the dietary laws of Moses than "clean" edible flesh. So most human beings are to be and have been greatly enslaved to devils in many ways behaving in a beastly or "unclean" manner. One must not follow the advice and behavior (eat) of the "unclean". For instance, one must not follow the example of the fornicator who may be a "dog" allegorically speaking. He may advise a young man to "sow wild oats" or have sex with many young ladies. Heeding such advice is like eating dog meat. It is the spiritual dog (really his demons leading him) who is truly unclean. Heeding Jesus' words is to eat and drink (the Lamb) his flesh and blood. Heeding devils' words is to eat the heads of LEVIATHAN -- especially in religious matters, Psalm 74:13-14. Consuming "Dragon-meat" thoughts is "unclean". There are many preachers who are visible lambs (human beings) but they speak like the dragon because they ate LEVIATHAN "HEAD-MEAT", Job 41:1, 18-25, Isaiah 27:1, Revelation 13:11. Because we have come to the END OF TIME even that "deadly poison" cannot really hurt mankind, Mark 16:18, II Esdras 7:43 (113)-45(115). The JUDGE ascribes all sin to the "scapegoats" (devils), Enoch 10:9, 18-22, 68:4, 5, Genesis 4:5-7 (NEB), John 9:4. ATONEMENT WAS FIXED AND FINISHED AT THE VERY MOMENT WHEN SATAN AND BABYLON FELL. This Most High Priest-Father of ours did it only once! The annual repetition of Atonement in the priesthood established by Moses was a schoolmaster ACT for education of the student "watchers" who rose to heaven in those days and for those who would learn of the atonement in later times.

Why People Won't Listen

"Because the wicked doth compass about the righteous, wrong judgment proceedeth", Habakkuk 1:4. Also because "WE ARE GIVEN" LEVIATHAN HEAD MEAT to eat, Psalm 74:13-14, Revelation 13:7-11. Obviously devils are responsible for giving men wrong thoughts. Men have preached at men saying, "Obey the laws of God." People in church audiences listen, but the words find no place when it is time to apply those laws to everyday experiences. The problem for men goes back to the "badgerskin veil," that "crown of thorns" which controls the men they hang on to. Now we go back to our HEADLINE: devils refuse to let our minds go! They insist upon ruling over God's children, Isaiah 28:1-4. Parents looking out for their children's best interests try to teach them the right way to live in order to avoid sin and everyday human relationship and social problems. When we present our point of view as carefully, rationally, and logically as possible, we must compete with their "crown of thorns" .... that controlling "crown of pride". Our arguments for right behavior may be ever so eloquent! We may use words to charm them ever so wisely, but devils will not allow them to obey us as earthly parents nor to obey God ... if they can stop them. Demons veil their minds and ears .... or use force by controlling "feelings" of the body to resist right behavior and decision making, Isaiah 30:1-3,8-11, Matthew 11:12. Sometimes people want to obey, but mind-body "force" makes them do wrong, Romans 7:14-25. Sexual situations is an easy example. Saying mean things or swearing at people who offend is another. Being bitter and hating those we cannot get revenge against is yet another. Because devils have the advantage of being inside the human mind and actually being the human mind a great percentage of the time, parents, teachers, magistrates, judges, policemen and ministers have a very tough time trying to keep peace and promote harmony. Demons "will not hearken to us" and Pharaoh will not hearken to our words as in our HEADLINE!

Previously we wrote to you that our minds are called "epistles of the heart," Proverbs 3:3, II Corinthians 3:2-3. These "badgerskin veils" on our bodies have written so much backwardness and corrupt judgment in our mental books -- that our minds must be washed to erase their ideas, and regenerated with clean pages so the real truth can have a place in it. That is why Jesus stated that "new wine must not be put in old bottles or the bottles will break and the wine will be lost. New wine must be put in new bottles," Matthew 9:16-17. Most of humanity remains "old bottles" full of old ideas and plenty of carnal and natural-minded thinking fomented and perpetuated by individual "crowns of thorns". So when and if we see truth or hear truth our heads are too full of errors to receive it, and our ears are too "uncircumcised" to accept it. Devils use their picture making power and speak words in our heads to make truth seem like error and light to appear as darkness. In other words, "thorn-points" do penetrate our heads! Men unaware of these things may feel comfortable in their darkness and cannot acknowledge their suffering. But to God and those of us who see, this is a mental condition of crucifixion .... the very reason WHY GOD HAD JESUS WEAR A CROWN OF THORNS IN HIS DYING ROLE! Men are so "crucified", they are "spiritually dead," Ephesians 2:1-3. Devils penetrating the mind as in Ezekiel, Chapter are responsible! Parents' outside words cannot always compete with head demons to awaken their children to right behavior. Like God told Moses concerning Pharaoh -- those "crowns of pride" will not hearken to us even if we charm them never so wisely as in our HEADLINE. An exodus from "spiritual Egypt" and a PASSOVER is on each human being's agenda! Up above the Potter makes new bottles and fills them with "new wine" in the Archangels' ALTAR-ing schools, Jeremiah 18:1-6, Malachi 3:1-3.

Since our bodies are God's temple and the red ram skin symbolized our blood and the "badgerskin veil" represented devils hanging on to us, let us consider how God is able to remove the veil for a "few" elect vessels for clean use, Romans 9:19-24. The tabernacle Moses made was holy even though it carried the badgerskin veil. This means that each human being is "holiness" TO GOD .... IN HIS EYESIGHT AND HIS HIGHEST WAY OF THINKING even though devils abuse us. ANY SINFUL ACTS MEN ARE INVOLVED IN ARE FULLY CREDITED TO THEIR BADGERSKIN VEIL (DEMONS) WHO CONTROL THEM! The effect of accomplished atonement in its application on earth is fully realized as the LAW OF HEAVEN and the affect of JUDGMENT VERDICTS BY THE JUDGE! No amount of human or demonic objections can change or modify this SPIRITUAL REALITY. Heaven does not have to line up on the low level of dark earthly thinking, but earthly men even with badgerskin veils on them must rise up to the "highest" level of Heavenly thinking! No man can defeat the power God gave the dragon to penetrate and wound the mind with words and picture-thoughts -- by his own will and power, II Timothy 2:26. But God can dwell in His temple at will even though "badgerskin" covers us. Each human temple is not made "unholy" by the presence of demons on us. It is those things that come out from the heart that defile us, Matthew 15:16-20. And as Jesus said, "From the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks", Matthew 12:33-37. And demons are able to speak through us, Matthew 16:22-23. Therefore, devils are "defilement" clutching and clinging to us. Heavenly "Watchers" are able to neutralize and defeat the power of our "badgerskin veils", Song of Solomon 5:7. These are the "saviors" who rose up to heavenly Mt. Zion from previous generations. They are our guardians, teachers, and "mothers". Here is where the Virgins of Heaven work with Mother Wisdom, Proverbs 8:1-6, 9:1-6. David asked God to "set a watch over his heart", Psalm 141:3-4. He asked for the eyes of God in the wings of the Archangels, II Chronicles 16:9. These heavenly powers can keep us from falling prey to devils on us, but the Virgins are commanded "not to stir or awake (men) any beloved child until he pleases," Song of Solomon 2:7. You have to prove to your Father that you really want His leadership! "The preparation of the heart and the answer of the tongue is from the Lord," Proverbs 16:1. So anyone desiring to please God who wants right desires and right thinking must ask God to prepare his heart! It is of God to will and work the works in us, Philippians 2:13. "God has wrought all our (good) works in us" if they are good, Isaiah 26:12. We cannot credit ourselves for any "good" we might have done. We "cast down our crowns around the glassy sea" and honor God and the Throne for working "good" through us. I am not ashamed to "give God ALL THE GLORY! It is an honor to say, "He has worked good in me!" Before His "eyes" all fetters fall and all foes fail! Hallelujah! Bless His Wonderful name!

"I Have Called My Son Out of Egypt"

The sub-title for this section is found in Matthew 2:14-15. All of Israel has to sojourn in spiritual Egypt or this earthly prison house where a Satanic Pharaoh and demonic Egyptian spirits "hold us" and refuse to let go, thus insuring each human being a negative "exercise". Moses can typify all ministers with good intentions. We plead as parents and in sermons and in prayers to God on behalf of our children and all people that Pharaoh should let all mankind go free. But just as God told Moses, devils refuse to hear us and reject all our admonitions. God has plagued the kingdom of darkness throughout time vexing them with words through His prophets in the past and tormenting and mocking them concerning their imminent demise in the "GOOD NEWS". But devils continue to enslave men and cause trouble in our world even though they know their end has approached. As we stated earlier, ALL OF SPIRITUAL ISRAEL (ALL HUMANITY) in this last generation has an an EXODUS coming from this world! The "pattern" is CLEAR! When we leave this planet Earth (or Egypt) "Ye shall pass no more this way again," Deuteronomy 17:16. These words were delivered in the prophetic ACT with Moses and Israel because it parallels spiritual reality. All those generations that have passed over to the real promised land of Heaven and the heavenly Jerusalem and Mt. Zion CANNOT RETURN TO THIS EARTH AGAIN! Hebrews 12:22-24. As Jesus put it "between us (heaven) and you (down in this world and its pit conditions devils experience in fall-out) there is a great gulf FIXED: so that they which would pass from hence to you cannot; neither can they pass to us that would come from thence (meaning the pit)", Luke 16:22-26. Everything in the "pattern" Moses and Israel acted and the parable Jesus spoke had to approximate God's true work in building up His heavenly temple with the spirits of men .... the spiritual stones and timbers. Those very RED WORDS OF JESUS -- HIS TESTIMONY WHICH YOU MUST NOT DENY -- WILL NOW TEAR UP SOME OF THOSE DOCTRINES OF MEN, HUMAN ERRORS WE ALL HAVE HEARD.

(1) Once a man dies, HE HAS BEEN CALLED OUT OF EGYPT BY GOD, Ecclesiastes 12:7. There is no physical return nor is that possible by a FIXED LAW OF THE CREATOR! Men have only had "visions" of men and angels who seemed to come down on earth and those dreams "appeared" to be real. But really there can be no return to Egypt, meaning this world. The only way to "return" is to "watch" via God's TV and become someone's "conscience"! Psalm 91:11-13, Malachi 3:18. Ideas about the existence of ghosts, meaning the spirits of men wandering around down here, are stupid lies. ONLY DEVILS FALL BACK IN THE "RED SEA" AND ACCUMULATE IN THE PIT TO FACE TERMINATION IN THE LAKE OF FIRE. They alone fall and wander in space in hope of catching some "body" to escape their pitfall at death of the body. Only falling demons can "reincarnate."

(2) The idea that there will be no destruction of spiritual Egypt or this earth, and some how God will preserve it and transform it is hot air and LEVIATHAN BALONEY concocted in demons' heads. Their hope is that God really will not burn this place so they can be spared. But this world is also spiritually called Sodom and God cannot burn this place until HIS "LOT" OF MANKIND IS REMOVED. Just as certainly as Sodom and Gomorrah burned, so shall the planet Earth be burned. You can take Jesus' WORD to the bank on that, Luke 17:26-31, Matthew 24:35. Now some of you and the Jehovah's Witnesses can believe "the earth abideth forever" if you want, but I tell you there are "badgerskin scriptures." If you prefer, go ahead and deny Jesus' TESTIMONY we just presented! You will run the risk of having your name blotted out of the LAMB'S BOOK OF LIFE and he will deny you before the Father!

(3) There will be no bringing down the Heavenly Jerusalem to Egypt after some "rapture". Heavenly Jerusalem is the total number of sons and daughters God created. That number of babies born alive and those who died in their mothers' wombs is like the stars in multitude and like sand on the seashore. Births have been going on for thousands of years. ALL MEN ARE SAVED! I expect you to have enough imagination and COMMON SENSE to realize THIS EARTH right now IS TOO SMALL to hold and house our multi-billions of FAMILY. Over a period of almost 7000 years, God has sent down "on a sheet" the Heavenly Jerusalem stone by stone and timber by timber gift-wrapped in flesh for the eyes of anyone and the kingdom of darkness to see, Acts 10:9-16,28. Revelation 21:10 simply reveals what has already been happening. We came down as holy infants created with God's nature of righteousness! Isaiah 45:24-25, 54:17.

(4) Because of the Sodom-Egypt "pattern" and because this is the END OF TIME and our generation is GOD'S "LOT", Deuteronomy 32:9, a very dramatic event is about to occur which will shake up both heaven and earth like nothing that has ever happened before. God will suddenly and instantly lift our world's entire population of 5.5 or 6 billion people to heaven in an instant! Haggai 2:6-7. The flood was a mini-prep for heaven, and the "daily sacrifices" of two or three hundred thousand new arrivals per day served to prepare them for this huge event. ALL OF US HAVE WAITED FOR THIS EVENT. And even though the angels know it has to come, the reality of the event is going to shock them and awe all of us in a very disturbing manner. Even the Father Himself shall shout! He will finally consummate what He has worked for so hard and carefully for thousands and thousands of years! Every little piece of His great "Self" will be with Him once again as His "DREAM" FAMILY. No earthly face that we can see now will be seen up there. Suddenly all of us will be glorious. People on flights will suddenly find themselves in another place of light and beauty. You might be driving your car or talking on the phone .... and suddenly you will be in the "new world". Imagine all the situations men will be in when it happens. HE is going to "blow our minds" with joy and awe! You can forget tears .... they will disappear! For a while there will be joyous turmoil as our emotions burst out with no restraint. Veteran angels will be overcome with us! We will sing, shout, jump up and down, and dance until calm is restored and the order for instruction begins. In the meantime Babylon, Egypt, Sodom .... this earth shall be totally empty of humanity while demons are left to fall, Jeremiah 50:3,20,28,33-34,40, 51:37-43, 49-52. These prophecies do reveal that in the execution, lake of fire and brimstone phase the kingdom of darkness must suffer NO MAN WILL BE IN IT, because God will have "called his son(s) from Egypt" and His "LOT" out of Sodom! Enoch 10:9,18-22, 68:4,5. Because this planet earth and prison chamber for devils will be erased by fire, Psalm 37:10, those doctrines predicting a return to Egypt (this earth) to rule it by a triumphant Christ are exposed as errors outside of the "pattern". GOD'S LOT will not return to a burning Sodom and we cannot return to Egypt by a fixed LAW OF GOD! Isaiah 24:1,17-23, II Peter 3:10.


Pharaoh will not let us go no matter how God plagues him and no matter how we admonish the victims! Shall prey be taken from the mighty and the lawful captive freed? Isaiah 49:24-26. Jesus must complete his commandment! Luke 4:17-19, Isaiah 18:7. Since Pharaoh has refused to obey God's request, He has fixed a red-hot lake to drown his armies in this time! But first our generation must PASSOVER and our "LOT" must be removed from Sodom. We have a very awesome and bright day to look forward to. Every one of us will be beautiful. Sometimes I wonder what I really look like and what my true name really is. You also have great expectations and anticipations. Here is an appropriate point to end this letter and let you wonder!

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