HEADLINE: "Tell ye your children of it, and let your children tell their children, and their children another generation. That which the palmerworm hath left hath the locust eaten; and that which the locust hath left hath the cankerworm eaten; that which the cankerworm hath left hath the caterpillar eaten. Awake ye drunkards and weep; and howl all ye drinkers of wine (Babylonian wine of fornication), because of the new wine; for it is cut off from your mouth (but it must appear on your doorpost and door or mouth). For a nation is come up upon my land (invisible devils, Ephesians 6:12), strong and without number, whose teeth are the teeth of a lion (Satan, 1 Peter 5:8) and he hath the cheek teeth of a great lion. He hath laid my VINE waste, he hath barked my FIG TREE: he hath made it clean bare and cast it away: the branches are made white," Joel 1:3-7.

Now that you have been reading the "GOOD NEWS" for a while, you get a feel for how your Father expresses light in parabolic language. These are blue, purple, and scarlet WORD- CLOTHS covering the Ark of God and its contents. I AM a priest to God fixed as such by Him! Ode 20:1-3. It is my pleasure to remove the "badgerskin veil" and to open these things to you from the Ark, since I am authorized by the Father to do so. The HEADLINE advises our generations to inform one another of these things because they concern the plight of all humanity and all generations facing the negative "exercise" with the Dragon on God's earthly obstacle course. NOW ... ARK CONTENTS are WORDS God gave the Archangels to deliver to His priestly "writers". Not just any man in our FAMILY on earth can touch, open, or read the WORDS but a "priest" the Father selects, PSALM 75:4-7; Isaiah 29:9-14; Daniel 12:8-9. God ordained "John" to open the BOOK (Ark contents) in the END, Revelation 10:7-11. It is impossible for you to get greater light from previous writers in an earlier time. The churches are in trouble because just like Dathan and Abiram in Moses' days (Numbers 16) they have usurped the priesthood and made their own "hireling" ministers. Leviathan "called" many of them by pretending to be God or the Holy Ghost. The trees in the HEADLINE are human beings! We are the TREES OF RIGHTEOUSNESS planted in God's earthly garden, Song of Solomon 6:10,11, Isaiah 61:3, 41:18-20. Jesus has been parabolized as an olive tree, Zechariah 4:11-14. The VINE is readily identifiable from John 15:1-5, and Isaiah 5:1-5. It is US as a group! The FIG tree is identified in the "GOOD NEWS" letter, Behold the Fig Tree, dated 10-5-84. It is those persons God fixed to be the personification of the love, grace, and forgiveness of sin for ALL MEN expressed in and by Jesus Christ. They must think it, believe it, and be it even in the face of persecution. In our HEADLINE notice the great devastation Satan does to the fig tree, an object of his extremely intense hatred. That lets you know the work of a fruitful fig tree must be very important to God! It reminds you of what the Dragon did to the stars of God in Daniel 7:19, 8:10-11. So the fig must be a "holy wood" star to God before the "watching" heavenly audience and before devils, Malachi; 1 Corinthians 4:9 3:17,18. The pomegranate tree, palm tree, and apple tree are mentioned in Joel 1:12. The pomegranate is full of seeds and these are men who labor in WORD study and have knowledge (I did not say understanding) of what is written. The palm tree are those who love to PA-ALMS or pay alms doing good deeds for men. The palms of their hands are ready with a friendly handshake. The APPLE TREE is a messenger of sonship, like God's secretary who publishes the "GOOD NEWS". This key came from Rachel's offering of two mandrake apples to God in request for sons. She received Joseph and Benjamin as her blessings. The Archangel-"apple tree" is Gabriel who announced the births of Jesus and John to Mary and Elizabeth. All human beings are not fruit-bearing trees. Willows for example are humble (low) and willing to serve. They thrive by rivers of water, John 7:37-39. That is enough about US as trees. Now you see why the Spirit advised us to tell these things to our succeeding generations. "Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and sea ... those human CLAY VESSELS "MARRED" in the Potter's hand, Revelation 12:12. The powers of darkness have "done a number" on us! And what is that number?... or how many aliases do they have in all the many world languages? Here is part of the answer: Habakkuk 1:4; Matthew 12:43-45. It is the number of a legion on some human slaves here in spiritual Egypt. Joel says they are without number in our HEADLINE, since they are so many they cannot be counted. So each devil has many names in the various human languages.

Actually all of Joel chapter one could be our HEADLINE, since it is about the conditions faced by every generation of humanity that comes to spiritual Egypt. Devils attack us, enslave us, and send us about doing SIN WORKS. They kill us and make us "zombies" forcing us mentally to serve with "rigor". An example of rigorous servitude is the serial-killer case of Jeffery Dahmer in Milwaukee fresh in our news reports for those of you living in the USA. Of particular interest is verse 13 regarding the earthly ministry, and this concerns all who are ministers. Why is "the meat offering and the drink offering withheld from the house of your God"? The last letter, "You Cannot Serve God In A Strange Land", has the answer! There is a 2 and 3-day old "manna problem" which has bred "palmerworms (awfully bad on palm trees), cankerworms, caterpillars, and even locusts! "Crowns of pride" (demons) are also part of the problem. A debarked fig tree will surely die. A trampled VINE is going to die. Trees without leaves having their small green branches chewed away are going to die. Withered apple trees and pomegranate trees are in the process of dying. This is our world today in the eyesight of the JUDGE... not your eyesight, nor in the viewpoint of the human religious world. To GOD WE ARE "FILTHY" and "MARRED" clay vessels, PSALM 14:2-3, Isaiah 64:6-8; Jeremiah 18:1-6. Judge in your own mind whose opinion is more accurate and true, the JUDGE's or the church- world's thinking on this subject, Isaiah 55:7-l0! How about your evaluation? How do we "stack-up" to God?

Please keep in mind that we use the King James version of the Bible unless stated otherwise. It is not so much that this version is better or worse than other versions. But if you are using other versions to look up our references you may miss some of the beauty in the way God links WORDing as HE SETS HIS WORD- PUZZLE IN ORDER, PSALM 50:16-21.

Again we ask, "Why is the offering (of man) withholden from the house of your God"? Joel 1:9,13. Let us get back to the "manna problem". It breeds worms and is unacceptable to God. The fruit of the earth proffered by all the world religions is laced with "dung". You and your church may feel that you have good doctrine, Proverbs 16:2. But THE JUDGE can discern the LEVIATHAN "twists". Remember the "GOOD NEWS" letter, "The Fruit of the Earth", dated May 18,1991? We find that the collective amount of truly "good" fruit produced by mankind in our world is parabolized by the Spirit as a mere bean, one leaf and one bean! A man would starve to death if that is all he had to eat. So what would happen to the rest of the 5.5 billion of humanity? We all cannot eat one bean! With all the fruit trees debarked, worm-eaten, and withered it is no wonder why most men are "zombies", "dead to God", Ephesians 2:1-3. Now "all" of us may not seem that way to you and your church. In fact you may think that there are lots of men who are "free". But I will remind you that the "Moses- Pharaoh- Egypt" analogy does apply to us and only Moses and Aaron were not "slaves". But we are looking at things from the Highest eyes, from the JUDGE'S perspective. God sees the so-called "light" in this world as "gross darkness" covering our world and its people ... or "badger skin veils" covering each human temple like a garment, Isaiah 60:2-3; Ephesians 6:12. This condition is "fixed" until we rise. Even then we will be like "animals" on a sheet, PSALM 49:20; Acts 10:9-16. Your church and world evangelists wearing, "traditional" blinders may see things differently from the higher slope of the ditch! Luke 6:39, 11:34-36. The OPINION OF OUR SUPREME JUDGE-FATHER is a terrible "indictment" (notice the spelling of this word as it relates to the word in our HEADLINE) of human ignorance and efforts to usurp the priesthood, Numbers 16-17, PSALM 50:16-19. This makes Isaiah 43:27-28 loom at us like a mountain! No matter how the CLAY VESSELS of the earthly religions "wash" themselves in the floods of the Dragon, they cannot cleanse themselves, 2 Corinthians 11:13-15; Revelation 15:15. Since NO HUMAN BEING CAN BE THE POTTER, men cannot remold men! While on earth they remain "MARRED" in the hand of the POTTER, GOD, although they practice their religions with fervor. Between men in ALL WORLD RELIGIONS and God, we know who's viewpoint is true and carries clout. "Pharaoh" has made human efforts at worship into a "fiasco" of blind and sleeping babes in the ditch with soiled diapers stuck to their bottoms, John 4:21-24.

The JUDGE, we reiterate, made a terrible indictment (evaluation) of earthly churches as court session continues. As you know only the sons of perdition (devils) are on trial. Our world happens to be the floor of the Outer Court of Heaven, which is the Inner Court, Isaiah 40:21-22. Satan, his fallen children, and his wife, Babylon have been on trial for the past seven days (7000 yrs), Enoch 10:9,18-22, 68:4,5. They have lied about God's JUDGMENT VERDICT AND DECISION regarding humanity plainly revealed in Revelation 15:4, and Isaiah 25:6-8, 66:22-23. Men have been warned about "fooling with" and trying to change the things written in Revelation 22:18-19. When and if you say, "Most man will be burned in hell-fire with devils in final judgment"... or... "There is a possibility" that any man can die in the "lake of fire" with devils ... you do lie against God! Matthew 18:12-14; Luke 9:51-56. You bear false witness against your own Father to your congregations... in the middle of the floor of the Outer Court! It is slandering God! You need to think about which spirit is making you teach that. READ the text from Luke above. And how do you think that makes your Father feel... because you want to punish His "prodigals"? This is one reason why earthly "meat and drink offerings are rejected in the house of your God"! Do you know any denominations (I DEMON NATIONS) who teach this false-doctrine lie against the JUDGE? Is not the whole church-world in "gross darkness" even to you?!! Do you know any religions or major churches who "render to God ALL THE FRUIT OF THE VINE" ... as defined in Isaiah 27:9, KJV, ... that ALL HUMANITY ARE FORGIVEN NOW regardless of generation, not tomorrow, but right NOW!!?? There are no "can be IF" - strings or "may be BUT"- strings attached to our WORDS, 2 Corinthians 5:18-19. WE GIVE 2OO% pure blood of Christ grapes or "GOOD WINE" saved for the wedding feast by your Father IN THE END OF TIME! Isaiah 25:6-8, 57:16-19; John 2:2-10. Why is it that you do not hear men with guts saying plainly over the airwaves, "ALL MEN HAVE ALWAYS BEEN "SAVED" and CANNOT POSSIBLY BE DAMNED?" Joel 1:5 says, "the new wine is cut off from your mouth"! Who cut it off? DEMONIC VINEDRESSERS FROM PHARAOH prevent men having "THE SAINTS" as their "slaves", Daniel 7:21-22. They will not let them render all the fruit, nor produce the "GOOD WINE", nor eat the "FATTED CALF" that you receive as WORDS in the "GOOD NEWS"! Isaiah 40:1-2, 52:7. If you are a preacher do you have that problem? If it applies to you, why is it that this BLOOD-WINE of the WORD-JESUS is not in your mouth or in your writings (on your door posts and door)? PSALM 141:3. WHO is preventing you from pouring "GOOD" WINE on your audiences, congregations, and readers? Ephesians 6:12. The "CONCORDANT" groups are not ashamed or afraid to pour "GOOD WINE". How about you?!

These are the last few spiritual moments of this TIME OF THE END. Men are the days of TIME, Genesis 1:14. I know my place in our FAMILY birth-order. The last day of TIME in our FAMILY is the JUDGMENT DAY according to the Father's PLAN. I am a "work" that HE is doing, Isaiah 28:21-22; Philippians 2:13. Therefore I have to handle Court proceedings as God's Court "recorder". Because I am the lastborn (least) in our FAMILY, your Father made me do this: to attack devils in Court and to show you HIS LOVE and JUSTIFICATION of every human being who ever came or will come here, Jeremiah 50:44-46, Ezekiel 32:2-10, 35:2-14, 2 Esdras ch. . HE made me become a medical technologist so I would have access to human blood and He could give me the Covenant and present its proof as a "gift" to you. I am this part of HIS PLAN for the END OF TIME! What you have received in the "GOOD NEWS" was planned for you personally by your Father as an invited guest called to the wedding supper while in this life, Matthew 22:8-10. Please be assured that the editor of Good News is not the "AUTHOR" of the "GOOD NEWS". Only GOD could care for you and ALL OTHERS in Heaven and on earth regardless of our degree of captivity or status in sin in the way presented in the "GOOD NEWS"!! GOD is the AUTHOR of these loving WORDS sharing LOVE and grace with YOU!

The END-TIME "Isaac", who is "given the Covenant", or that last-born son of the Father's old age in the real spirit-sense, and the destruction of spiritual Sodom are contemporary events. Jesus said his coming to judge in the END is like the days of LOT, Luke 17:28-32. Every thing is in place for this scene. I am here (Isaac), Sodom (Satan) and his family are here, and God's LOT defined as ALL HUMAN BEINGS on earth's surface in the END in the "GOOD NEWS"... are also here. We can know that we are in a spiritual Sodom by observing what is happening today. Men are drunk on Babylon's wine of fornication. Homosexuality is a source of "gay pride" and is tolerated. "Gays" are being welcomed into some human-run churches and ministries and the objective of this is to passively accept them as they are, not to "change" them!! BUT "No Sodomite can be a son of Israel" or a "prince of God, Deuteronomy 23:17. Since all men are sons, sin-sick "gays" "MARRED" obviously in the hands of the POTTER are in for a re-molding! It is time for God to withdraw HIS LOT of ALL HUMAN BEINGS out of this place for a "make-over" and for FAMILY REUNION! We also must leave "spiritual BABYLON" or this world to avoid their major plague, that dreaded "lake of fire"! Revelation 18:4.

The Angels' Vials

Using the Pharaoh/Egypt analogy to depict our times, the second and third angels cause a dramatic effect with their "words" (vials), Revelation 16:3-4. These plagues deal with earthly waters. In verse 3, the words are poured on the sea. "The sea" is defined in Revelation 17:15 as all nations of human beings. We are a "red sea" because we are flesh and blood and blood is red. We are also "dead to God", a Dead Sea. The second angel's message that almost ALL of us are spiritual "zombies" causes these waters to become "the blood of a dead man". The blood of dead men "stinks" to God, and so do the doctrines the various world religions are cranking out. If a man drinks those dead, salty waters, he will die "spiritually". A problem occurs for devils when the third angel does his work. Rivers and fountains of water contain fresh water capable of sustaining life in contrast with the seas which have salty waters that men do not drink. A "few" human beings are sources of rivers and fountains of fresh waters and Pharaoh also has his imitation "hirelings" set up to cause confusion, John 7:37,38, Revelation 12:15. We must also interject that some fountains have produced "bitter" waters and bitter wine has been made with it, Exodus 15:23-25; Deuteronomy 32:32-34. Judgment doctrines cursing men ("doctrines of Balaam" from ) and condemning human beings rather than devils have been quite bitter, 2 Corinthians 3:7-11. Those who drank those waters were not happy, and some were angry with God thinking many of their relatives and friends were damned! Those are the waters teaching "death and condemnation of men"! Just as Jesus' crucifixion has shown, they give us "vinegar and gall to drink" on our own personal crosses in this life. Preachers have done this! Since ALL of us wear "a cross of thorns" we must be careful of asking men for a drink! One might "get the point" of a thorn!

The "good" part of this is that the third angel converts rivers and fountains into blood. I am a prime example and result of his work! BLOOD IS THE WINE OF CHRIST! How many of you readers are fountains and rivers capable of telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth without short-stopping on certain concepts as we STAND before the JUDGE in this OUTER COURT? What is in your belly... "guts" or "dung"?! Do you have "beautiful feet" "shod with the gospel of peace"? Isaiah 52:7, 57:16-19, Song of Solomon 7:1,7. Jesus' "wavebreast" of army sisters can make you become rivers of "GOOD WINE", Revelation 14:1-4, 19:11-14. (Some of you used to wonder about the role of our sisters in the salvation work. You do not have to wonder in the "GOOD NEWS"!) We gave you two huge cups of WINE in the Merits of Mercy, dated May 31, 1991. Why don't you pour it for others!?


It is because of the reluctance of men to pour "GOOD WINE" that Joel wrote ..."the new wine is dried up...and the drink offering is withholden from the house of your God", Joel 1:9,13. "Churchy" people tend to think that the old wine is better, Luke 5:39 .... The third angel will find those human fountains and rivers found acceptable to God, and his prodding (Song of Solomon 5:7,8) will turn their speech and writings into WINE, the blood of Christ! But those who want to please God with a drink offering must be "born again" by the Virgin Spirits of Heaven, Luke 5:37-38. That WINE IS (1) ALL MEN ARE FORGIVEN AND SIN IS NOT CHARGEABLE TO MEN NOR HAS THE JUDGE EVER ACCOUNTED SIN AGAINST HUMAN BEINGS and (2) ALL MEN ARE "SAVED" AND NO MAN COULD EVER POSSIBLY BE LOST. In the "GOOD NEWS" we do not dilute the GOOD WINE nor do we attempt to blunt the "shocking" (lightening) grace of your FATHER'S LOVE-FACE! We will not attempt to veil His face under a bushel basket or HIS JUSTIFICATION OF ALL MEN as both God and SUPREME JUDGE. Any doctrines short of the glory will be "unsatisfactory" wine offerings to the house of your God (the Heavenly Hosts). Human beings are both a Red Sea and a Dead Sea, like the blood of a dead man according to the second angel's message. But this is not the best news for Pharaoh (Satan) and his army! They cannot drink THAT blood! According to prophecy, Satan's army of devils can anticipate "drowning in the Red Sea" or falling back into the pit when men die, where "floods" mean hordes of demons, Isaiah 8:21-22, 29:4; Revelation 12:16. Just because they touched men and possessed our bodies, God is determined to drown them in a red-hot lake of fire and brimstone, Isaiah 14:12,21-22; Ezekiel 35:4-14; Revelation 19:20. The Dead Sea (a new analogy for "zombies" or the majority of men) is extremely salty. Jesus said, "Ye are the salt of the earth", Matthew 5:13. If you are "dead to God" you contribute to the saltiness of this sea. Since this is the END-TIME, like the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, TOO MANY Christians are like Lot's wife. You cannot look back at worldly life with a longing for some of the ways rebirth destroys. These "back-glancers" shall we call them have contributed to the saltiness of the human "dead sea". If one drinks the waters of "dead, salty" men, he may certainly die spiritually from thirst. As I am writing just now... the thought occurs that this is not the case if a man is a "fish" ... and Jesus did say, "I will make you fishers of men. So there had to be "fish" also on the net-sheet in Peter's vision. But I would prefer to be a man any time than a bird, beast, or fish" if we apply Peter's vision in our equation. Fish also are for prey! We must beware of who we listen to and who's advice we follow. Salt waters are much more abundant than fresh waters. "Few" men on earth are "wells of living water" (fresh), John 4:10,14. Sweet and fresh "living waters" contain no words of "death and condemnation of men", 2 Corinthians 3:7-11. Human rivers of life are few among men, but you can bet those men get their words straight from the throne of God! Revelation 22:1-2. Tell me, "What kind of water are you"?

The second and third angels have turned both kinds of waters into blood by their messages. Both types are plagues to devils, Isaiah 51:22-23; Zechariah 2:8-9. Devils must die for corrupting and enslaving the vast majority of God's children throughout the generations. Because of their "Armageddon" warfare, we became "dead to God", a sea with the blood of a dead man. Devils slew us in our own blood causing us to PASS OVER to heaven from spiritual Egypt (the earth), Ecclesiastes 12:7; Revelation 18:24. Hebrews 12:22-24. And our upper FAMILY members became "grapes of wrath"... new angels bent on revenge against them, Isaiah 63:1-6; Revelation 6:9-14, 14:17-20. "Killing" our generations (seas) and making them the real "blood of dead men" has been a disadvantage for the powers of darkness. Now they are an ever increasing Host of angels extremely anxious to torment and destroy them. Even though fresh-water men overflowing with "living waters" are "few" among men, when they convert to rivers of wine (blood) demonic Egyptians cannot drink them. Telling the whole truth about US as FAMILY and nothing but the truth about our salvation without the loss of one sheep has extreme torment-power against devils. It makes their hard efforts to damn us look paltry and makes them look like buffoons, complete fools, for trying to fight God and destroy His FAMILY. One thing must be emphasized about all waters whether "dead, red, or salty", or fresh, "living" and winy (bloody)... ALL WATERS RISE AS VAPORS AND BECOME THE CLOUDS OF HEAVEN ,or new angelic "Watchers", Hebrews 12:1; Revelation 1:7, 10:1.

NOW ....if you believe these words and think that you should not tell "gross sinners" (human children of disobedience) the real truth about God's love, what kind of favor are you doing God? Ode 6:5-13; Isaiah 2, 40:1, 52:7, 54:13. Hiding light will not make men less sinful! Did not God tell you "Pharaoh will not let go" whether men know of and believe in Him or not? You are not the POTTER, and Pharaoh will not yield no matter how wisely you preach!... "no, not by a mighty hand", PSALM 58:4-5. God wants His enslaved children to be comforted in their misery, Isaiah 40:1-2. Therefore the true "Comforters" proclaim tidings of great joy, Isaiah 52:7; Luke 2:10,14. They have given wedding food to guests, human guests....(and get this!)... BOTH BAD AND GOOD! Matthew 5:44-48, 22:7-10. You are not doing God a favor by not telling His enslaved children these things. Jesus told you in the BEATITUDES that your Father sends sun and rain on the good and bad and the just and the unjust! It is in our FAMILY'S best interest for you to be "perfect" like God! Only devils will tell you, "If you teach like "John" does, men will not have a reason to stop sinning"... and... "You are giving a man a license to commit sin"! Pharaoh will not let men go even if God "asks" him to do it. So do not contribute to keeping the JOY of God's LOVE and SALVATION from this "prison house" ... WITHERED AWAY FROM THE SONS OF MEN, Joel 1:12,16. JOY IS A KEY ...Did not your Father proclaim to Satan, "WHEN THE WHOLE WORLD REJOICES, I WILL PUT YOU OUT"?!! Oh, yes! READ Ezekiel 35:14-15. "Right" JOY among men ... a necessary key by which GOD PLANS to unleash His power to destroy the kingdom of darkness. Now what is the advantage of keeping God's goodness hidden from men ... except to help devils keep the sorrows of hell, grief, and anguish upon the human slaves in their chains! MEN CANNOT REJOICE ABOUT GOD'S LOVE if they know nothing of it! Ignorance only increases human suffering and tears. God does not want this! Isaiah 40:1-2 looms bigger and bigger as a command! Do you want your Father to make devils desolate? Then YOU have a job to do! BOLDLY PROCLAIM THE "GOOD WINE" and COMFORT our earthly FAMILY MEMBERS both bad and good! WHEN WE LEARN TO REJOICE in our Father's LOVE for them ... the whole world... your Father has promised to make devils desolate. DO YOU BELIEVE HIM!? THEN GET TO WORK AND PUBLISH PEACE, Isaiah 52:7, 57:16-19. In a drawing illustrating the "bottomless pit" the THERMOSPHERE was mentioned as a layer of space near the earth, but part of the "pit" for devils. We analyzed the term and found that devils FEAR MERTH (MIRTH) SO or they are afraid of what will happen "when the whole world rejoices! May God place a RAINBOW IN YOUR HEART if you are a "living" fountain of water. You have a conference coming with the third angel!


All things written in the past are for our learning, Romans 15:4. In the "GOOD NEWS" we have learned that "Israel" was role-playing for the 12 Orders of children created by God. ALL HUMANITY is divided into twelve groups depending on the required "sin-exercise" given to us in our earthly roles, Deuteronomy 32:8, III Hermas IX:161-163. The spirit calls all human beings in all the world-nations, "12 people or 12 nations who make up the world". Since this is true, we must go back in the prophecies and look again at God's colorful "parabolic language" to learn what He is saying to US and about US! Everything said or written about "Israel", the ACTORS", applies to all humanity in all generations. Using the analogy of men as "trees", we have reviewed Joel chapter one and found a "terrible" indictment of the world religions from the perspective of the JUDGE. The great efforts to evangelize men and to worship God by CLAY-VESSELS in flesh-form is "MARRED" to the POTTER-GOD! But to men of any religion, their form of worship is "right"! If you look carefully, you will see a dusty, dirty diaper stuck to their bottoms. As "trees" in the analogy, we are all "dead to God" and dying, so that those wonderful offerings we proffer to God stink to Him and those beautiful Sunday services we love are rejected by Heaven. They are "MARRED" according to the JUDGMENT OF THE SUPREME JUDGE! Cain is your example! The true worshippers of God must be SPIRITS in spirit-form accomplishing this IN HEAVEN! Man has a "Pharaoh-problem" and he (Leviathan) refuses to "let my people go ... three days journey out of Egypt ..." so they can be made to worship God "rightly". The second and third angels do not like this situation. They have plagued spiritual Egypt by pouring out their messages. Man has become the "Red Sea" through which devils are doomed for merely touching US! The third angel will convert human rivers and fountains of water into "GOOD WINE" (BLOOD). Devils cannot drink what is to become JOY OF SALVATION TO THE "WHOLE EARTH"! Joy is a major key in God's PLAN for the END-TIME. He plans to destroy them pointedly made clear in prophecy..."WHEN THE WHOLE WORLD REJOICES". Therefore all spiritual Egypt is terribly afraid. They FEAR MERTH (MIRTH) SO MUCH! (THERMOSPHERE). "THERM" also means HEAT. So devils also fear the "heat" or fire of God. Some of you have a date with the third angel and his assistants, Song of Solomon 5:7. To you "few" fresh water rivers and sweet water fountains I say, "More power to you"! How many of you have "Negative Chess--the Way God Plays It", April 20, 1989. Get it and re-read it, and DO what I asked you to do in it!!

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